Demonoid Proxy & Mirror Sites List

If you are a fan of movies but cannot spend dollars on premium media streaming services like Netflix or Flex, then you got to move towards other alternatives. Torrent services which started to enable file sharing over the internet using peer to peer connection is a large platform for downloading movies songs, TV shows, and other media.

Although it is always surrounded by controversies due to a large number of copyright files available on it. The use of p2p sharing is hard to stop. The use of Virtual Private Network and proxy sites that allow the user to bypass the surveillance of their local internet service provider or the government is a frontier tool in the hands of netizens to ensure their anonymity.

For downloading a movie of any other file on the torrent you need a torrent client like UTorrent, BitTorrent, or a similar software. Once you have that installed, getting a torrent file on the computer is the second step. It contains the hash information about the file being downloaded. Open the torrent file with the help of client software. It will search for the available peers which are sharing the same file. For that part, it has to rely on the torrent trackers.

A torrent tracker like Demonoid will make it possible to locate the available peers for which it can connect in order to start the download. Although there is no need to add trackers while downloading but adding extra trackers is always helpful as it will increase the number of seeders and leechers.

How to add Demonoid Trackers to increase Torrent Download Speed?

  • Start Bit Torrent or any other software that you are using for the purpose
  • Click File > Open
  • Browse the .torrent file
  • Double click on the torrent which is being Downloaded
  • A new window will open
  • Open Demonoid in your browser
  • Copy the list of trackers
  • Paste it into the new torrent window opened

Demonoid is yet again another BitTorrent tracker which helps in tracking file-sharing related discussion forums and searchable index for the tracker. As the site has undergone to downtime for long periods. So here is generative of the Demonoid.  Like no political cancellation of ISP services lets you stop from getting data.

Demonoid is an amazing torrent tracker site which is serving people globally from years and people are used to of it. There were once around 800K torrents users daily to download movies, ebooks, tv shows, music etc.

Demonoid was one of the most active, verified and fast torrent tracking site that was proved way too helpful in the community but due to some concerns, it was blocked lately.

Maybe, that’s the only reason why you’re here. Looking for proxies? Given below is the list of currently working proxies with their whole status. If you’re also in the one who is suffering from the proxies then use one whichever you find better.

List of Demonoid Proxy & Mirror Sites

Demonoid BitTorrent Tracker Proxy List 2017


Demonoid Proxy- List



https://demonoid.unblocked.vcVery FastWorking
https://dnoidd1.unblocked.lolVery FastWorking
https://demonoid.unblocked.betVery FastWorking
https://www.dnoid.meVery FastCurrently Offline
https://www.demonoid.clickFastCurrently Offline
https://demonoid.phVery FastCurrently Offline
https://siteget.netVery FastWorking
https://sitenable.chVery FastWorking
DemonoidProxy1Very FastWorking
DemonoidProxy6Very FastWorking
DemonoidProxy7Very FastWorking


Bottom Line

So here goes the ultimate solution to all your problems which you were facing with Demonoid. We understand the fact that Demonoid was the best and favorite site. The above article is all for you. If your domain is blocked too then get the options of unblocking it. Or browse them using a VPN server which provides anonymous names and unblocks access to any website banned for your Internet.

However, unblocking the blocked sites via VPN can slow down your connection, the best way is to use proxies and mirror sites.

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