Beware! A Fake WhatsApp Version spotted with over 1M Downloads

Fake WhatsApp Version spotted on Play Store

Security Alert

For all those people who love to chat on WhatsApp, we have a critical security alert for you. Recently, a fake version of our lovely WhatsApp application has been spotted on the Play store. The fake WhatsApp resembles so much with the real one that it’s a number of downloads reached over 1 million in very short time-span.

This fake WhatsApp is operating on the Google play store and attracting lots of users. So, in this article we will be covering the full story behind this Fake WhatsApp, and what Google has done to stop this app from spreading.

Full story behind this Fake WhatsApp

The fake WhatsApp version is looming on the Google Play Store which is a look-a-like of its official handle. The counterfeit version is named as “Update WhatsApp Messenger” It was created by a company going by the name, “WhatsApp Inc.” So, this Fake WhatsApp can easily fool users, because the developer has added a pretty decent amount of efforts in creating a mirror image of the official WhatsApp owned by Facebook.

The primary motive behind creating the fake WhatsApp is to divert traffic to third party links. Because of which, the app is bundled with ads running, and users have noticed it downloading applications automatically into their device.

And, due to its resemblance to the original Facebook-owned WhatsApp. It is nearly impossible for average users to identify the fake WhatsApp. If we look at the other side of this picture, I must applaud the developer of this app. Because he has done a prominent job in copying the Facebook-owned WhatsApp and has already fooled 1 million Android users, making this app one of the most successful fake application ever.

Many People Creating Social awareness

The news of fake WhatsApp is currently trending on Twitter, and it’s spreading like fire. There are numerous software experts, who have their different take on this grope. An enterprising Reddit user who scrutinized the software observed this fake WhatsApp and had shared the experience with the world through Twitter.

“I’ve also installed the app and decompiled it. The app itself has minimal permissions (internet access), but it’s an ad-loaded wrapper which is embedded with multiple codes to download a second app, also named as “WhatsApp.apk” The app also tries to hide by not having a title and having a blank icon.”

Few other vital tweets are roaming on the Twitter regarding this fake WhatsApp news. Such as:

  • The WABetaInfo social media account tweeted to its 30,000 Follow-mates.

“DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP! IT’S FAKE! WhatsApp Business is not officially available yet for all.”

Nikolaos Chrysaidos said:

Fake WhatsApp Update on #GooglePlay. Under the “same” dev name. Incl. A Unicode whitespace. One Million downloads— Nikolaos Chrysaidos (@virqdroid) November 3, 2017

Finally, Google Takes its stand against the Fake WhatsApp

Google play store has always been subject to fake apps, and this kind of situation is normal for them. But, any of these fake apps never received so many downloads in the past, thanks to the smart idea of the developer of this fake version.

Well, putting aside the smartness of its developer, we can say Google has already taken the fake WhatsApp out of its app store. But, the damage has already been done, and Google hasn’t issued any official statement about this. So, in short, Android users should be aware of this fake WhatsApp and should not download any other WhatsApp, other than the original one with over 1 Billion Downloads.

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