Boost Your SEO with Rich Answer Box

There are a lot of great tricks that can help you boost your site’s SEO performance. You can optimize your overall design, the content of your site and even increase user engagement to receive better search engine rankings. This particular one, however, goes beyond the basic search engine optimization tips. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can get your site featured in Google’s new Rich Answer Box.

Rich Answer Box

What is Rich Answer Box?

To understand what Rich Answer Box is, you need to first ask a question on Google. Try “how do I make a pancake” and hit search; chances are, you will see a box at the top of the search result featuring a pancake recipe from

Now, imagine being featured in the same box for a particular question that relates well to your site or industry in general. The amount of traffic you can get is simply mindboggling. There hasn’t been an official research yet, but various sources have reported an increase of over 400% compared to appearing on the more conventional search results.

This is Google’s new Rich Answer Box. It basically features the page that best answer users’ questions. It is the aim of many SEO practitioners this year simply because of the effects it can bring to a website’s traffic and credibility alike.

How Can My Site Appear on the Rich Answer Box?

This may not be as simple as you think, but it is certainly worth doing. Most of the current Rich Answer Box results show song lyrics, recipes and other content. However, since Google is making a real effort in pampering its users with quality information, we will see the feature expanded to other questions as well.

To appear on the Rich Answer Box, you must start by ranking your site well for the query. Instead of aiming for generic keywords, you can further optimize your on-site SEO to target questions as well. For instance, if your page is about how to design a mobile-friendly site, adding related questions to the targeted keywords is a good place to start.

Next, highlight the answer to the targeted questions by first starting it with command words. This will help Google and its crawlers pick up that part of the article as the answer. Using the previous example, you need to have a paragraph that begins with “to design a mobile-friendly site, start by…,” or something similar. Writing in an authoritative style will help you get featured much faster.

Arrange the main points of the article as a step-by-step guide. Use <li> tags to help separate each step and keep the sections short. You need to go straight to the point and keep the article as concise and valuable as possible. Make sure each part begins with command words that users can relate to as well; avoid words that are not commonly used in daily conversations to keep readability high.

And that’s it! This is not a sure-fire way of getting your page featured in the Rich Answer Box, but it is the best thing you can do based on inputs from various SEO experts and practitioners. Give it a try and be sure to have a server strong enough to handle the immense boost in traffic!

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