How to change default browser- Set to Chrome, Mozilla, Opera

More than often, when we try new browsers or if an update is available for our systems, they are automatically set as our default browsers. Most of us use Google Chrome as our default browser and are more than happy with it; we wouldn’t really want to change it for something new.

How to change default browser

Often due to missing steps during installation, you aren’t asked about whether or not you wish to set the newly downloaded browser as your default browser, and so all the problem. However, every browser has its own utilities, and the one which you most frequently used is mainly dependent on the kind of internet activity you indulge in.

How to change Default Browser

In this article, I am going to help people facing the problem aforesaid, on how to change default browser back to an old one or a new one (as the case may be). In this article, we fill talk about setting Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox as well as Opera as the default browser.

So in case you are struggling to work up a way to set your default browser, here is your way out.

How to Set Firefox as Default Browser

Firefox is pretty much like Google Chrome; however, it has its own pros and cons and there are many who prefer this to be their default browser.

So in case you have Firefox as the default browser and after an update or new browser is installed and you want to set Firefox as the default browser, here is how you need to set it back.

The entire process of setting your default browser back to Mozilla is quite simple and won’t be a very huge task.

First task is to go to Tools followed by options and look up for the settings for changing default browser. You will find it under the Advanced tab. Without having to close the tab and reopen it, you can check whether or not it is your default browser.

How to Make Firefox as Default Browser
Here, with a click on ‘Check now’, you will see a pop up appear which and here you will have to click on yes.

Pretty simple this was? Wasn’t it? Let us move on to the next browser, most of ours favorite, Google Chrome.

How to set Chrome as Default Browser

Well, Google Chrome is one of the simplest browser to work with and it is even simpler to change the settings and make adjustments. You will find the setting on its very first page. All you need to do is go to the Chrome options (the wrench icon at the top corner), here, you need to simply click on the Make Google Chrome my default browser and its done.

How to set Opera as Default browser

This is the last browser on our list, and there are four simple steps that you need to follow.

  • Go to the Menu button (the big red button) followed by settings and then preferences. ( The same can also be done with the shortcut CTRL+F12)
  • Look up for the “Advanced Tab” option and click on it.
  • Next, open the “Programs” section
  • Here, all you need to do is tickmark ” Check Opera is default browser on startup”

How to set Opera as Default browser

  • Go to the Details button and from here you can make adjustments in the configurations.
  • Restart the browser.
  • Now a message will appear asking you if you want Opera to be the default browser, click on ‘Yes’.

And that was all about it! Simple and easy! Now you can easily change your default browser.

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