How to Convert a WordPress Website to a Mobile Application?

WordPress is an online and open source website creation tool based on MYSQL and PHP. It is free and probably the most powerful blogging and website content management system in existence today. WordPress wholly provides a full content management system with a number of widgets, plugins and customizable themes. It is licensed under GPLv2 which completely lists terms and conditions for copying, modifying, and distributing free software.

We all are highly familiar with the immense growth & popularity of WordPress as it is used in 73 million websites. It is totally free to install, deploy, and upgrade. It has thousands of plugins and templates which powers a flexible and simple interface and rapidly reduces cost and deployment time.

On another side, we cannot deny the rising growth and popularity of mobile application development companies. This is mostly due to the continuously increasing market demand for mobile apps. Mobile apps ease our livelihood by providing better solutions for our needy tasks. We should admit the greater contribution of mobile apps for making our life easy and effective.

Mobile Application Users Throughout the World

Recently, a study conducted by forecasted that the number of mobile app users worldwide will reach 4.77 billion marks. Certainly, this number will cross 5 billion marks by 2019. This study also presumes that by 2020, mobile apps will generate around 189 billion dollars in revenue. The market demand for mobile apps is increasing day by day, and the whole credit goes to the increasing popularity of smartphones. The number of smartphone users was 38 percent in the year of 2014. It is expected that by 2018 this number will reach over 50 percent.

If you are having a mobile optimized website, then might be you are missing a golden chance of getting more traffic. Thus, why don’t you think to create a mobile app as a companion to your site? Let’s discuss some plugins that will help you convert your WordPress website into a mobile application.

Best Plugins to Convert WordPress Websites into Mobile App

Have a look:


This plugin will help you to turn your WordPress site into a native app for iPhone and Android. You can also choose several template options here. Each template is fully customizable so you can set it according to the suitability of your brand. This plugin is available for free, to get more out of it, you may need to upgrade to the premium version. Some of the premium feature offered by this plugin includes push notifications, AdSense advertisement and a lot more.


Developer: Worona Labs SL
Price: Free

It provides services for free forever. By using this plugin you can easily turn your WordPress site into native Android and iPhone mobile apps and publish it to play store and app store. A dashboard is provided to perform everything you want in building a mobile app for your site. It aims to merge other mobile related solutions as well such as Progressive web apps, Facebook instant articles, or Google AMP into its single platform.


This is mainly a premium tool which turns your WordPress site into a native app for Android and iPhone. Blappsta can be used to display popular articles or latest articles. It supports video too. You can also instantly preview your app before exporting it to exactly identify its proper and exact looks. Push notifications, template pack, social share and lot more are the basic plans offered by Blappsta.


By using this plugin, you can easily transform your WordPress site into a native mobile app. With this, you can export your WordPress site into an Android and iOS app in minutes. You will only be charged once you are satisfied with the final look of the app and it has been published. You will be happy to hear that, this tool has lots of features such as social media sharing, offline reading, logo placement and anti-adblockers.

5. Androapp

This app has been developed to help you create an Android native app from your WordPress site. You will only have to pass through 6 simple steps to create an app you want. This is provided free for the first month. Once the trial period is completed you will be billed $60 per year. It also has lots of features to make your app look trendy and up to date, such as push notifications, social share, and infinite scroll.

After getting knowledge about the plugins that can help you convert your WordPress website into the mobile app, let’s discuss some pros and cons of creating a mobile app. First of all, the cost is the most important characteristic usually looked up by a consumer before using or installing the mobile app. In respect of this, the services stated above are far more affordable and the process is also time-saving.

Undoubtedly, the number of mobile app users exceeds the desktop users. The usage of mobile app helps to save more time as compared to a website. Usually, it takes months or weeks to customize your website. With the usage of above solutions, a developer can perform any activity or say he can customize a website in minutes. Most of us are fond of using mobile apps, as they make our lives easier and competent. Using a mobile app will lead more engagement with the peoples. This also helps in getting sustainable traffic and brand enrichment.

On the contrary, creating a mobile app will limits designs, choices, and functionality. Nevertheless, in term of cost effectiveness and time-saving, mobile app solutions proves as the best choice for web owners in most cases.

Winding up

Hopefully, with the help of this blog post, you’ll get a great understanding of the needs and benefits of conversion procedure. All the process stated above will slightly help you in maintaining your website easily through converting WordPress site into a mobile app.
More usage of the mobile app will lead to more sustainable traffic and revenue in your business. If you are pondering to convert your WordPress site into the mobile app then, check out the list of stupendous plugins explained above to get instant and favorable results.

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