Connected Vehicles 2018 (14-15 March, Bengaluru) – Event News

The advancement of technology has changed many things around us. The vehicle industry is now producing vehicles with more tech embedded in it. The automotive industry is working to make the vehicles easier to use. More work is being done to make the modern cars automatic.

Telematics is a technology used to enhance driver security. Vehicle Telematics means a vehicle that is connected to a network. It works by monitoring the user behaviour inside the car while driving. The data comes handy when investigating a crash. More such technologies are now available in the market.

connected vehicles 2018

Connected Vehicles 2018 – Highlights, Agenda, Details

Connected Vehicles 2018 is being organized by Telematics wire at Bengaluru. The two-day event will be held on 14-15 March. It will provide a common platform for various stakeholders in the connected vehicles technology. It is being organized to bring together industry experts, policymakers, technology providers etc.

Connected Vehicles 2018 supports the technology in Vehicle industries. The event focuses on many areas like Smart mobility, Building Cybersecurity Standards, Advance mapping technology, Consumer Electronics for Connected Vehicles.

Main Highlights of the Connected Vehicles 2018

In the events, many big automobile companies will be present like Mahindra, Honda, Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki. In the two day event, more than 600 delegates from different fields will be present to discuss the latest technologies and its future prospect.

Important personalities from the automotive industries will also be present there as a speaker and panellist to give a talk on related subjects. In the list of speakers Shalini Kapoor, CTO of IBM, Kishore RaoManaging Director, Sirish Batchu Head – Infotronics Technology & Advance Electronics Mahindra & Mahindra, and many other persons form big industries will give their speech.

Check complete speakers list HERE

There will be more than 12 sessions held to discuss various topics related to advance technologies in automobiles.

Other main highlights will include CEO Round Table that will include CEO’s of Automotive to talk about a sustainable business model for connected vehicles. The three pillars conference will be focused on emerging trends in the field. Apart from it, other talks and conferences will also be organized to talk about various agenda regarding  Connected Vehicles, Connected Fleet Telematics, Smart Mobility and ADAS & Autonomous, Smart Mobility, Cybersecurity etc.

Connected Vehicles – Beneficial for whom?

As discussed above the event will bring together important persons form automobile field to discuss the application of the technology in the field of the automobile. The event will be able to give valuable time for any persons engaged in the work related to Automotive OEMs, Mobility Service Providers, Chip Manufacturers, Semiconductors, Software Providers, Telecom, Government, Policy Makers etc.

Final Words

The Connected Vehicles 2018 is an important event for all the tech enthusiasts with a special interest in cars. A lot of new things are waiting for you at this event to be a part of it. Events like this create the backbone of technology in the society and also support it to grow.

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