Best iTunes Alternative for Windows to Transfer Music, Edit Files and More

With no regular competitors in the field of smartphones, iPhones, iPod, iPad,  etc.  still reigns with a strong customer base.  Better looking apps, faster updates, AppleCare+ warranty, storage use,  better notification control, etc. surpasses other Android phone functions. And with all these features, comes a syncing process of this device which is important for us to be productive on-the-go. When it comes to iDevices, its name is clubbed with iTunes. With iTunes, iDevice users can sync their music, videos, files, contacts, etc. being called managing software of iDevices.

Although there are no definite drawbacks for Apple devices, iTunes has continuously had user-friendly issues. iTunes turned out to become a software that is forced to be installed just because of the Apple device that is used.

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Despite being a massive company’s product, some of the Drawbacks that iTunes possess are:

  • Poor performance:
  • Cannot transfer music from iPod.
  • Fewer sorting options.
  • Strictly formatted to mp3 or mp4.
  • Accidently deleting the products that are bought through the iTunes cannot be found. Instead, it has to be repurchased.
  • Tends to slow down any fastest, etc.

These are some of the complaints against iTunes by the users:-

– “My iPod is not syncing via iTunes. I tried by Wi-Fi and also by plugging but it’s not working.”
– “I accidentally deleted the music I just purchased, and now I have to repurchase it all again.”
– “I downloaded a video, but just because the format is not being supported, I am not able to copy it. Is there a solution for this?”

Well, here I will be talking about WinX MediaTrans: best alternative to iTunes, through which you can easily manage your iPhone/iPad on Windows platform.

WinX MediaTrans Review: Manage iDevice Easily

It is more than an iTunes alternative, and also a superb iPhone manager tool gives what iTunes lacks:


  • Direct two-way transfer for media files as easy as copy-and-paste.
  • Non-iTunes media are movable to iPhone with the auto
  • DRM limits removal – iTunes purchases playable on PC/non-Apple devices.
  • Customize ringtone, manage music/playlist.
  • Turn iDevice into a flash drive – store any-format files.

(Source From WinX MediaTrans)


  • Cannot transfer contacts but efforts have begun to enable the feature.

Why Winx MediaTrans? What does it do? What makes it different?

 Simple, just as its name’s being interpreted, WinX MediaTrans transfers iOS device files to computer. Once the software detects the connected iOS device, it makes the device user-friendly without any complications. The transfer is done effortlessly, and the great part is that WinX MediaTrans supports all sort of media file types. The user experience and website experience are tailored in such a way that it caters to every audience.

User experience –

  • User-Friendly
  • One Click Install.
  • The simplest way to connect iDevice to computer.
  • An easier way to manage iPhones.

Audio and Video Features –

  • Two way Transfer
  • Can Put Non-iTunes music on iPhone.
  • Auto conversion of files.
  • Manage ringtones and voice
  • An auto compress of media without any quality loss.

Other –

  • DRM
  • Auto rotates for videos to fit iOS device screen.
  • Add and delete iBooks.

These are some of the inherent features of WinX MediaTrans which makes itself better than other iDevice Managers or iTunes alternatives. These features are incorporated into the software to make your life easy.

How does it work?

Compared to iTunes and other iTunes alternative software, when you use WinX MediaTrans, it turns around all the sophisticated features that were carried on all along.  Just by connecting both iOS Device and computer with WinX MediaTrans the user can transfer anything with ease due to its simplicity.

You need to Install Apple Mobile Device Support drivers, the software will itself prompt you for download, also you need to give Trust acess to device.

Very easily accessible options for Photo Transfer, Music and Video Manger, Books, Voice & Ringtones, Flsh Drive and Remove DRM.


For a better review and to get the glimpse of WinX MediaTrans experience, the product has a trial version of itself for a period which cannot be updated but can try out the features.

PHOTO BACKUP-Fastest photo transfer, thousands of pictures within seconds.

-Third party apps and iOS Camera pics can be exported.
-Can add any format to the picture and can be deleted.
-Can sort as the user wishes to.


MUSIC MANAGER-Two-way transfer of music regardless of the format.
– Can edit, create playlists and artists according to the users wish.-Auto conversion of music files and music files can be deleted.
VIDEO TRANSFER-Backs up videos selectively regarding the purchase from iTunes.
– Any videos with different format can be synced.
– Auto rotation and conversion.-No data loss
FLASH DRIVE– Any file can be saved privately to iPhone.
– can directly add files.
DRM REMOVAL-Releases apple audio books

-Makes all music DRM free.

-Unchain iTunes store movies.

For more info, visit:


ORGANISE BOOKS-Ebook can be converted and transferred.

E-Books/audio books can be turned in one go.
-Converts any format for iPhone, Kindle, PC, etc.


MAKE RINGTONES-Sync and make ringtones with original audio quality.
-Auto converts to MP3/AAC. Supports 8 audio formats.
VOICE MEMOSExport Voice Notes from iPhone and can be saved as m4a.

-Create Voice Memos into Iphone Ringtones and also edit them

-Many Audio Formats Like MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, APE, WAV, WMA, OGA, OGG etc.


PODCASTS-So far WinX MediaTrans has been best alternative to manage iTunes podcasts

-Can save or easily download podcasts to PC.
– can backup easily


These are some of the features you would get to Enjoy in WinX MediaTrans.

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User reviews:

“I loved the interface so much, I went ahead and bought it without much thought. This was as much to do with the excellent other products I have purchased from Digiarty in the past as for the very friendly interface.”

“Without losing our time and space, WinX MediaTrans makes it simple to transfer pictures and videos being user-friendly.

“As an iTunes alternative, WinX MediaTrans does surprise me with its transfer speed. I can transfer 100 pics (each above 2.5M) from my iPhone6 (iOS 9.3.1) to PC in only 10 seconds.”

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Overall, WinX MediaTrans has lots of features with very easily accessible user interface. One can easily manage his/her phone, transfer media and other files. I will suggest you to just try out and experience the difference by yourself. It’s the best iTunes alternative iDevice manager software.

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