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Capsbien Alternatives

Every day, the internet gets updated with a new movie, music album, TV shows, games, software, and a lot of other files. We get a new thing to watch, play or enjoy each day. If you are looking for the Cpasbien website to download any content, you must also look best Cpasbien Alternatives which allow us to download movies and series for free.

While a very few select groups of people pay for this stuff, a majority of the population does not. The simple reason being; they get pirated within a very short span after their release.

While government agencies and internet regulators regularly put down such pirate websites, they get back online the next day with a new domain.

If you are here to know more about the Cpasbien torrent website and how to use it, do read till the end so that you never have to pay for digital stuff ever again.

What is the Cpasbien Torrent site?

It is a torrent search engine designed especially for French users. You can find all the latest movies, TV shows, music, and other OTT contents in French for free. The website allows you to download a variety of files including movies, TV shows, music, eBooks, software, and games.

You can search for your desired content using the search box provided on the home page. A list of all the recently added torrents in each category is displayed on the home page. The top film list is displayed on the right side of the 

Click on the below link to go to the Cpasbien website:

Although the official Cpasbien Site is down, but there are lots of free alternatives available in the market which take place for each other if any of them gets down.

The official site Caspbien is down due to many ISP and Government security reasons, but don’t worry guys here we have shared the list of top Cpasbien Alternatives, these are all working french downloading sites that allow you to download and watch movies and Series without any registration.

Check the List of Latest Cpasbien Alternatives

These are some best sites like the Cpasbien Movie site, which allows you to download and watch french and other movies and series for free without registration.

Top 10 Sites Like Cpasbien | Best Cpasbien Alternatives

1. Thepiratebay

Pirate Bay torrenting website

This is the best torrent search engine that was ever made. Anyone who uses torrent regularly has heard about Thepiratebay at least once during their pirating days.

Official Link:

2. Torrentz2

With a quick to navigate webpage, torrentz2 is a good alternative to find all the digital contents when thepiratebay is down.

Official Link:


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A top competitor to Thepiratebay, is an excellent choice to find all the software, games, movies, series, and other digital content you want to download.

Official Link:

4. Extratorrent

This website has a very lucrative webpage. All the recently added torrents across different genres are listed on the homepage itself.

Official Link:

5. Torrent Downloads

This website has an attractive homepage that lists all the recently added torrents along with the details about it.

Official Link:

  1. Torrent9


A website dedicated to French content, torrent9 has a huge library that has all the contents you want to download.

Official Link:

7.GK torrent

GK Torrent

With an interface and homepage similar to Cpasbien, GK Torrent has various filter options that help you find the desired torrent with ease.

Official Link:

How to Download or Watch Movies and Series from Any torrent website?

Torrent websites are not like regular websites, so you need certain applications to download from them. You can use free torrent downloaders such as Bittorent or Utorrent to download from the Cpasbien like websites.

Before we tell you how to download, we recommend you choose the torrent with a high number of seeds. If you can’t find such a torrent, then download from a torrent whose seed is greater than the leech. To download a torrent:

  1. Open the torrent you want to download.
  2. Click on Telecharger le Torrent.
  3. It should open the default downloaded torrent downloaders such as BitTorrent or Utorrent.
  4. Choose the location you want to save the file.
  5. Select or deselect the files you want to download in case there are multiple files in the torrent.
  6. Click on OK.
  7. The download will start.

Note: To watch and download from any content Torrent site for free you should use the VPN to save yourself from any legal issues. 


We hope that you find all the content you need on the Cpasbien website. With a huge library, this website is sure to produce the desired search results. A tip of advice; since torrents are illegal websites, and so is Cpasbien; we recommend you to use a VPN while browsing through such websites. Follow us for more such latest guides.

We have listed here the best Cpasbien alternatives, these are some best sites to download and watch any movies and series for free. Open the sites and enjoy the latest content in your language.


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