Best Gadget-Y ChristmasGifts For Kids and How to Use Them Safely

Christmas is around the corner. Where everyone looks forward to the festivities and holidays, an important question is what to get for the Christmas presents. This is especially challenging for parents as kids want something new, unique and equally fun each year. While fulfilling the fun part, parents also want to get something that is educational and useful. Something that the kids can learn from and enjoy at the same time.

Best Gadget-Y ChristmasGifts For Kids

These days’ kids love technology and they love to get toys that are techy. Every kid prefers to have a hi-fi gadget as a gift. Well, it is the digital age, so the preferences have gone digital as well. There is no harm in that as gadgets are very enjoyable and if you put in a little care they are greatly useful too. So let us help you, what kind of cool gadgets you can buy for your kids this Christmas and how can you make the whole experience safe for them as well.

Smartphones and Tablets

The first thing is, of course, a new phone or tabloid. We bet a shiny new iPad or smartphone will put a huge smile on any kids’ face. Kids absolutely love to be up to date with the digital trends and have the coolest phones with them. Nowadays, most teenagers own smartphones and even toddlers know how to operate such devices. So getting them a new device will definitely be your winning shot.

These devices have a lot of benefits. First of all, they keep you connected with them. Secondly, they keep them connected with the world. These help them in studying, learning new things, organizing, entertaining themselves and reaching out to friends. On the other hand, these devices can also introduce them to harmful things. So that is what you need to take care of.

The best thing is to actively use parental controls, preferably right from the start. There are inbuilt settings or parental control apps like FamilyTime Parental App that help you monitor their online activity, restrict mature content, apps, and overuse of such devices. These apps have additional advantages too like family locating and safe driving. So we say, this option for a gift is the one that cannot go wrong!

Gaming Consoles

A top notch gaming console is another winner especially if you have boys but we have heard girls love them just as much. It’s not just limited to consoles now but there are virtual reality gears as well. Nintendo, Xbox and Play stations, kids love them all. If not a whole console there are hi-tech headsets, mouse and game controllers for hardcore game lovers. If you have video game players at home, this is your choice and you can have your own round of fun with these as well.

Games keep kids motivated and develop several skills too. Such as decision making, sharpness, memory and brain exercise. The downside, however, is kids can get severely addicted and lose their daily routine. In order to avoid that, what you can do is make certain rules. Limit their gaming time to a few hours daily. Don’t allow games during dinner time or study time. For every gaming hour, make a physical activity hour necessary as well. Encourage them to play outdoor games too. Also, look out for the type of games they play and if they are suited for their age or not.

Connected Toys

In our times electronic toys came with lights, talking phrases and some moving around. Now, such toys are called connected toys because they have internet access, a memory and can even be operated with smartphones. They basically have a brain of their own. From robots, bands, puzzles to old fashioned animals and Barbie dolls, these toys are nothing less than a gadget. If you want to challenge your kids with an extra dash of techno, this is your go-to. These are for every age group from very simple to fairly complicated and definitely give them a digital satisfaction.

As these toys are “connected”, they carry the dangers of being connected, with them. Before buying such a toy you have to consider a few things. Do these connect to the internet? Do they save data and for how long? Can the parents access this data? Are there any privacy settings available? Can a stranger get access to your kids through these toys? Make sure you do some research before buying. Teach your kids about the privacy ethics and dos and don’ts of using such toys. This choice would spark their interest for sure!

Reading Devices

If your kids love reading, a reading device such as Kindle or Nook is the best choice to invest your money in. These devices give them access to unlimited books while sitting at home. They can devour all the knowledge they want. This is for the book lovers and introverts, who love to have their time reading something good.

Well, reading harms no one but take care that they read material that is well fitted for their age. Also, too much exposure to the screen is harmful to the eyes. So breaks should be a must. Establish rules for important times of a day like meals and living rooms where a family gets together with each other. Set parental controls for adult content. That is all you need to do and it will make your little reader very happy.

These are the different types of gadgets you can gift your little ones on Christmas this year. And just because it is a gadget, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can be economic and still give your child a techno gift, which they would enjoy. Just make sure you make the gadgetry secure for them. Some monitoring and parental controls in place would let your kids have the best experience of their Christmas present. After all, apart from having fun, safety is your top priority. So, go ahead get your kid a gadget and enjoy their smiles.

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