Creativity 365 Review: A Complete Package of Utility Apps on Mobile and Desktop

What is Creativity 365?

Creativity 365 is a suite of innovative apps intended to encourage experts and firms in the original business deal with their report and data, sort out their information, produce and develop an idea, and media altering. It gives clients instruments for cross-gadget digital content creation for both mobile and desktops. With Creativity 365, clients appreciate improved profitability, better joint effort, and more fuel to help their creativity.

The product makes it snappy and straightforward for clients to streamline their office work processes. The capacity to get and deal with their archives with their Android gadgets, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows tablets gives them the adaptability they have to work effectively notwithstanding when they are not at the workplace. Different highlights incorporate checking and sending a wide range of records, e-marks, introduction manufacturer, document transformation, and cloud-based record stockpiling.

Kdan Mobile Creativity 365 Review

We have briefly explained each of its apps to help you know more about its features and functionality.

1. Kdan Mobile Pocket Scanner

Pocket Scanner transforms your iPhone or iPad into a handy record scanner for productive report administration. It enables you to make JPEG examines, compose subtitles and add writings to photographs, and change over your reports, notes, whiteboards, and receipts to multi-page PDFs. Pocket Scanner is the down to earth and expert decision for filtering, survey, altering, and overseeing archives.

Creativity 365 review

Features of Pocket Scanner:

  • Real-time edge detection
  • Efficient file management with scan projects for all kinds of materials and themes
  • Fast, continuous scan speed
  • Create JPEG scans or multi-page PDFs in seconds
  • Build-in document reader, Browser, and QR code reader
  • Share documents via email (what to highlight/how to describe)
  • Advanced image processing: Crop, Instant brightness, Rotation, and Color adjustment
  • Write captions and add texts to your photos
  • Various image importing sources: QR Code, Wi-Fi, and in-app Browser
  • Support iOS Photo Extensions

>> With Pocket Scanner you Can:

  • Quickly sign and scan contracts
  • Capture meeting and class notes
  • Lighten your back and kill the stress of lost documents.

>> Image Processor:

  • View scanned images in thumbnails
  • Batch processing – convert or rotate multiple scans at once
  • Export scans to multiple Cloud accounts

2. Kdan Mobile Markup

Markup is a specialist PDF watcher, manager, annotator, and coordinator. Like the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you’re utilized to; it enables you to include PDF explanations, sign or compose on records, feature site pages or ePub books, and back up documents with all the well known distributed storage benefits straightforwardly from your iPhone, iPad or Web.

Markup is here to enable you to deal with constant data while at home, in the workplace, or in a hurry.

Features of Markup:

Document Viewer & Annotator:

  • Supports all mainstream file formats
  • View BOTA (Bookmark, Outline, Thumbnail, Annotation Summary)
  • Add highlights, freehand writings, sticky notes, text boxes, arrows, shapes, etc.
  • Customize PDF stamps by adding texts or images
  • Sign documents & fill forms

Web Marker:

  • Highlight text and excerpts on web pages using the built-in or Safari browser
  • Link web highlights to your PDFs
  • Sync your highlights through multiple devices
  • Explore more highlights from the My Markups community

File Transfer and Backup:

  • Get files from Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Evernote, Box, FTP, or WebDAV client
  • Copy files via WiFi, iTunes USB, and Open-in feature

3. Kdan Mobile NoteLedge

NoteLedge is an across the board sight and sound note-taking application that gives you all that you have to take notes and compose blended media content. This application accompanies adaptable altering instruments for you to type, compose, draw, embed photographs, record sound, and video, and customize your notes with paper styles and covers.

Keep everything composed in one place and get innovative with your notes. NoteLedge is the main application you require for note-taking, diary composing, drawing, scrapbooking, and documentation.

Features of NoteLedge:

Sturdy Editing Tools:

  • Realistic handwriting and drawing experience
  • Four essential brushes including pencil, crayon, ink brush and fountain pen
  • Choose among 12 classic paper styles
  • Various fonts/colors/sizes are available for text typing
  • Take notes and record audio simultaneously
  • Supports audio and video recording
  • Zoom in and zoom out the editing area with two-finger pinch
  • Rearrange page order with natural movements of your fingers

Write Notes/Ideas Quickly:

  • Jot down ideas with smooth handwriting and drawing tools
  • Add captions to photos by merely drawing or typing on the inserted images

Keep Your Notes Organised:

  • Group your notes according to various subjects
  • Use the file copy feature to create an image of your note
  • Personalize note covers with your photos
  • Backup your notes to Kdan Cloud storage

Share or Export Your Ideas:

  • Share your classics on a wide range of social media of your choice
  • Export your data in PNG image format
NoteLedge - Digital Notebook
NoteLedge - Digital Notebook
Developer: Kdan Mobile Software Ltd.
Price: Free+

4. Kdan Mobile Animation Desk

Animation Desk for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android gives an agreeable, well disposed of, and mechanical illustration condition with the goal that you can appreciate making your enlivened pieces. With this, you can make your edge by-outline animation with its great apparatuses like an expert.

Features of Animation Desk:

Full Drawing Tool Set:

  • Numerous types of brushes with various patterns, eraser and paint tool
  • Adjustable brush size and color opacity
  • Adaptable HSV scheme and endless space to save your favorite colors in each sequence
  • Background: Import images and video as background
  • Layers: Create multiple levels of animation in one scene
  • Surface Dial support

Bunch of Animation Tools:

  • Adjustable frame per second (FPS): Give your animation its velocity
  • Onion Skinning: See adjoining structures overlay for easy drawing
  • Powerful frame manager: Copy, repeat, delete or rearrange frames as per your preferences
  • Video rotoscoping: Create snappy animations from videos
  • Add a sound effect to your animation for more fun
  • Combine multiple progressions into a storyboard

Explore and Share Your Creativity with the World:

  • Online convert animation to MOV, MP4, FLV, WMV, RMVB, 3GP (in-app purchase)
  • Export your animation to GIF and MP4
  • Share your masterpieces on a wide range of social media of your choice
  • Join AniZone to discover what other animators are working on
Animation Desk®
Animation Desk®
Animation Desk - Create Animation Like a Pro
Animation Desk - Create Animation Like a Pro
Developer: Kdan Mobile Software Ltd.
Price: Free+

5. Kdan Mobile Write-on Video

Write-on Video is a video altering application that enables you to include writings, sound accounts, stickers, and illustrations on videos. Influence motion pictures, to alter videos, make scripts, and explain your storyboards with a running analysis. The expectation to learn and adapt is non-existent: Make personalized videos in a matter of seconds and influence your video to go, master.

Features of Write-on Video:

  • An intuitive timeline-based video editor for iPhone and iPad
  • Crop, cut, and merge videos at your fingertips
  • Add captions: adjust the font style, color and position of text to suit you
  • Add music and recordings
  • Use static and motion stickers to spice up your videos
  • 20 filters
  • Nine transitions
  • Four advanced brushes: personalize your video using drawing tools
  • Four animated captions
  • Change video frame size
  • Change and blur video background color
  • Adjust music volume, fade-in and out
  • Adjust video speed
  • Import pictures and videos from the built-in web browser, camera, and photo album
  • Use tags to manage your footage
  • Make script: extracts scripts from the edited scenes and export them into PDFs
  • Sharing: share your video to multiple social networking websites or by E-mail
  • Cloud storage: back up your files to Kdan Cloud and access it anywhere, anytime
  • Link to Animation Desk

What You Can Do With Write-on Video:

  • Tell your stories in a movie with photos and video
  • Create tutorial videos: use subtitles to illustrate critical points in each scene
  • Make quality screencasts and scripts: save your annotated shots as a storyboard
  • Edit your Animation Desk projects: add sound, music, voice-overs, transitions, and captions. Tag supported.

Sync and Access your Creativity 365 App Data Anywhere:

  • Kdan Cloud – Sync and access your projects on all devices and operating system
  • Share links to your work or projects
  • Sign up and verify your Kdan account to get 500 MB of free space
  • When you subscribe, you get 1 TB of Cloud storage to sync all your App data and Work.

Creativity 365 Pricing and Plans

Creative 365 offers three plans for users to consider. If you are an organization or a company, they have a special pricing package for companies with more than ten employees. Also, if you are a Teacher and Student, you get a special discount for upto 50% on the app bundle.

Here are the details of each:

>> Creativity 365 Monthly Plan – $9.99/month (Trial Option)

  • Get Premium features in Kdan Creativity 365 App Series across all your devices
  • Advanced PDF editor
  • Scanner
  • Note-taking
  • Video editing
  • Animation tools
  • 20 credits towards faxes and converting services
  • 1TB of Kdan Cloud storage

>> Creativity 365 Quarterly Plan – $19.99/3 months

  • Get Premium features in Kdan Creativity 365 App Series across all your devices
  • Advanced PDF editor
  • Scanner
  • Note-taking
  • Video editing
  • Animation tools
  • 80 credits towards faxes and converting services
  • 1TB of Kdan Cloud storage

>> Creativity 365 Annual Plan – $59.99/year (Recommended)

  • Get Premium features in Kdan Creativity 365 App Series across all your devices
  • Advanced PDF editor
  • Scanner
  • Note-taking
  • Video editing
  • Animation tools
  • 250 credits towards faxes and converting services
  • 1TB of Kdan Cloud storage

>> Creativity 365 X Qubii Special Offer

If you choose to subscribe for its Annual Plan for Individuals, you can get a FREE Qubii Auto-Backup device.

Coupon Code
Enter coupon FREEBIEQB at checkout to receive the gift with FREE International Shipping. The offer is only valid till 16th Nov. 2018, so hurry up.


The Creativity 365 suite by Kdan Mobile including five utility apps for your day-to-day work whether you are a professional or a student. The package is very affordable and easy to use on cross platforms, and with their sync capability, it lets you access your data anytime anywhere.

All the consisting apps are powerful to increase your productivity even if you are on the go. With this, you get a complete package of easy to use apps. All in all, Creativity 365 is a useful source for businesses and creative professionals, educators, and students alike.

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