How to Choose the Best Online Trading App for You

Online trading has become an incredibly popular activity, with millions of people accessing the global markets every day to trade a variety of assets, such as gold, oil, and currency. Online brokers are constantly stepping up their game, and now many even offer the ability to trade via mobile apps. Here are some things to consider when choosing one.

Factors to Look While Choosing the Online Trading App

Markets Offered

The first check you should do when looking at any trading app is for the markets it offers. If you are an experienced trader specializing in currency trading, for instance, you will no doubt want an app that offers access to the forex market.

If you are new to trading or inexperienced, you should research which markets you would like to trade in before choosing an app, as each has different behaviors and volatility. The more comprehensive apps will offer access to most of the global markets, but still be sure to check they have the ones for you.


This ties into functionality, but you will also want to look at the overall quality of speed and connectivity of any given app, as these can vary. Online markets are nonstop entities, constantly changing and requiring your fierce attention, so you cannot afford to sacrifice your trading capital to speed and connectivity issues.

Read reviews to check how smoothly the app runs, looking out for loading times and the speed at which you can switch between markets and use the necessary features. You should also check if it is compatible with your mobile device, and that you always have the best internet connection possible when using it.


Another important aspect of any trading app is its specifications and ease of use. You must be comfortable using the tools for fundamental and technical analysis, which could include economic calendars as well as statistical graphs and charts. These tools will help you implement your trading strategy, so make sure they are up to scratch.

Also look at the user interface to see whether it is easy to use, or whether it is confusing and clunky. There is nothing worse than having to stare at a labyrinth of hard to understand features when you need to focus on trading, so make sure it will suit your long-term trading strategy.


Finally, and, for some, most importantly, you should check the commissions charged by the broker, as these also have the potential to widely vary. The lower the commission, the more money you will take away at the end of the day, so take the time to find one which best suits your budget/is the most efficient.

Some brokers with higher commissions may offer more features or access to more markets, though, so do not sacrifice what you need for slightly lower commissions.

This information should make choosing an online trading app a little easier. It forms the basic research you should do, but be sure to go into more depth when checking an app to ensure it has the specific features which you are looking for.

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