Can IOT Security be Guaranteed in 2017?

Daily some innovation happens in technology and an innovator comes up with a new Internet of Things device, but they are often not very concerned about security. The ever-expanding hacker communities are digging at IOT services, looking for any vulnerabilities they could exploit. Do you think that 2017 will be the year of IOT security?

According to Business Insider, there will be 24 billion IOT devices by 2020, which is around 4 times the human population. With these smart devices people are getting more dependent on technology and there is a pressing need to ensure our safety for the future.

Does 2017 guarantee IOT security?

This is a tough question to answer. Our home, office, car and almost every other gadget, is getting connected to a network, which is helping us save time and energy, and reducing our workload. But for the near future, we can already anticipate the onslaught ofcyber-attacks that will attempt to seize control over all our things.

The truth is, the more we depend on technology, the more vulnerable we are. If you can, imagine a future where everything is autonomous, factories running without workers, driverless cars, surgery bots, and of course, smart homes. Then try to also imagine a cyber attack which brings all of these things down. Businesses could potentially be destroyed, and lives would be stopped in their tracks.

Many of you might think that just by installing traditional antivirus software you can be safe from any of these dangers. But can you completely rely on them, although your very safety is at stake? It’s not only about the security, but privacy is also an important issue, which is at major risk with the rise of IOT.

A single loophole in your network can put you in big trouble. Our smartphones, with all our credit cards details, mail accounts, pictures and lots of other things that we keep on these devices, all your data can go in the hand of someone who can misuse them.

Many companies and tech giants have already started working on security for the Internet of Things. Lots of startups also come up with IOT security ideas. Companies are doing extra security checks and tests to avoid risks. Governments are also making new regulations to ensure a more secure future.

Some advancement has already taken place in the form of new security tools and devices. The companies that produce these, such as Bitdefender, are claiming to guarantee your network security on all your connected devices. Now we can start to think that this year will bring something new that can secure us from future cyber attacks.

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