CES 2018: Sex Robot Unveiled, Features, Release Date, Price

Machines and robots have always been fascinating to us humans. The immense increase in the computing power has led to advancement in many other fields. Not only that but many new technical fields have also emerged as a result of the increasing processing power. Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, Robotics, Neuron Simulation and many other advance fields which takes the benefit of increasing processing power has hit the consumer market faster than ever.


Customizable Sex Robot at CES 2018- Review, Release Date, Price

As many large corporate giants and organizations are in the race of creating the AI-based products, the result of which has already started coming. At Consumer Electronics Show 2018, we saw interesting products. More anticipated technologies are going mainstream now, it is for sure.

One such interesting Product at CES 2018 was the presence of a sex robot. The sex toys are there for a long time but imaging a sex doll which looks almost human. It can also interact, change facial expression and much more. So, this kind of technology will surely be tempting for a large chunk of buyers out there.

ces 2018 robot

The US-based electronics company Realbotics, has exhibited the amazing robot that has many interesting features. The face of the sex robot can also be changed as per your choice. There is also a mobile app available that can be used to get the different expression from the doll. Not only that, the app will allow the user to change the personality of this sex robot, so that it interacts with the user in a whole new way.

The sex robot is basically a robotic head with a human appearance. The head can be attached to an already existing doll. The company is also making robotics body that would be equipped with different types of sensors which would be used to detect the user movements and touch sensation. The body of the doll will also be built to generate body heat similar to the human body. The company will also be launching the male version of the sex robot soon.

The company has started the production of the product and it will be available to buy by the end of January 2018. The CES has always been a great platform for showing new technologies and innovations. The company has been working on the sex robot technology for a long time.

At this year CES it has exhibited what its been working towards. Different people might have different opinions about this bizarre but interesting product. But one thing is for sure, the development of artificial intelligence and electronics has given us the power to create the most amazing things. The sex robot release date will be in February 2018. We can expect a price tag od somewhere around 10,000 during the initial launch.

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