CloudBerry Backup For Windows | Review

When its comes to data, its a gold for people like me. And I can do anything to make it secure. Being Windows user, I am little bit scared about my data. As i was unable to find a good cloud backup software for my Windows desktop. I tried some that are available but find out that they lack something. I know you must all also tried some ?

Well yes there is one software that stands on my requirement i.e CloudBerry Backup for Windows desktop Software. This is not the first software from CloudBerry Lab, I have used some of their software like CloudBerry  Remote Assistant, and found out this company is doing really a great work by providing solutions to peoples problems.

About Company

A company still with the title ‘startup’ and making people wonder what it is offering, I believe it is a perfect example of marketing and creating trust in the minds of Tech-Geeks.

I am here talking about the Cloudberry Lab which was founded back in 2011 came out in the market with its product called Cloudberry Explorer. This is a free tool for file browsing and management in Amazon S3(a cloud service). CloudBerry Backup launched one year later in 2012

Since then, CloudBerry has continued to add additional features and functions in its multiple updated versions while expanding to more cloud platforms, operating systems, and databases.

CloudBerry Backup Features

  • File-Level Backup : This software has option for backup of individual files. Like if you do not want to make backup of your full desktop, you can select the individual files and folders and create their backup.
  • File Level Restore: With this software you do not need to restore your complete Image of desktop, you can select individual file and folders that you want to restore. Its one of the very require feature that many other backup software lacks.
  • Image Based Backup : This feature let you create full backup of your system. All your desktop data, this feature comes in handy when you are looking to format your system or upgrading the OS.
  • Multiple Cloud Storage Providers: It supports almost all major cloud storage like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure etc.
  • Full Control: With this software you have full control over your Backup plan, you can set backup frequency, retention policy, compression and data security.
  • File Encryption: Your data is safe with 256 bit AES encryption, it is even encrypted while in transit from your desktop to cloud. Also, it let you set custom passwords.
  • Compression: Why to create data load on your Cloud storage, with this tool you can select the compression option which reduce your storage cost, data usage and speedup your backup.
  • Backup Scheduling : You can schedule hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backup.
  • Local to Cloud, Cloud to Cloud and Cloud to Local backup options.
  • It can restore server images to VMware, Hyper-V and even cloud-based virtual machines in Azure VM or Amazon EC2.
  • Supports Mac, Linux, and Windows.

There are lots of other features that this software provide. I don’t think that you find anything missing, when you use this software.

Strengths and Weaknesses

256-bit AES encryptionNo included storage
Image-based backupRequires third-party storage
Freeware and Pro Both AvailableNot for casual users
Data deduplicationNo mobile apps
Restore backups to new and different hardwareNo native sharing/syncing
Bare metal restoreNo telephone support
Restore images as VMs in the cloud (Amazon EC2 or Azure VM)
Local backup, cloud backup, and direct cloud-to-cloud backup
Support for many different platforms

Ease in Using

Creating a backup in CloudBerry requires few steps. You must individually add all cloud storage accounts, and then create custom backup plans. Although CloudBerry includes a few predefined plans, unless you only want to back up your “My Documents” folder these likely won’t meet your needs.

These are the options which you are supposed to follow for creating a backup:

  • Local to Cloud, Cloud to Local or Cloud to Cloud
  • Source storage provider
  • Plan name
  • Backup mode (Advanced, Simple, or Custom)
  • Source folders
  • Highly detailed advanced filter options (see image)
  • Compression and encryption
  • Custom retention policy
  • Detailed scheduling
  • Notification options


This software uses a ticket-based support system which can be accessed either from the website, within the software or via email.

Just like every noob user, I wanted to know how this thing works so, I raised the ticket and was actually expecting that it would go unanswered which is normally a case in IT. But in this case, they contacted me within 2 hours and resolved my query.

Not too bad.

I preferred to be on a safer side while checking out services  hence, went for level two, I planned to check the patience of their executives by asking vague questions. Ticket number two went out on Halloween night. Surprisingly, I received the solution in the next morning without making me feel bad about myself. This was cool to me.

In my opinion, it has a good customer support system although it was only supported by mail but appeared convincing to me.


Since the software is not providing any sort of space to store your files, they planned to keep the pricing reasonable and benefiting the consumer with the lifetime license system unlike yearly subscription from other service providers. They have two versions, freeware and PRO.

With freeware, you get most of the features with some of the PRO version features like scheduler and retention policy which is enough for personal use. Also, there is limit of 200 GB in free version.

In Pro Version, you got advanced features like Image based backup, Compression, Encryption. Also , the limit of storage in Pro version is 5TB.

MS SQL$149.99
MS Exchange$229.99


There are many more options from which you can choose whichever is best suited to you. The prices vary with the different sets of services. You can get your license from here.


It wasn’t easy to review this product as it involved a number of steps like studying the competitors. I was satisfied with what this software has to offer at these prices. In case of cloud backup, it has always been my preference to get the data safe and secured by a method which can only be understood and opened by me.

They helped me come out of the aforementioned problems and came up with an option by which I can directly create the backup at 65 storage destinations. A huge boost to me, it is really easy to setup backup and choosing your settings. They make it in a way that a newbie can easily understand and use it.

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