10 Best Fitness Tracker Device: Top Fitness Bands and Watches

Eating, sleeping and going to work regularly without any exercise will not make you healthy and fit. In this daily busy life with a fixed routine has just ruined your health fitness and exercises and for keeping yourself healthy and fit you may take help of fitness tracker gadgets that are now available in the market with affordable price. If you go for buying some fitness tracking gadget for you, I am sure on going to the market you will get confused on which will be the best for your because today there are more than hundreds of fitness tracker gadgets for every different needs. Yes, all the fitness tracker gadgets are good for fitness, but if you are going to choose for the best you will be really confused.

best fitness tracker

So today I have come here to tell you about the top 10 best fitness tracker device that you can buy, the price is also very affordable and this is easily available in the market. As you know in this world of competition everyone is trying to become the best leaving all, so the same is here in the fitness tracker device. This means different type of fitness tracker device will give you different features and specification. So here I will be going to list some of the best fitness tracker device for which you can go for to keep yourself healthy and fit.

I must say by looking at the features of all this top 10 gadgets that can take care of your fitness, you won’t be able to stop your self from buying all this gadgets. So let’s not make you wait for more and directly jump on the top 10 fitness tracker device for you.

Top 10 Best Fitness Tracker Gadgets For You

Garmin Vivosmart HR

Garmin Vivosmart HR

This gadget is easily available for you on Amazon with only $149.99. If you want to have a perfect notification ever day of your heartbeat and rest time, then this is the best gadgets for you. You can easily see your heart beat rate and bpmmatrics and your sleep time.

Here in this fitness tracker gadget you will be able to see the accurate rate of your steps, heart beat, sleep and all other fitness activities that you do in a whole day. Garmin HR gadgets is very famous because this is the only gadget that shows accurate heart beat rate.

Misfit Shine 2

When the shine 2 was first launched this was said that this is just a simple piece of plastic in the wrist. But this is totally proved wrong after some month, the shine 2 is very attractive and helpful because you can count your steps and this is also available data content.

You can easily available in online eCommerce sites with only $99.99, this is one of the most good fitness tracker gadgets with GPS system installed in it. With this gadgets you can measure your steps, sleep, you can also track your swimming as it is water proof and you can even get you phone notification in this fitness tracking gadgets. So if you are doing all this steps for your fitness than you can go for this device.

Jawbone UP3

Jawbone UP3

Jawbone is easily available in any of the ecommerce site like Amazon for only $179.99. This is a brand new fitness gadgets from a company from San Francisco as I have said this gadgets also comes up with many features that you need for controlling your fitness like your sleeping time, body temperature etc.

So including this features if you start comparing with other fitness device then you will find this is the best device for you which will give you accurate reading of your rate of respiration, bpm, your response of skin, body temperature not only this it can also give you a status for when you will have a deep sleep.

So this are all the benefits that you are getting on using this Jawbone gadgets for your health. If you are looking for those gadgets that will give every accurate rate for your fitness then I must insists you to go for this.

Under Armour Band

Undearour band comes with an average screen which means it is not that good in their displays. But you can say that this is a device where you can find a bundle of health tips. The record app is just awesome which you cannot neglect and the way you get the result of the awesome recording is very nice.

As this device can give you the best recording that means you will get a very much accurate value of every thing like steps etc. So this gadgetsmeasures your heart rate, steps, sleep and this gadgets shows the result in every interval. According to me this is stylish enough with good features too.

Moov Now

Moov Now

If you are looking for those type of gadgets which is waterproof and good in rating your swimming and other fitness stuff then you must go for this fitness gadgets. This fitness device is available only for $79.80 in the eCommerce site. This moov now gadgets is also introducing with it’s second generation fitness gadgets.

If you are a deep sleeper then this is also a good gadgets for you because it gives notification even for sleeping. This gadgets controls over your sleeps, steps, running, bike racing and sports.

Microsoft band 2

If you are looking for a good design and best brand then you must go for a trusted brand Microsoft which comes only for $249.99 in Amazon. Yes, this fitness band is not that comfortable to wear during the sports but if you look in the specs this is one of the most leading brand today.

Microsoft band gives you the facility for recording you run rate accurately, GPS tracking, heart rate, Gym, golf and other phone notification. So this is the best facilities that is been given by any of the fitness gadgets till today. AS this is a good trusted brand you can go for this and also the features is excellent.

XiaomiMi Band Plus

XiaomiMi Band Plus

The Chinese brand is not that bad that they will skip making a good fitness gadget for you. So here MI brand comes with new sleek design of fitness devices. Here with this new trending MI fitness device you will be able to track you heart rate during rest and moving condition.

This Mi band is not much stylish but it can accurately measure your heart rate, sleeps, steps, alarms for your sleeps, and also call alerts from your phone. So this is the one that one will wish to have to have a great fitness.

Garmin Vivoactive

Here it is again Garmin wwith it’s new and trending fitness device with which you can get your fitness control over your body. This gadgets can cost you some $279.99, and this vivoactive device is highly concentrated with features and GPS system. The features that comes with this gadgets are like calculating your daily running rate, biking, swimming, golfing, walk and phone call notification too. This is one kind of simple watch with lot of facilities and the display is given like the watch too.

Misfit Swarovski Shine

Misfit, the name itself is of fitness so that you can easily notice that this gadgets is mainly focused for your fitness and health. This swarvoski will cost you some $279 in Amazon and this device looks like bangles of ladies. The most interesting fact is that it looks like some valuable stone.

This comes with a facility of measuring your calorie, sleeps monitoring and your daily steps report. This is one of the most simple fitness tracker device that you can get in the market.

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit blaze is one of the best selling product you can say because people have gone really crazy by reading the feature of this fitbit blaze. The display is big and good enough that every one will love it. Here you will be able to see your numbers of step, monitoring your sleep, and also monitors your heart rate both in rest and motion. You can buy this device for $249.99

So this is all the top 10 fitness tracker device that you will love to use. This gadgets are very useful in keeping your self healthy and fit that you will not have any problems with your health if you follow this device. I hope you liked reading this features of this top 10 fitness driver. Thanks for reading the article, keep visiting for more information.

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