How to Block Inappropriate Videos on YouTube -Turn ON YouTube Safety Mode

Restricted Mode or the Safety Mode as we all know is an additional option available to us in the settings on our PCs and other devices to keep away from supposedly objectionable/adult content. The aim behind YouTube safety mode is to help avoid any kind of video content which we as individuals will not like to see or would want people around us to see. Also, one of the added benefits for the safety mode while using YouTube is the fact that it ensures and enables YouTube parental controls. Turning on the safety mode while surfing through YouTube is your answer if you are wondering ‘How to block inappropriate videos on YouTube‘. If you are surfing through YouTube with your family around and suddenly some inappropriate content comes on the screen, it can be quite an embarrassment and also have a negative impact if kids are there around you. Therefore, you can simply get rid of that by blocking videos on YouTube.

More than often, the computers and systems found in work place, schools or colleges and other such institutions, have the restricted mode enabled so as to block YouTube videos which aren’t suitable. Also, in case you are in a public place and you can’t disable the restricted mode, you must contact the administrator for the same.

As a means to implement YouTube parental control and to keep everyone away from objectionable content, in this article we will talk about ‘How to block YouTube Videos’. However, before we begin with the procedure to block videos on YouTube by turning on the safety mode, let us have a look at how does the restricted mode works on YouTube.

How Restricted Mode works:

People often wonder on what lines is the blocking of YouTube videos done; though there isn’t a sure short accurate chance of all the inappropriate content being blocked on YouTube; however, there are community guide lines, flagging of videos and many other signals which determine whether or not the YouTube Videos are objectionable.

Now, the question that is still in your mind must be How to block inappropriate videos on YouTube. Well, with the help of the settings for our browser (in case you use it on your PC or on your Smartphones) or the YouTube app, you will be able to block YouTube videos successfully. Also, in case there are more than one profile you are using, the safety mode has to be enabled for each of the profiles.

Having enabled the safety mode, you will no longer have to worry about the blocking of YouTube videos as whether or not you are logged in, the restricted mode shall remain.

How to block YouTube videos: Turning on Safety Mode

Now, finally, let us see the steps to turn the safety mode on and put an end to your worries about how the YouTube videos can be blocked.

1. All you have to do is go to the bottom of the page while on the YouTube tab and look for the option which reads “Safety: Off.”

2. Here, click on “Off” to watch out for the choices available.  Next, you need to click “On” and the safety mode feature shall be turned on.

3.   Lock Safety Mode into place: Often, the YouTube account that people use is directly linked with their Google account (which is an added benefit over here) You can sign in from your Google Account and then lock the feature so that anyone else who uses the system cannot make changes to it. However, if there is no account, you can still turn on the safety mode but it can be altered by another person.

youtube safety mode
In case you used the Google Account to lock the feature, if anyone wants to disable the safety mode again, they will need to provide the login details for the account. Also, even after you log out of the account, the safety mode will remain locked.

As a means of parental control, it is advisable to turn this feature on for all the browsers as well as systems that the kid has access to. This in turn means, you must do it for IE, Chrome separately.

How to block inappropriate videos on YouTube App

The above process for ‘How to block videos on YouTube’ was applicable for the web browsers, and this process is to be used for those using YouTube app their phones and tablets. On your apps, you will find an option in the setting which says “Safe Search Filtering”. This functions in a similar manner as the ‘Safety mode’ on desktops. However, the only difference here is that one cannot block this setting; i.e. if your child or someone else figures out the settings, it can be changed easily. Here is how to block YouTube Videos on the app:

  1. Go to the Menu icon (3 lines) on the upper left to view the menu.
  2. Click on settings for viewing the popup options.
  3. Here, fi your search filter reads “No filtering”, click on it to change it to “Strict”.

youtube strict

To check where or not the safety mode works well, you can put it to test. You can search up for any video (which is otherwise objectionable) and you will be able to view it. Next, by following the steps stated above, enable the safety mode and try viewing multiple videos (mature content) and you will see the video look something like this:

And with this, you have successfully managed to turn on the safety mode for your everyday needs. The next time you or your child goes on to watching a video which is unscrupulous and objectionable, a warning message saying ‘This Video is unavailable with Safety mode enabled. To view this video, you will need to disable Safety Mode’.

Until and unless the safety mode is now turned off, you will not be able to view any videos which has objectionable content in it.

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