Best IR Universal Tv Remote Apps For Android

Today the unique feature of the android phone is “IR Blaster”. Now, what is IR Blaster, How it is work, How to use there are many questions?? IR Blaster allows you to control the TV, AC, and music system also. With the help of the IR (Infrared Rays), you can do your work easily and fast. To use IR Blaster you need an app for, and there are so many apps for that so we personally used those apps and made the list of Best TV Remote Apps For Android. Best IR Universal Tv Remote Apps For AndroidIf your phone doesn’t have IR then you can’t use these apps, so make sure that your phone have IR Blaster.

Best IR Universal TV Remote Apps For Android

Smart IR Remote

Smart IR Remote is one of the best IR remote apps to rule them all. Smart IR Remote comes with a great interface and can control thousands of devices. This app dominates the other universal remote apps for Android because it supports a staggering 800,000 devices and this is still going on.Smart IR Remote remote app for androidIt doesn’t matter your TV, AC or whatever you want to control is old, you once installed this app on your phone and now you can control your TV, AC etc easily. Like every great thing, this app also has one big flaw it is not compatible with Sony smartphones. This might be a heart breaker for those who use Sony smartphone.

Easy Universal TV Remote

Easy Universal TV Remote look is not fancy but still it is one of the best universal remote apps for Android. This app can also control almost every brand of TV, AC, DVD player available in the market. All you have to do install this app and connect to you TV or anything else you want to control.Easy Universal TV Remote appThe downside of this app is the interface. This app doesn’t have any fancy look otherwise, this app also updates time to time.

IR Universal Remote

IR Universal Remote is one of the best TV remote apps for android. The interface of this app is also not so much fancy but still it’s OK. This app is compatible with Sony smartphones Although not every Sony smartphone supported. As i told you the interface works fine and once you get used to the button placement, it becomes familiar with you.IR Universal Remote AppThe best part is you can save custom remote and place it on your home screen of your phone.

ASmart Remote IR

ASmart Remote IR is the best IR universal TV remote app for android. This app is the winner when it comes to a clean and intuitive user interface. The User interface of this app is so simple even an old person can handle. In this app, the devices are category wise divided for example all the TVs brand will be under the big TV icon and same with others, so its look friendly to everyone.ASmart Remote IR appThe app can also control many devices including, TVs, AC, DSLR camera and a few projectors also. The only downside of this app is, it is also not compatible with Sony Smartphones.

SURE Universal Remote

SURE Universal Remote  is another best IR Remote app for android. The app works fine with both, IR and Wireless devices. The best thing of this app is you can use multiple remote at a single time and also you can switch between them. If your phone doesn’t have built-in IR Blaster then you can buy any IR Blaster and use with your phone this app also work with that.SURE Universal Remote App

Manufacturer specific apps

As you all know, many manufacturers have been launching smart TVs. Those TVs having WiFi, smart also and many of them have specific remote. For instance, if you are using Samsung smart TV, and you may want to connect your mobile with TV. Then there is an special app for that Remote For Samsung TV. This app is specially designed to connect with Samsung TV. There are others for brands like Vizio, LG, Sony, Toshiba and many others they have also TV remote apps.

Remote for Sony TV
Remote for Philips TV
Remote for Toshiba TV
Remote for Panasonic TV

So, guys these are the Best IR Universal Tv Remote Apps For Android, as we told you some of the app are not compatible with Some brands. But there is also an alternative for that. If you are using any other app apart from the above then tell us through comment section. We will love to add them.

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