Best Pedometer App for Android that makes your Life Healthier

Best Pedometer App for Android

Pedometer which is basically a Device, that counts each steps a person take when they run by detecting the motion of a Person. You can count your every steps with these Best Pedometer App for Android. The Pedometer App also records the number of steps you have walked and display them again along with the number of calories you burned by the Android app.

Best Pedometer App for Android

The Pedometer apps is one of the Best App for Android to Track your Calories and help you about your Health by this Pedometer App. The Pedometer App is available for both the Android and the iPhone too. So, here are the some of the List of Best Pedometer app for Android.

Top 6 Best Pedometer App for Android to make your Life Healthier


6. Noom Walk Pedometer App for Android

Noom Walk PedometerDownload Now

Noom Walk is the one of the simple pedometer App for Android. Noom Walk automatically counts your every steps throughout the Day without killing your battery.

It’s Approx. uses less than 2% of your Android battery.

5. Map my Walk Pedometer App for Android

Walk with Map My WalkDownload Now

Map my Walk is the good Android app for android. It uses the GPS technology to provide walkers the ability to record, share workout and map. Map my Walk is an awesome feature to encourage healthy habits with function loaded app and an intuitive design.

4. Runkeeper Best Pedometer App for Android

Runkeeper - GPS Track Run WalkDownload Now

Runkeeper is an another awesome fitness tracking app for android & the iPhone. Runkeeper has a many good features like vibrant community, deep feature set and the many more. Runkeeper also helps you to set & achieves your goals, also motivating you to stay ahead.

3. Accupedo Best Pedometer App for Android

Accupedo Pedometer is the Pedometer app that monitor your daily walking. Accupedo Pedometer App is a handy tool to keep tracking that how many steps you take daily. In the Accupedo Pedometer app. You can set up a daily goal, monitor your steps, calories stats by this Accupedo app.

Download Now

2. Nike + Running Best Pedometer App for Android

Nike+ Running

Download Now

Nike + Running is also one of the best Pedometer app for android. It can tracks your runs and your progress & also helps you to reach your goals. In this Nike + Running app here is a new feature that you can challenge your friends and also get motivated to keep going.

1. Runtastic Best Pedometer App for Android

Runtastic Me Daily Habit AppDownload From Play Store

Runtastic Pedometer App is the another excellent pedometer app for android. The Runtastic Pedometer app calculate your calories and tracks your daily steps. This Runtastic Pedometer app not only tell you how many steps you have taken, but also tells that how frequently you take a step on this Runtastic Pedometer App. It is also available for both Android and the iPhone’s.

So, here are some of these Top 6 Lists of Best Pedometer App for Android Platform as well as iPhone Platforms too.

Here you will find the Top Best Pedometer apps that can help you to makes your life healthier and the happier to stay more fit and strong. You can check more here the most awesome posts too which can help you in your heath.

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