Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Headsets For iPhone User

Virtual reality is a blessing to the society. It is amazing how the experience is always magical, and words can never be able to describe it. With virtual reality headsets came a generation that knows how to enjoy life and to appreciate the finer things in life. We are moving to a place where you can enjoy ‘reality’ even though it isn’t a reality. Even so, who is to say that the experience will not be as good as reality? Therefore, if you are still using any other kind of headset that is not a virtual reality headset; you better hop on the train of innovation before you are left behind.

For iPhone users, there are quite many amazing virtual reality headsets that you can buy to have a chance of experiencing the best form of entertainment out of your phone. We are giving you guidelines on what to look out for while shopping.

Things to Check While Buying Virtual Reality Headphones

1.XIAOZHAI BOBOVR Z4 ( 27.99$. )

This virtual reality headset is the very best we have today for iPhone users. Looking at the qualities that it has, you will also concur that it is the best to top the list. First and foremost you get to enjoy a very impressive field of view that is 1200. This makes your virtual reality experience more real than you have ever hoped for.

The resin lens that comes with this product is of high quality, and it is also a high definition. The VR viewer of this headset simulates a viewing distance of 3M and a big screen of 1000inches. It can accommodate phones that have screen sizes of between 3.5Inches and 6.2 inches. This means that it can hold a broad range of smartphones. This headset has also taken care of all kinds of people.

It is perfect for 0-800 degrees myopia and also 0-400 degrees hyperopia. When you are using this product, you can also enjoy the adjustable focal distance feature as well as the adjustable pupil distance. This way, you can make it perfect for your viewing. It has an arc shape design that makes it portable, and it also has a Bluetooth remote controller.At Amazon, you will spend around 27.99$ to get this product.

 It has a great FOVWeighs about 19 ounces and this is quite heavy if you ask me.
 It is very adjustable
√ Noise Cancellation Technology
Accommodates a lot of phones


As long as you are looking for that higher immersion and that wild, incredible, indescribable 3D experience, then this product is for you. First and foremost, it has an inbuilt headphone that can be stretched. It allows for many adjustments, and they are an interpupillary adjustment and even the focal distance adjustment ensuring the needs of every person are met and that they enjoy their 3D experience with this headset.

It has a total of three straps that are adjustable giving you flexibility. This device is also made with high-quality leather material nose bridge that keeps your nose comfortable and a foam protector for the rest of your face. All these work to ensure that you have a pleasant time and especially for longer usage. It has some very solid and highly functional knobs.

This virtual reality headset can accommodate screens that measure between 4 inches and 6.2 inches. The field of view of this product is 1200. This among the other great features makes it rank at number two. This product is cost effective, and you can purchase it at Amazon for 29$. It has a stunning look, and it is indeed a beauty to behold. It weighs 14.88 ounces

 Wide FOV‎The presence of knobs can be viewed as a little old fashioned.
 Supports a lot of phones It is not so comfortable with iPhone 7 plus.
√ Affordable
Is adjustable



MAGICOO VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSETI particularly love this product because of the magical experience that it brings to you every time that you use it. It is like you have never experienced it before. The screen has been magnified 5.2 times, and this just takes your 3D gaming and movie experience to a higher level. This product is great because it can accommodate phones that have between 4.5 inches screen size and 6.5 inches.

This means you almost anyone can use it including your friends. It also offers lens cone adjustments opportunity. By adjusting the lens cone, you can get the perfect focal length for a perfect view. It also has an excellent heat dissipation capability whereby it has a multi-layer design that helps to keep the smartphone and even your face cool throughout the experience.

There is no overheating with this headset or fogging. It also has a comfort feature that makes it perfect for you and even kids. It has T-shaped straps that help in decreasing pressure around one’s eyes, and the interpupillary distance can also be adjusted. The weight of this product is 12 ounces making it very light, and the field of view (FOV) is 1050 panoramic view. This is a fantastic feature and the reason why we are putting this product at number three other than the other great features. When you buy this product at Amazon, you will spend 16$.

 Very adjustable‎Need you to adjust the smartphone to get the perfect maximum immersion manually
 Very comfortable Has a small sanction cup that keeps your smartphone in place.
√ Pocket friendly
Great FOV
√  Very light


HOMIDO VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSETThis is yet another product that you should look out for. First and foremost I loved the VR lenses that are custom made. Meaning they are made to the liking of an individual. The virtual reality headset is also made in such a way that one can make adjustments if they are short sighted or far sighted. This means that everyone is catered for by this product and this is a winner quality.

It has an interpupillary distance adjustments property that further makes it top our list. When you are using this product, you can enjoy a field of view that is 1000. This is great and the reason why we have put this product at number four. This field of view gives you an experience that is more than magical.

The Homido virtual reality headset also has face contact foam that makes it very comfortable to the eyes and even on your face. This product weighs 14.1 ounces, and it is not as light as Magicoo virtual reality headset. This headset is black in color, gorgeous and displays elegance. When you purchase this product at Amazon, you will spend 79.99$, but anywhere else, the price is higher.

Great FOV‎It is expensive when compared to the rest
Light The goggles have many rigid areas making it uncomfortable
Very adjustable ⊗ Big nose gap


This product is yet another fantastic Virtual Reality headphone that you can use with your iPhone. It has a very sleek look that will look good on you. The color combination is black and white, and they further enhance its beauty.

It has ventilations that are perfect in ensuring that there is no heating of the smartphone and even rising of the internal temperatures thereby making you uncomfortable or cause fogging on the lenses. With this device, you get to enjoy 3D videos, games and so much more. It has an “eye-box” that has been specially designed so that you do not have to adjust the interpupillary distance.

One can be worn with eyeglasses. The field of view of this product is 1000. This is the same as our number four product, but for the fact that the interpupillary distance is not adjustable it ranks lower to the Homido virtual reality headset. This product weighs around 22.4 ounces. When you purchase this product at Amazon, you will spend around 99$.

It has great heat regulations‎does not have adjustment options
It is very sturdy‎It is weighty
Great immersion‎ Expensive
√  Very light


CUDEVS VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSETThis virtual reality headset will give you a great experience while using your phone to watch movies or even while playing games. This product is compatible with cardboard, and it works greatly with a lot of cardboard applications like games apps, video apps, and more. It has a trigger button that that is magnetic thereby giving you an easy time controlling your games.

It offers you a chance to adjust the sight distance and the pupil distance. This means that anyone is free to choose what best suits them. Thisis done by changing the spherical resin lens’ position by just moving a button found on its top. If your phone is anywhere between 4inches and 6 inches in size, then this Virtual Reality headset is perfect for you. The Cudevs Virtual Reality headset is also very easy to use, and anyone can have a very simple time using it. It is also very easy and comes with a cleaning cloth.

The visual angles that you get from this product are between 920 and 980 which is why we put it at position six. The weight of this gadget is 14.4 ounces. Now, this is the best part, the design, and color. This product is beautiful to look at, it looks stylish and elegant, and it comes in one color; black. If you buy this product from Amazon, you will buy it at 36$.

Great immersion‎ Not so big FOV
Very adjustable‎ Nose part is not very comfortable.
Pocket friendly
Accommodates a number of phones


It can accommodate a broad range of phones as long as they are within 4.7-6 screen inches. This headset allows you to use it with your eyeglasses and it is very comfortable to wear for longer times, and this is attributed to its foam padding.

It has a front cover that is easily removed and also helps to keep the phone cool while in use thereby helping with the issue of fogging as it minimizes it. The 3D experience that you will experience with this product is highly immersive, and you will get the best. The focal distance can be adjusted to fit your needs as well as the pupil distance. This way, you can adjust it to your liking any time you need to use it.

It also has a remote that is wireless thereby giving you a smooth video broadcasting experience. This virtual reality headset weighs 11.6 ounces making it a light weight product. The field of view for this product is 900, and it is the reason why it ranks at number seven. This product costs 25$ at Amazon.

Accommodates a vast number of phones‎ Not so big FOV
Great immersion
Very adjustable
It is comfortable


Whether you are playing a game or you are watching a video, this device has you covered and will give you the best experience. The most outstanding feature of this device is its unique candy shell phone case that holds your phone securely in position and the portability aspect as it can be folded flat.

It is compatible with Google Cardboard, and it works best with Google Cardboard applications and even Jaunt applications giving you diversity. It also has side panels that are retractable such that it helps in minimizing scratches. The case is made of a military grade drop protection meaning your heart will not race anytime it drops. The slim design is also very convenient, and it is the particular reason why I love this product. It further enhances portability and also it will not feel like bulk.

It also utilizes an open design that enables one to access buttons, ports and more easily. The field of view of this product is 90 degrees, and this will give you an amazing 3D experience. It ranks at position eight even though it has the same FOV as our above product because it cannot match up to some of the LemonDa virtual reality headset features. To buy this product at Amazon, you need around 26$. It comes in color black, and it sure looks stylish and sophisticated. It weighs 3.04 ounces, and this is lighter than the rest.

Very light‎ No straps and you are required to hold it in position with hands and can be tiring
Very portable‎ Lacks imagination in its design; it is too simple
It is comfortable⊗ ‎Not so big field of view
⊗ ‎Not adjustable


As an iPhone user, you will also get a blast from this device. Like all the other mentioned products, it will also give you one of the best 3D experiences you can imagine and the immersive experience will blow your mind off. This device has an inbuilt Bluetooth with side control buttons that help you manage videos and even games.

It is made with high-quality material giving it longevity. It is sturdy and can fit your face perfectly. On a downside of this product is that it can only accommodate smartphones with 3.5inches to 5.5 inches of screen. The field of view that it offers is between 850 and 1100. This is why it ranks at number nine among other reasons. This product costs 36$ at Amazon, and because of its fashionable and stylish look, you will love it. It weighs 13.12 ounces.

Great immersion‎ Small FOV
It is pocket-friendlyDoes not accommodate phones with over 6inches of screen size and this is limiting.
 Inbuilt Bluetooth

10.MERGE VR HEADSET ( 51.07$ )

MERGE VR HEADSETThe Merge Virtual Reality headset is one of the best headsets we have today. One look at it and you are bound to fall in love with it. It comes in many colors, but my favorite is the pulsar purple. I like the fact that its lenses are also adjustable meaning you can tune it to fit your perfect eye distance so that you can have the best virtual reality experience ever.

Another fantastic feature is that it is made of soft marshmallow foam that makes it very comfortable to wear, easy to carry around, lightweight, and very flexible. It has been tested and proved that it could withstand falls. It has a double input system that features a right button and a left button enabling you to perform two different functions at the same time.

This device is also very easy to clean after use as you only need to wipe it down. It has anti-fog channels that make sure fog does not form on the lenses while you use it because of the heat generated while in use. This product weighs 12 ounces, and this is very light compared to others. The field of view for this device is around 85 degrees, and this is why it ranks at number ten on our list today. It costs 51.07$ at Amazon.

Drop-protected‎ Relatively costly
Relatively lightSmall FOV
It is comfortable



For Virtual Reality headsets, the most basic guidelines that you should have in mind are :-

HOMIDO VR 100079.99$14.1 YES
CARL ZEISS100099$22.4NO
LEMONDA VR90025$11.6N/A
ERGE VR85051.07$12YES

By deciding to follow our guide and choose one of our suggested Virtual Reality headsets for iPhone, then you stand to enjoy maximum benefits in terms of features. All the products listed are excellent when it comes to giving you the best 3D experience. Make a choice to purchase one of these beauties at Amazon.

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