Bookmark Ninja Review – Cool Way to Manage Your Bookmarks and Save Time

The web is continuously growing day by day and a lot of new content and sites are introducing. Each and every day we surf a lot of content and some of them are very useful that we like to visit again. But remembering those informative sites is not easy, we can use the bookmarking but these bookmarking works on the browser. In case, if you want to open those site on some other browser then there is also another way that is Cloud Bookmarking. There are many cloud Bookmarking which can provide you the best way to manage the bookmarks.

Bookmark Ninja is based on the cloud-based bookmarking application. The ninja cloud Bookmarking has a lot of cool features which no one has. All you have to do it just sign up your account and install it on your browser. Here we have listed the features of the Ninja Bookmarking, which will help you to understand it better.

Bookmark Ninja Review and Features Explained

Easy To Setup

Ninja bookmarking is very easy to setup all you have to sign up the account and then it will ask you to add the install the bookmarking button into the browser. After that, whatever website or page you want to bookmark, it will be added into the Ninja Bookmarking. Here you also got the feature to manage the category of sites. You can also make the categories to keep the websites. It will help you to handle the web pages in a better way.

Cool UI and Views

Looking or searching your bookmarks was annoying, but you will love the Bookmark views of Bookmark Ninja. There are two cool Views to manage your bookmarks.

Dashboard View

Its like a tab view, where you can quickly access your frequently used bookmarks, drag and drop bookmarks and categories to make your preference order. This is entirely customizable; you can any no of tabs for bookmark and category.

My Bookmark View

If you surf web lot, then you must create a lot of bookmarks and to easy manage them you can use this view. It can support unlimited bookmarks; you can manage your bookmark with tags. So you can easily identify them. Or you can also use search option to find your bookmarks.

Easy Accessible Can Be Accessed from Any Device

Easy accessible is because it is not based on your laptop or PC memory. It relies totally on the cloud, whatever web page you bookmarked it saved on the cloud. You can access them by just log in your Ninja bookmarking account, and it will be all there. You can also make changes like if something deletes or modify, alter the category all you have to drag and drop that and it is done. You can also access it from you smartphone Android or iPhone Browser. You do not need to install any extra app for this.

Import & Export

If tough to save the all bookmarked web pages again so here we have an outstanding feature of Import & Export. You can easily import the bookmark file into your Ninja account, and it will show you there. Now you just have to set them into the order you want to see. In case, if you want to share your bookmarked file then also it has a cool feature of export. You can export the bookmarks file and share it with other.

Adding Bookmark Via Email

Here Ninja Bookmarking got the cool new feature of Adding bookmark via Email. If your smartphone have the tap and share option, then you can add the website into bookmark catalog without opening your account. Now to do that all you have to do is just send the email to [email protected] address with your register email account which has been used into Ninja Account.

Video Demo Of Bookmark Ninja


When it comes to pricing, it has a FREE Trial for first 30 Days, and after that, you have to pay a small amount of  $1.99/month, or you can also purchase it for the year in just $23.88/year. I must say it is not so much that we cannot spend, after all, all your bookmark in one place and in the most ordered way.


In my final, words over all Ninja Bookmarking is a new and innovative way to manage and access bookmarked the web pages. Being a web surfer, I would say it is one of the essential thing that you should have in your browser. It helps me a lot in managing my bookmarks. You should at least try the trial version of Bookmark Ninja.

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