Best iOS Screen Recorder Application to Record iPhone Screen Easily

There are such a variety of times when we need to record the screen of our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and share it with others or transfer them on our Youtube channel. However, recording the screen of Apple Products is valuable, for example, if someone wants to share the gameplay or any tutorial of any app. However, it has always been difficult to do a screen recording of your iPhone or iPad. It is because of security and privacy reasons, Apple doesn’t allow any kind of screen recorder app on App Store. So now “How can I record the screen of iPhone?” This is not a common question a large number of iOS device owners also have the same. Don’t worry guys The Dr.Fone iOS Screen Recorder for iOS makes things easy for us.


Wonershare is a company who provides many software for Android as well iOS. Some of the very popular software and apps like Data recovery for android and iOS, PDF tools, and much more. In the series of this field, they introduce the all new Dr. Fone iOS screen recording software. Let’s take a look at what this App capable and what features it have.

Dr.Fone iOS Screen Recorder

Now let’s take a look at the features of the Dr. Fone iOS screen recorder app. The app is fully compatible with all iPhone version iPhone 4 to iPhone 7 Plus. So you wont have to worry regarding the compatible issue. The best part is it is also working in iOS 10 and lower version also. If you want to record screen of iPad or iPad touch then it is also compatible with them. The Dr.Fone iOS Screen Recorder software makes things easier by not only allowing users to mirror their device’s screen on their computer wirelessly but also record what’s on their screen. Dr.Fone iOS Screen Recorder software is that it supports iOS 7.1 up to iOS 10. There are so many times when recording the screen of your iPhone can be useful. It is useful for presentations, education, gaming, business as well as app developers.

How to Use Dr.Fone as an iOS Screen Recorder

To use the Dr. Fone iOS screen recorder you can follow these steps. We are providing you the step by step guide for how you can use the iOS screen recording and mirror function also. So, let’s get started :-

Step 1: First you have to download the iOS Screen Recorder Application. Once it’s installed, launch the program.

Step 2: After the installation part have complete click on the “More Tools” on the left side. It shows 9 different features to choose from.

drfone ios screen recorder tools

Step 3: Now download the iOS screen recorder on your Apple device. To use the screen mirroring, Make sure that both the iOS device and the computer which have Dr.Fone installed on are connected to the same wireless Wi-Fi network.

Step 4: Open the Software on your PC and click on the “iOS screen recorder” options.

Step 5: Get Back to your iOS device, swipe upwards for the control center, tap on the “AirPlay” feature, select “Dr.Fone” from the list of available connections, for enabling the “Mirroring” feature.


Step 6: Whenever you are ready to record the screen just click on the Red Button on the screen and your screen recording will start. It will also show you how much time you have recorded the screen. To finish the recording, click the same red button on your device’s display.



Now you know how you can record the any apple product screen and mirror of them. Go ahead and try it by your self. If you have any kind of issue tells us through comment section. Share it with your friends so they can also get to know about this iOS sreen recorder app.

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