CHUWI Hi-Dock Review : 4 Ports USB Desktop Charger

We are involved in a world full of technology. Our day starts with gadgets and ends with it. Smartphones, Tablets, laptops, accessories of all types, etc. I guess these examples will be few if we look at gadget list. But these are most common one. People own the number of devices, and some even use them together. They even possess Power Banks, chargers different substitute but not all of them together. What a blessing to have all this in one device. NO! It’s a technology that raised. Here, We are talking about CHUWI. The four ports USB Desktop Charger Dock, Made in the Shenzen City of China.

CHUWI: Hi-Dock 4 Ports USB Desktop Charger- Review

About the Hi-Dock 4 Ports USB Desktop Charger

The product is need of many this is why CHUWI has launched Hi-Dock charging station. People usually travel with a lot of gadgets and charging them all once seem to be a pain in the ass. To untangle this issue, we have this Hi-Dock four ports USB desktop charger. The gear is quite handy for wherever you want to take it or put it. It’s Compact Look and design will complement the other gears which will indulge with it. Despite all this, a good supporting gadget which you can easily carry while traveling.

CHUWI: Hi-Dock 4 Ports USB Desktop Charger- Review

This charging hub allows 4 USB ports which are protected by flaps over it. Carrying on, three of its ports offers output at 5V/2.4A each. However, one of them is supportive to latest quick. The kickiest thing about the gadget is, it is just not charging hub but a portable stand also and provides dust protection to its port.

CHUWI: Hi-Dock 4 Ports USB Desktop Charger- Review

It has QUALCOMM QUICK CHARGE TECHNOLOGY 3.0 which lets your device to get charge faster than ever.  It is compatible with multiple types of devices and gives high charging efficiency than original USB charger. There is one port with the red mark that supports the latest and quickest charge if your device supports that much output.

CHUWI: Hi-Dock 4 Ports USB Desktop Charger- ReviewMoving on, if we talk about SmartFlow Technology, all the four ports are equipped with smart IC chipset. That helps in recognizing your connected device and tries to deliver the most efficient and safe charge including all those who don’t even support fast charge.

CHUWI: Hi-Dock 4 Ports USB Desktop Charger- Review

Product Parameters

  • Product Model: W-100
  • Size: 80 x 80 x 29mm
  • Input Parameters: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ 0.85A
  • Output(Quick Charge 3.0): 3.6-6.5V – 3.0A/6.5-9V/2A,9V-12V/1.5A
  • Output USB Port: USBx3: 5V/2.4A. (5V/3.4A MAX)
  • Total Output Power: 35W
  • Output Port: USB-A
  • Working Temperature: -10~40 degree C
  • Working Humidity: 1-~85% RH
  • Compatible Devices: Phone, Tablets, Digital Camera, Mainstream electronics.

CHUWI: Hi-Dock 4 Ports USB Desktop Charger- Review


  • Input over-voltage Safeguard.
  • Input over-current Safeguard.
  • Output over-voltage Safeguard.
  • Output over-current Safeguard.
  • Approved Drop Vibration Techniques
  • Dual Short Circuit Safeguard.

CHUWI: Hi-Dock 4 Ports USB Desktop Charger- Review

  • Quick Charge 3.0 for compatible devices
  • Easy to use/carry/handle
  • Can accommodate 9.7-inch tablets or smaller
  • Forces phones in landscape orientation while charging
  • Design puts stress on charging cable

CHUWI: Hi-Dock 4 Ports USB Desktop Charger- Review


  • Chuwi Hi-Dock 4 port Quick Charging Dock
  • User Manual
  • 1.5 m AC power cord
  • Certificate of quality


  • Indoor use only,
  • Avoid damp
  • prohibit use in humid conditions.
  • No replacement of product components without permission. It can be harmful.
  • Consider Electricity safety.

Final Verdict

The CHUWI Hi-Dock 4-Port USB Desktop Charger seems to be a great option. It works amazingly well with desktop charging and USB related device. I guess what more we can expect in such price range. It is more of a medley in terms of multiple charging and providing a stand to your gadget. However, when we actually charge a device at the position, it falls down miserably. It seems sort of futility in equipment exercise. Last but not least the cord is expected to be more in length.


CHUWI: Hi-Dock 4 Ports USB Desktop Charger- Review

  • Hi-Dock and cord are damaged by Human Factors.
  • It has been beyond warranty.
  • Damaged caused by force majeure

After Sales Services

  • Chuwi provides 12 months warranty from the date of purchasing this product.
  • This doesn’t cover any water or accidental damage,

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