5 Best iPhone Alternative Smartphones

iPhone from apple is a master device with great UI features and excellent interphases. Regular updates on the devices makes it even more special. If you are feeling that the devices are too costly and you are willing to get the same interphase at a low cost smartphone, here are the top alternatives that are there for you. Here are some of the best devices that you can avail and use as an alternative to iPhone smartphone devices.

best iphone alternative

Best iPhone Alternative

Moto G with LTE – This is the device from Motorola, which is going to give a perfect experience of iPhone, with 720 p screen. The device is having unmodified android OS and is one of the best devices in the market, which can be considered as the alternative to iPhone. The device is best in terms of video and audio experience for all the users. This makes the device more special than even the iPhones.

Moto G with LTE

Samsung Glaxy S4

This device is another one which is really good. Excellent processor and 5 inch display of the device comes with 13 MP camera. It is often found that the consumers feel that the two devices are neck to neck, in terms of display, look and feel. App support is much more in the Samsung set, since it is using Android Jelly bean. If you are having a blind choice over iOS, then the story will be different.

Samsung Glaxy S4

Google Nexus 5 –

This is another alternative of iPhone. It is having android KitKat, but the speciality in the device are three. It works with 2.26 Ghz processor. Thus you can rely on the performance, it is going to give. The display of the device and the functioning of the device is excellent. This is the second facility, you will get and it gives a 4-G support. The final thing that you will get in the device, which can be compared to that of iPhone is the wireless charging feature.

Google Nexus 5

Lumia 1020 –

This can be said to be a camera smartphone. It is having a camera of 41 MP. It is having all the features that you can find in an iPhone and it is regarded by the tech-experts to be even better than iPhone. If you are looking for the wide range of app supports, that you will miss in the Lumia devices.

Lumia 1020

Blackberry z10 –

This device is one of the great alternative of iPhone, with the best blackberry OS installed in it. The device is having all the features, but still an android or iOS device is regarded to be a better smartphone than it, especially in terms of the wide app variety that you will get there. The device is otherwise a good one and a high-end one too.

Blackberry z10

All the smartphones that are listed above for you are excellent devices with smart uses and perfect UI. You will find the same experience as you found with iPhones, if you are having no extra preference for iOS. If you are having that fascination, you are definitely going to use iPhones, since iOS is available with no other devices.

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