10 Best Remote Access Software Tools For Windows, MAC, Android and iOS

Remote access tool is a kind of software that is used to control or access a computer remotely. This software tool can be used legally by administrators of any particular system, to access any client’s computer. It works via the Internet. Without the Internet, it cannot work, and the running of Remote Access Tool depends on the speed of the web.

It runs smoothly with a fast internet connection. But when this Remote Access Tool is used in any system for malicious purpose, without the approval of the administrator, then it is called Remote Access Trojan. It is a powerful and most popular computer virus.

Today, in this article we will talk about best Remote Access Tools for your Windows device. Remote desktop software or to be precisely called Remote access tool or software or remote control software enables you to control one computer from another computer sitting in a remote place. With this tool you can just take over another person’s computer and have full access, just using your mouse and keyboard.

Best Remote Access Tools for Windows

There are numerous remote access softwares available in the market, amongst which, we have selected and tested 10 of the best Windows remote access tools and have discussed on their usage and functionalities below.

So let us begin…

1. TeamViewer – World’s No 1 Remote Acess Tool


TeamViewer is the all-purpose remote access tool and includes everything one could ask for. It is free and the best remote access tool ever. You don’t need to change your router’s settings or firewall settings to use this program.


It works on all the Windows versions and before trying any other remote access tool. You must first try TeamViewer. It is even available for all major Mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry. So you can even control any desktop with your Smartphones.

Key Features of Team Viewer

  • Simple and Easy To Use.
  • Online Metting.
  • Remote File Transfer.
  • multiplatform Support.
  • No Configurations Required.
  • Highly Secured.
  • Free for Testing and Personal Use

2. CloudBerry Remote Assistant

best remote desktop connection software

Cloudberry Remote Assistant provides a simple interface with great features. The free desktop sharing software is easy to use. The SSL encryption used makes it a perfect option for using it for the professional purpose.

Additionally, it also provides voice and text chat feature. The app currently for Windows platform. If you are looking for a great alternative for the default windows desktop sharing app, you won’t be disappointed by Cloudberry desktop share.

Download Here

Key Features

  • Simple Interface
  • Quick Connection
  • LAN Support
  • Encrypted Connection
  • Voice Chat

3. Remote Utilities (Free With Limitations)

Remote Utilities come with pretty interesting features and is free of cost. It can work by together pairing up with two remote computers, with an ‘Internet ID”. With this remote utility program, you can control 10 PCs altogether.

Windows PCs have permanent access to Remote Utilities. With this, you have two options for installation; “host” and the “agent.” From the viewer side, different modules can be used, to remote access a computer without even viewing the system’s screen. Though screen viewing is one of the main features of Remote Utilities. This can be installed on all versions of Windows.

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Key Features

  • Remote Acess Over the LAN and Internet.
  • Attended and Unattended Acess.
  • Can Work as an RDP over ID.
  • Unlimited One to many Sessions.
  • Self Hosted Server.
  • Mobile Client for iOS and Android is also Available.

4.Ultra VNC

Ultra VNC works more like remote utilities. With this remote access program, both viewer and server are installed on two different PC’s, and the viewer is likely to control the server.

While you install this program, it will seek permission from you, whether you want to install the “viewer,” the “server,” or both of them. On the PC where you want to connect, install “server” on that.

During Set-up you must install the “viewer” part, to make a connection with the Server of the Ultra VNC. Once you configure port forwarding, you will be able to control Ultra VNC via an Internet connection from anywhere. You can run on PC, mobile or even web browser. To make a connection, all you require is the Server’s IP address.

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It is compatible with all the versions of Windows. While downloading Ultra VNC, you first have to select the recent version of it, and then you have to choose the 64-bit & 32-bit file.

5. AeroAdmin (Free Remote Acess Tool)

Aero Admin is the easiest and free remote access program. It has very fewer settings which make it less complicated. It gives spontaneous support and is very accurate and quick at the same time.

Aero Admin can be used for both commercial and personal purposes. Only con is there no chat segment in this program. Aero Admin can be installed on Windows with versions 64-bit and 32-bit.

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6. Ammy Admin (Free For NonCommercial Use)

Ammy Admin is a PC remote control and desktop sharing tool that is available for free. It can be used for a long distance education purpose, remote administration, etc. Ammy Admin has a very simple set-up and is a portable program.

The connection of Ammy Admin works by providing an ID from both the connected device. The hosts and clients connection of this program is only supported in Windows. All you need to do is just run this software; it doesn’t require any installation process. The download is quick in this case as it is only a 1MB file.

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7. RemotePC (Free For 1 PC)

RemotePC allows only one-time connection till you upgrade to its higher version. It is a very simple remote access tool. You need to download and install this program to have an access to the PC.

To work with the other computer remotely, you have to share the “key” and “Access ID’’. Alternatively, you can also create an account with the Remote PC and then log in, to add that computer to your account for easy access.

Remote only permits one computer set-up, at once on your account. It doesn’t allow multiple lists of PC’s to remote like other remote programs. It works on all versions of Windows, Mac and has Mobile App for Android and iOS.

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8. Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop is an already built-in remote access program installed on your Windows device. Separately, you don’t need to download or install any additional program to access this remote control.

It is stored in the Windows Operating System and to use this; you first have to open the “Systems Properties” settings and activate remote connections through a certain Windows user via the “remote” tab.

For this, to work, you have to set-up the router for port forwarding that will enable another PC to connect from outside the connection. This remote access program works on Windows XP to Windows 10.

9. AnyDesk (Free With Limitations)

Any Desk is a remote desktop program that can be installed like a normal program or can also run portably.

With Any Desk, once you have Any Desk address on your Host’s computer, you/client need not wait for permission to accept and can connect instantly.

Any Desk skilfully balances speed of the connection and also quality. It can enter full-screen mode, can transfer sound and files, can synchronize clipboard, run shortcut of keyboards and can also take screenshots of the remote computer.

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10. Firnass

Firnass is a tiny file consisting only 600KB. It is very powerful remote access software that serves instant support for the on-demand case.

From the Host side, one first needs to open this program on the system that requires being controlled. After creating one account and logging in, one can add as many users they want, through their email id.

To connect to the host computer using Firnass one has to add them as a contact for further access. Once both the systems are paired up both the users can share files, screen, start the voice call. You can also run remote commands and transfer files.

Sharing the screen requires initiation from the client’s computer. Firnass runs using Java and is fully functional. It is supported on all versions of Windows OS.

File Size is Less Than 0.5 MB.

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11. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop lets you set up your system for remote in another Chrome Browser. It is an extension of the web browser of Google Chrome.

From the Host side, you first have to install it on your Chrome Browser then it requires authentication for remote access, via personal PIN code that you create to that PC. You need to log into your Google Account for that.

From the client side, you have signed on to another Chrome browser, with the same credentials of Google and install the same extension, to connect to the host browser.

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Once you log in you can now see the name on the other PC, you can simply choose things and start your session of remote access.

There is not much-advanced setting, only few copy/paste sharing of files in Chrome Remote Desktop. It is a very easy set-up and can be operated by anyone to access another computer. It completely works on Windows using the Google Chrome Browser.


The above mentioned are the best remote access tools for Windows. These best Windows remote access tools will help you to operate and control the systems that you wish to work with.


  1. One more very good remote access software for Windows, MAC, Android, iOS etc. is R-HUB remote support servers. It is an on premise solution which works from behind the firewall and is only one time cost as compared to hosted services.

  2. You should also try Techinline, probably the cheapest and the easiest remote access tool out there. Been using it for years, and have no complaints so far.

  3. You can also try on premise R-HUB remote support servers. It is one of the best remote access tools with a simple and easy to use interface. Plus works from behind the firewall, hence better security.

  4. You should also try RemoteToPC – https://remotetopc.com/. We are using it in our company for more than 2 years and it has all the features needed in order to access other PCs remotely. Also the health monitor function is one of the best. Thanks

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