CloudBerry Remote Assistant Review: Easy to Use Software

Chances are you have used a software to access your computer or any other system remotely. If not, you might want to know about this amazing feature that internet has made possible. With the help of remote desktop connection, you can have full control over the computer you are connected.

Not only for Windows or Mac OS, there are many apps available for mobile platforms like iOS or Android. These apps make it simple to access a mobile device with a few simple steps.

CloudBerry which is known for making software for Windows, Mac and other operating systems. Here is the Windows remote assistance software from CloudBerry, which is a simple and user-friendly way for desktop share.

CloudBerry Remote Assistant Review, Features and How to Use

cloudberry remote assistant review

CloudBerry Remote Assistant is available to be used for free for non-commercial use. You can share your desktop with any other person with the help of the internet connection. This technology can come handy when you got some issue with your PC or Mac and need some assistance from a person who can not be physically present there. The technology is used extensively by customer care executives to solve the problems of the users.

There are many options available for free remote desktop software like Team Viewer, Aero Admin, Remote Utilities. Each one of these contains some unique features. CloudBerry makes the remote access easy and is more secure than other apps available out there. The connection is completely encrypted so you will not get any security flaw. Also, you will not have to go through any fuss to start the connection.

Download CloudBerry Remote Desktop Assistant Here

Starting With CloudBerry Remote Assistant Connection

cloudberry remote assistant review

  • The software is available to download for free.
  • Visit the link given and download the file on your computer.
  • Double Click on the file downloaded and run it to install.
  • Start the CloudBerry Remote Assistant
  • You will See Your Id and Password under “Allow Remote Control”
  • Under “Control Remote Computer” Remote control Id and Password will be empty

Enter the Id and password of the remote system that you want to access and hit connect button. For incoming connections follow the procedure below.

cloudberry remote assistant review

  • Go to Tools > Options and Check the Box Prompt for incoming connection
  • Set the Default Access Level to “View Only” or “Full Control”

cloudberry remote assistant review

  • Set the Sound Option and Logging Level as per the choice

Upon an incoming connection, a new window will pop up asking for the options for control level. Set it to full control if you want the remote user to have full control over your computer. Choose view only if you want the user to just view your activity on the system.

CloudBerry Remote Assistant Connection Text and Voice Chat

The application also lets you voice or text chat over internet or LAN. It increases the utility of the software and can save your time while doing a task.

Whether you are at home or at the workplace the CloudBerry Remote Assistant will ease up your desktop connection task. The interface is user-friendly and the SSL Encryption makes sit suitable for professional use.

CloudBerry Remote Assistant Features

1 Remote Desktop Access

The primary work for which the tool is used for. CloudBerry Remote Desktop Assistant connect to computers and open a link between the two which will let the user control any system situated far away from him. After entering the address and password of the system it will you to check files present on the other computer. Change its setting and resolve any issue arose.

2 FTP Connection

An FTP connection between two systems will make it easy to transfer files from one pc to another. It is a simple and safe way to share files over the internet. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) works with an internet connection. It uses a specific port used for sharing of larger files. You can send files present on your device to another or download movies, songs, documents from another system.

3 Encrypted Connection

Other remote access tools which are used commonly does let loose the connection security not using any encryption. An encrypted network is one which hides the date being shared over it and blocks the outside interference. CloudBerry takes the user security seriously and uses SSL encryption for all the connection established.

4 Voice Chat

It is a convenient feature that increases the user convenience in order to solve any problem more easily. It also increases the flexibility of the application. While remotely connect to a system it will allow you to clearly state the issue to the person another side.


Softwares which allow you remote desktop connection are there for a long time. You can find many good ones on the internet. But free does not mean it will be efficient. CloudBerry is a good alternative or maybe a better one than the default windows remote connection tool. The enhanced security, Rich features, and easy controls make it a perfect choice for people not used to complex programs.

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