CES 2018 Smart Car Technologies – Future of Driving Ford, Nissan

CES 2018 provides a great platform for exhibiting latest technologies and innovations. It is the interesting time of the year for tech enthusiasts. The last year has given us some great technical blasts. The Artificial Intelligence saw some great improvements. Though there is still a long way to go in the field of AI, 2017 has provided a good push to the AI innovation. Deep learning also saw some great projects. With all that said, the use of these latest technologies has led to drastic improvements in other areas.

Top 6 Trending Vehicle Technology at Consumer Electronics Show 2018

Many big companies are in the race of developing an efficient and full fledge solution of self-driving cars. The merge of machine learning and the auto industry have led to the more sophisticated car technology, increased passenger safety, better driving experience and much more. The computation technology used in automobiles has made cars smarter than ever.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2018, the exhibition of new smartphones and other computers innovation can be seen in great number. With all that, as the CES is not an event limited to mobiles with on-screen fingerprint sensor in Vivo phone or rollable TV by LG electronics. As the automobiles are getting smarter with latest innovations, the CES 2018 also exhibit some great products in the auto industry.

The CES 2018 started from January 9 to January 12 in Las Vegas. This year’s event is great from every aspect as some new and emerging technologies are taking the real shape in various forms. Talking about the automobile industry, we are very excited to see some of the big players in the auto industry which are going to exhibit smart cars in CES 2018.

Here are the top 5 smart car exhibitions of this year event which catch attention. Not only self-driving cars but the manufacturers are ready with products which flaunt the fabulous design and futuristic technology. In Consumer Electronics Show 2018, there are major exhibitors in auto tech- Ford, Nissan, Daimler, Toyota.


Ford is already one of the top auto manufacturers. The company has been working for the advancement of driving technologies. The future of auto-industry is dominated by machine learning and AI. Cars are equipped with computation power that controls the driving and safety measures.

This year at CES, the company with the collaboration of Postmates is ready to deliver Ford self-driving cars. At CES the news of the collaboration between the two companies came up. The company will start the testing of self-driving cars produced with this joint venture in the first quarter of 2018.


Daimler has come up with revolutionary technology in Automobiles. The presence of Mercedes-Benz in the CES 2018, has turned a lot of heads. The company has made huge improvements to its current information system. The new intuitive and intelligent multimedia system MBUX( stands for Mercedes-Benz User Experience) has removed all the current system flaws.

Some of the best features of MBUX system are

  1. Smart UI and intuitive operating System
  2. Voice Control
  3. Prediction Features

With all that the MBUX is aimed at better safety and easy usage. It will be available in new  A-class cars.


The futuristic driving technology is highly influenced by machine learning and AI. Nissan’s new technology for automobiles- Nissan Brain to Vehicle Technology seems promising. This new tech has a lot of potentials and uses deep learning methods which makes it highly intuitive. The technology is great because till now no other system is designed to read the mid of driver and act accordingly.

This will enhance user experience. The company has exhibited its potential in Las Vegas. In upcoming smart car technologies, this takes a huge advantage.


Autonomous driving is the most intuitive technology that has great advantages for future generations. ARM works on most advanced technologies for smart cars. This year at CES the company exhibit the technology that helps in the efficient implementation of self-driving vehicles.


This year Bosch showcased the smart city solution which aims at a more connected city environment. With the company’s launch of the automated vehicle, technology has given a good start to it towards smart cars technology. The automated valet parking solution it offers is efficient and can handle different situations with ease.


LIDAR( Light Detection and Ranging) us a technology that uses light for measuring distance and capture visual surrounding data. This technology has the huge advantage in the automated driving field. Leddar Tech has used it in cars to get a more comprehensive data input, hence making the self-driving vehicle system more secure.

These were the best technologies in the Automobile industry to keep an eye on during CES 2018. More updates are coming soon. Stay tuned with Technofizi.

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