Best Services to Improve Education Process

Our studying process has changed enormously with the appearance of services like Quora or Coursera. While they are used only as auxiliary tools for education, soon online universities will become as ordinary as regular schools.

The advantages of such services are the unlimited amount of knowledge that they can give and the qualifications of teachers working there. Among the disadvantages is the lack of pressure that may not motivate you to study and the dependence of quality of the knowledge only on your efforts given.

The services for students, which we will discuss below, will help you learn anything and improve your education process.


In order to avoid spending too much time reading, it would be nice to learn to read faster. It is a pity that schools conduct speed-reading tests only in primary school, as this skill must be honed in the further studies. Usually, we read at a speed of 200-250 words per minute, which, in the end, decides the amount of free time we have, which is more valuable today than ever. Interestingly, certain people can read about 500 words per minute and at the same time understand the text quite well. On Legentas, there is a very compelling calculator, with the help of which, you can calculate how many hours you will save per year if you learn to read quickly. This educational service has prepared a lot of interactive exercises that will help you to read fast.

The point here is simple: instead of focusing on individual words, you begin to cover whole pieces of text at once. In addition to the exercises, you can read a theory on topics like “Eye Relaxation” and “Articulation and Subvocalization.” As a result of using this service, you will spend half the time reading a book and consequently improve skills.


The service helps to find a suitable course among 9000 higher-education establishments of 60 states. Thanks to convenient filtering options, it is possible to weed out a course by discipline, language, country, cost (there are also free ones), schedule and duration. And finding a grant for study or a scholarship will not be a problem at all.

You can use the same notepad here to compare the courses with each other and see which ones are cooler. Speaking of free courses, this service is just a catch, because you will only need to take care of a visa, as many foreign institutions provide their place of residence free of charge. Such programs are available not only for the US but also for dozens of other countries. Therefore, if you dream to get some education, for example, in Greece, taking walks under the ancient enfilades, you can certainly do so.


The developers of the service with a nostalgic name Quill are sure that the best way to learn to write is actually through writing. However, there are some online writing services like EduBirdie, which can give you a hand just in case.

Quill helps to get the highest grade when it comes to writing. The tasks here are structured according to the English language curriculum at the middle and senior American schools. However, those who study English as a foreign language can also use this service. The exercises are properly organized so it will not be difficult to find something that interests you when it comes to writing.


Everyone should understand such mathematical concepts as prime numbers, graph theory or differential equations. They form the foundation of exact and natural sciences, and they are inexpressibly beautiful. Throughout history, mathematics has been an important part of the culture, no less than Mozart and Shakespeare.

This is what the founder of Mathigon Philip Legner, a young mathematician from London, says. He studied at Cambridge University and now he works at the Institute of Education, University of London. It was at the latter that Philip Legner created the site, which helps to open the beauty of mathematics to all the students who want to improve their math skills.

The task of the educational service is to explain the basic mathematical concepts and ideas, and not to make people advanced in the arithmetic and algebra. The site contains sections for pupils and teachers. Even without going into the essence of the materials, you understand that mathematics is an interesting thing to study.


Histography studies events that are divided into very diverse categories: literature, music, war, politics, constructions, inventions, riots, women’s rights, catastrophes, nations, discoveries, art, empires, political murders, and religion.

The onset of the chronicle starts 14 billion years ago, and it is this point that scientists believe our universe came into existence. “We know very little about this time period,” Matan Stauber warns the users. This site is his final project at the Israeli National Academy of Arts called “Bezalel”. Not surprisingly, the advantage of “Histography” for learners lies in the efficient and organic design language.

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