CloudMounter Review : Add Extra Free Space to Your Mac/ Windows System

CloudMounter is an application which is designed for Mac OS and is developed by Eltima Software. The company released it in 2016. It has been launched in both the standalone and Mac App Store editions, with the several technical differences in both the editions. Since its launch, it has gained massive popularity in the market with its capability to store an enormous number of cloud files as disks without having to download online files. This application helps in keeping all the files in the clouds thoroughly protected. It is a reliable system utility that allows mounting different cloud storages and web servers to the Mac system of the user as local disks. It is a centralized service that allows mounting cloud storages and also works with the online files in a similar way. CloudMounter enables the user to easily access Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive through a single Mac icon.

CloudMounter for Mac

The CloudMounter application is designed for Mac OS. It has been released in both the editions of Standalone and Mac App Store. It was published on 12th July 2016. It serves as the all-in-one cloud manager for Mac and is fully compatible with the Mac OS 10.10. It requires 32.15 MB free space for mounting the cloud files. The latest version 3.4.546 was released on 10th Sep 2018. It provides a 15 days trial version for all the registered users.

Along with Mac OS, the CloudMounter application is also available for the Windows Operating System. In the Windows system, the user can mount multiple cloud storages as local disks on the PC. Thus the CloudMounter goes cross-platform with all kinds of users.

Features of CloudMounter for Mac OS

The CloudMounter application is loaded with several features that highlight its benefits in storing huge amount of data within a secured layer. Few such features are as discussed below:

  • With the help of CloudMounter, the user can connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, (S) FTP, WebDAV, and OpenStack Swift servers in Finders, as they are all hosted on the computer.
  • It is a comprehensive and very safe tool with a broad spectrum of supported cloud services and protocols.
  • With the support of Cloud encryption technology, CloudMounter keeps the online files of the user protected with advanced encryption standard and thus it reduces the cloud risks to a minimum.
  • The feature of integration of the application with Finder is smooth and logical. It makes using the app even more accessible and comprehensive.
  • The continuous update is carried on by the tech specialists with the CloudMounter application and keeps on improving and adding more cloud support to the product.
  • CloudMounter works with the remote hosts very quickly and conveniently as if the data was stored on the computer of the user by allowing the user to communicate with the clouds and the remote servers from the comfort of Finder.
  • By adding info icons, CloudMounter visualizes the status of the online files.
  • By Mounting cloud services with CloudMounter, the user can save the hard disk space by mounting cloud services like Dropbox (2GB), Google Drive (15GB), Microsoft OneDrive (30GB), etc.

CloudMounter for Windows

The CloudMounter for Windows is a variation of CloudMounter for Mac OS. This application for Windows version is fully compatible with Win 7, SP1, and newer versions. It requires 11.67 MB free space for mounting the cloud files. The latest version of the product is 1.5.1105, and it was released on 15th July 2018. Similar to the Mac Version, the windows version of the CloudMounter also provides a 15 days trial version for all the registered users. The versions of Windows supported for CloudMounter are Windows 7, 8, 10. It supports all AWS regions including Frankfurt, Asia Pacific, US East, Canada, Mumbai, London, and China. It connects to the Dropbox, and after installing it in the system, the user can upload files to the Dropbox similar to the Mac version.

Features of CloudMounter for Windows

Similar to the several exclusive features of the CloudMounter for Mac version, there are various features for the Windows version of CloudMounter as well. The objectives of the highlights of both these versions are same and so few such features of the application in Windows version are as discussed below:

  • CloudMounter is a very safe and highly reliable tool. It helps in building a solid bridge between the computer of a user and the cloud storages.
  • The technical team of CloudMounter regularly updates and always works on new ideas and implements those ideas in regular new versions.
  • The CloudMounter application offers smooth integration with Explorer, and it makes the app even more comfortable to deploy and use.
  • It also allows in encrypting Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 data with an AES256 encryption algorithm. It makes the files of the user accessible only through the copy of the CloudMounter application.
  • The application can add more space to the Windows HDD and can get instant access to the cloud files without the requirement to store them on the hard drive. The user can save space on the HDD by mounting Dropbox (2GB), Google Drive (15GB), and Microsoft OneDrive (30GB).
  • With CloudMounter all the cloud services is just at the fingertips and is the perfect assistant that connects the computer with multiple cloud storages like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc. so that the user can work with the files stored online in a similar manner as it is done with the local ones.


CloudMounter is an exclusive application for storing massive amount of documents and media files to the cloud storage as a network drive to manage online files similarly as local files.  Most of the software experts have a positive feedback for this service. As the tool offers decent features and functions to the users. Most of the users find it comfortable and convenient to mount different cloud storage by freeing up their local disk space and utilize multiple online cloud storage from one platform.

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