Best Wire framing & Prototyping Tools to Help you Create Great Websites

A good project understands the different dynamics associated with it. Just like its functionality, a good design is required. This leads us to the UI and UX aspect of app development. It doesn’t matter which app you are developing, ignoring UX and UI can spell disastrous for your project. It is all about the experience plus the functionality, and not the other way around.

A competent development team will also ensure that the ideas are conveyed in the best possible way throughout the whole team. This includes project manager, interaction designers, and developers. To reach a high level of clarity, they need to use wireframing and prototyping tools.

In today’s article, we will cover the best wireframing and prototyping tools to help you create great websites in 2018. But, before we start, let’s get a basic understanding of what wireframing and prototyping means.

Wireframe: Wireframe is the app structure in its purest form. It is created using simple lines, mainly using black and white color. To convey the idea properly, text, design elements and images are used. The scale is kept at 1:1.

Prototype: A prototype is working app with minimalistic design. It means that offers a glimpse of what the final product will feel like. A prototype is best used for showcasing the progress of a project or pitching an idea to an investor.

Best Wire framing & Prototyping Tools to Help you Create Great Websites in 2018

  1. Balsamiq

Balsamiq is a great wireframe tool. It is only a wireframe tool so don’t expect any prototyping features out of it. It is also one of the old wireframe tools out there. You can use the tool both on the web or as a desktop application.

So, how does it fair?

It starts out pretty well. You can create a simple wireframe in a matter of minutes. All the tools such as text, images, symbols are provided within the software. You can resize, add new elements and do customization as you like. However, the wireframes might not look clean. That’s okay as it is intentional to give it a feel of “work in progress.”

To ensure that you don’t lose your work, it also comes with version control. The tool is perfect to work within an organization as it is “only” a wireframe tool. If you are looking to showcase something to your client, we would recommend using other tool listed in the article.

You can start with the free trial. Once you are satisfied, go with the paid version which starts from $9 per month for web and $89 per user for the desktop.

  1. UXPin

If you are looking for a tool that takes care of both wire framing and prototyping, then UXPin is for you. This means that there is no need to switch tools for your project. With UXPin, you can track every iteration and revert whenever needed. Moreover, you can use simple snippets, CSS code to customize the elements of the design.

The tool also supports Photoshop files and Sketch source files. This means that you don’t have to worry about converting it to a different format. You can plug in the design and start working on it.

As UXPin is a prototype tool, it offers standard interaction with the prototype you create. Furthermore, it provides the creation of more interaction which in turn enables you to make it as you like. The prototype can be used for client presentation or feedback from users or testing team. To ensure that you can properly test the solution, it provides both audio and video recording as well.

$9/mo s the price of the basic plan. That’s decent enough for a tool that offers both prototyping and wireframing.

  1. Wireframe Pro

Wireframe Pro is a web-based tool that offers drag-and-drop functionality. To get started, you need to create an account. It is a wireframe only tool.

Creating wireframes is easy as it comes with an easy-to-use interface and required UI elements. It also comes with useful components which improve your productivity. Some of the examples include Android smartphone or Apple components.

If you feel lazy or need templates, don’t worry as it comes with a store that offers 3rd-party templates. The tool works within the team as it fosters collaboration. The tool also generates automatic element specs which makes it easy for the developers to understand the wireframe better. Last, but not the least, the project created using Wireframe Pro can be shared without any limits. You can also lock some rights and ensure confidential information doesn’t leak out.

In terms of the price, it starts at just $14/mo. You can also try out their 30 days trial to know if it works for you or not.

  1. Fluid

With Fluid, you can create amazing wireframes and prototypes. It is a web-based tool that offers great feature-set. By using it, you can create prototypes for mobiles such as Android, iOS or any other wearable device. It comes with all the required UI widgets. Furthermore, you can also create using available mockups so that you can save time. As usual, you can add gestures.

Overall, a great tool with easy to use experience. The interface is intuitive and hence it makes it easy to build wireframes for websites such as e Commerce, business, online coupon sites, portfolio and so on. It can also be used for web apps, and mobiles.

The basic plan starts at just 8.25$ per month. You can also try out their free version to get a grasp of what they have to offer.

  1. Mockplus

Our last tool for the list is Mockplus. We include this for the sole reason of how new and fresh the solution is. Also, it is rapidly growing and becoming popular with every passing day. The main selling point of the tool is its vast library of vector icons. Its interface is also well-designed and ensures you can create without any difficulty. It is WYSIWYG. That means “What You See Is What You Get.”

Drag and drop functionality is also provided with it. Moreover, you can preview the project before finalizing it. Exporting and importing features are correctly done, giving you the ability to share your work seamlessly. Using as well is easy. However, the documentation could have been better. It is currently limited, and we hope they improve it shortly.

Mockplus can be tried out with a free trial. It has annual plans which start from $199 per year.


Today, we listed the five best wireframing and prototyping tools. All these tools will help you to create seamless websites in 2018 and beyond. So, which tool you liked? Comment below and let us know.

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