Most Common Android Oreo 8.1 Issues, Bugs and How to Fix Them

Smartphones that are the most common gadget that we can see in almost everyone’s hand, let us complete our day to day tasks with ease.The fast hardware and software produce an end product that was considered a science fiction a decade ago. Android was started as a mobile platform for providing a robust and feature-rich software for the growing mobile market.

oreo 8.1 issues problems and solution

Android 8.1 Oreo Issues, Bugs and Problems with Solutions and Fixes

The reason behind the instant success of this OS was the wide hardware support and an open source. For developers, it opened a new portal of possibilities that allowed them to use their skills to build something unique and interesting. Android covers the major portion of the smartphone market and is the most used mobile OS (Apple’s iOS comes at second place). Google is also working on a new mobile OS Fuchsia for better user experience.

While iOS is limited to Apple’s iPhone only, Android has a far better reach. The customisability of this operating system makes it a perfect choice for other devices too. For smart televisions, Android TV is there which is specially designed for minimal looks and maximum usability. Also, we have Android auto for car interface systems.

So the bottom line is Android is the greatest mobile platform ever created, right? well not absolutely. Like any software, it has some downsides too. Starting with the biggest one, which is the updates. As the Google mobile, OS supports a wide variety of hardware and keeping up with the latest software makes it a difficult task. We have the devices with Android 8 Orea and the 8.1 version has already started rolling out. But still, the possibility is that you are running an older version. Whatever the case may be Android works fine on most of the devices. However, you might face some minor tweaks here and there.

Android 8.1 Oreo has been launched and with this release, Google has addressed and fixed many previous issues and with the increased security and app support the Oreo is more delicious than ever. If you are one among many who have received 8.1 updates on their phone but facing some errors in terms of performance and features possibility is your query will be solved by the time you finish reading this article.

android 8.1 issues and fix

Google has also released the Android Oreo Go Edition with the 8.1 Release. The company knows that the future is the high-end devices like Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+, and Onplus 5T. But the market for the mid-range smartphone is not small. To keep every android device on the same page Google has released the Oreo Go edition. It can run smoothly on a device with low-end specs. The system requirements are 512 MB RAM and 1GB of free storage which makes it easy to run on many handsets out there.

oreo 8.1 issues problems and solution

Here are some latest problems that users are facing after the Android Oreo 8 and 8.1 updates. The issue with the software and how to fix Android 8 Issues them.

1. Android 8.1 Oreo Swipe to Unlock Issue

The display problem in Android Oreo is irritating some user. Basically, to unlock the phone you have to swipe for a long distance on your screen in order to unlock it. Some customers claim that they have to swipe all the way to the edge of the screen to unlock the phone. This may be a problem when you are used to just a little screen swipe for reaching to your home screen.

  • While this bug was present in the Beta version too, it still frustrates some users. To get the handset act fast, try speeding up the phone animations.
  • Check for the software updates to get any OTA updates.
  • If you are using Google Pixel or Pixel 2, tap on the Padlock icon to instantly unlock the screen.

2. Android 8.1 Oreo Bluetooth/ Wifi Connectivity Issue

With the recent Oreo update, the issue with WiFi and Bluetooth is emerging on some device. On connecting audio device wireless the phone won’t automatically stream audio to the Bluetooth speakers. Sometimes cleaning up the system cache can help fixing the problem. Follow the steps below to clear up cache

Solution to Bluetooth Connectivity Problem in Android 8.1

oreo 8.1 issues problems and solution

  • Restart your phone in Recovery Mode
  • To go to recovery mode switch off the device and Press volume down and power key for 3 seconds (Note: the key combination can be different for different models)
  • Use volume keys and navigate to wipe cache and select
  • Restart the Smartphone

3. Display Issue, Ambient Display Not Working Android 8.1

The always on display feature which can be seen on many devices with an AMOLED display is facing some problems after the 8.1 release. After receiving calls or notification the ambient display on the handset get automatically turned off.

Google Engineers are working on the problem and it should be fixed by a security OTA update.

4. Android Oreo App Crash Problem and Errors

Although Android has improved stability and performance in 8 and 8.1 releases, some apps like Stock Mail app and Clock are seeing the random crash. If the default mail app is crashing use any other app, try using another mail client from the Google Play store. Follow the steps below as an alternate solution to the error.


oreo 8.1 issues problems and solution

  • Go the Settings > Apps
  • Click on the app than crash often
  • Tap on Storage
  • Clear Data and Clear Cache
  • Go back and hit Force Stop
  • Restart the device

5. Battery Drain After Oreo 8.1 Update

Battery performance should be improved in the latest release but some devices are seeing a drop in battery performance. The problem was also reported in the earlier Nougat version.

If you saw a drop in battery backup upon Android 8.1 update disabling the left swipe (Google Now page can help to save the battery from draining).

Possible Fix

oreo 8.1 issues problems and solution

  • Go to battery settings
  • Check for the apps that are consuming more juice
  • Uncheck the app permission to be run on background
  • Also, check for the app that has permission to be opt out of the battery save mode

Other Oreo 8.1 Problems

The above-mentioned issues are the most commonly addressed Android Oreo 8.1 Bugs and Issues. Try the solution provided. Most of the problems and errors should be fixed with the next security update with the improved stability and performance. If you are facing any other problem with the OS, share it in the comment section below.


  1. In my note 4 infinix mobile it has android 8.1 Oreo version but in this headset none of the alarm application works..It seem to be very surprised that I have tried almost all the alarm clock app and also gave application the device administrator right or any other right but still on my device alarm application are not working…

  2. VoLTE disappear within 1 hour and then I am unable to make or receive calls and texts. After restarting the set VoLTE appear and then Call is made. But after one hour problem occurred again

  3. Biggest problem is you can set 4g network only to the SIM you choose for data usage. This is big problem in India. Jio has only 4g connectivity so you can not use data on 3g/2g on another sim because as soon as you change data preferred sim other than Jio , you doesn’t have option to choose 4g network on Jio.

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