Coolmuster Android Assistant Review-All in One Android Managing Tool

There was a time when phones are just a device which used to makes calls and receives. Now the time has been changed phones has turned into the smartphones. As people are now more dependent on the smartphones. People now used to store all the data into their smartphone; they are also more vulnerable to losing valuable data and information. There is always a risk of losing the data, so in that case, how do you protect it. Just a simple answer make a backup of your smartphone. Speaking of which, Coolmuster Android Assistant aims to give you the ultimate solution.

Coolmuster Android Assistant review

The era of gadgets needs the users to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies. A few days back you would have purchased a new smartphone, which would have replaced with old one. But what about the data backup during these migrations? Don’t you think that there should be something more viable and handy that would have allowed you to ease the data backup process?

Don’t worry; the all new Coolmuster Android Assistant is there to your rescue. The pictures that you just clicked last year will always remain with you as your eternal memory. The amazing software encounters all the challenges relating to the data backup and accidental deletion. The software is all you need to have a peace of mind and happiness.

The Coolmuster software is all-rounder software. It effortlessly manages SMS, apps, Android media, contacts, imageries, files, and folders. Just one app is all to manage your phone and PC data. The user-friendly software is a lucky charm for all those who face a tough time after deleting something.

The Coolmuster is compatible with both mac and windows PCs. It lets you access everything you have on your phone for a direct backup. Have Coolmuster in your phone and PC, you would feel comfortable thinking “everything I have is safe”!

Downloads: Windows || MAC

Transfer your file without a single trouble

To made the transfer the data from your Android phone to PC & laptop it doesn’t need any kind of special trick. Just Simply install the software on your machine and connect your phone. It will take some time to scan all the data and categorized them with the numbers. Coolmuster Android Assistant enables you to export videos, photos, music, contacts, SMS, apps, etc. from Android phone or tablet to the computer so that you can free up your Android space for new files.

You can also make Android backup to PC, restore the backup data into your Android phone from the selected or all backed-up files with one click. One of the most advanced features of this software is you can also connect your Android device to WiFi also. Run the software and click on the Wi-Fi option on the software. It will work as the same worked with USB connection.

Coolmuster Android Assistant
Coolmuster Android Assistant

With this concept, the developers have brought the cool new software for bringing a solution to every data recovery problem. The experts have reviewed Coolmuster as a “wonder app” because of its unsurpassable specs.

Ease of implementation

The major advantage of using Coolmuster is that there are no complications involved in it. Just one app is all to do the backup. You don’t have to buy an external backup device and then eliminate the data because of the limited storage space of the hardware device. With Coolmuster, you can back up as much as information you want and also recover it back in case it was ever deleted. There is no need for configuration or individual plugins.

Let the” click” do everything

Of course, our smartphones are the repository of our secrets. They have loads of private pictures, chats, and data that we neither wish to showcase nor wish to delete. Losing of such valuable data is a source of emotional stress. Comprehending such situations, the experts have devised Coolmuster.

  • With Coolmuster, you can export anything you want from your phone to PC. This lets you free up some space for the new data storage.
  • One click is enough to restore the needed files to your phone.
  • You can connect PC through USB/WIFI from your phone and install android assistant APK for a direct access to play store from your laptop.
  • You can also export the data into CSV, HTML and other as well.

Coolmuster- a perfect assistant for you

The era of doing group chats and saving contacts manually is long gone. Now, you can keep your contacts in clusters at the single shot.  The Coolmuster lets you send SMS to the entire group at once. The manual selection of contacts and then sending SMS used to be time consuming and erroneous. The software lets you save your time and efforts significantly. With your convenience, you can add contacts, delete them and edit them as per your needs.


The Coolmuster Android Assistance has a lot of powerful features which every Android user need. So, we recommend using this software while switching to a new smartphone. You can Download Coolmuster Android Assistant Trial version or Buy it for $25.95. So, let us know what do you think about the software in the comment section or if you have some suggestion then also share it with us.

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