Download Flipagram Apk And Complete Guide

In this advance era, almost 90% of people have smartphones or personal computer. In our everyday life, we create numerous moments either happy or sad. It may be friends or family get together or maybe a romantic date or perhaps a simple boring day at home- we do not miss a single chance to capture them.  Moments are immortal. They stay within our heart always. But capturing those special moments has a unique value obviously. A moment can be relived at any time at any place by a single photo. No question is there regarding that. A photograph can bring a smile to a sad face. It never fails. So keeping precious pictures in your own collection is very common now.

Most of the people have their phone or desktop fully equipped with several photos. They store a childhood picture from the family album, their budding stage, first school, first date and every other particular moment. Keeping awkward photographs of friends to tease them even is not excluded from the list. Photos are always precious and how it would be if someone gifts a bunch of sliding photo album with a proper music track or very own voice? Personalised gifts are still best, and thus the Flipagram application lets people fulfill their dreams. Not only gifts, but the video album can also be shared in various social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Spreading happiness is now more comfortable with Flipagram.

A Complete Tour of Flipagram:

Flipagram is an application which lets people make short videos from their stored photos. At a primitive stage, this was only an ordinary video making tool like others. But now it has evolved into an interactive social photo album. The people, who are using a no of social media like Facebook, Instagram and are very active in those, have surely posted a no of photos in the social media platforms. The photographs of an early period can get deleted from the mobile phone, desktop or any other device. But those are still on that particular social media, where they had have shared it before. Filpagram can fetch the photos from those social media platforms and can make a beautiful customize video of his/her own choice.

Salient Features of Filpagram

  • Flipagram is also able to fetch photos from the user’s camera roll. All you have to do is to sign in with an Instagram account or Facebook account to handle the app. It is effortless.
  • Then they have to pick up their favorite photos, and they can rearrange it of their own choice. A user can also leave the arrangement responsibility to the app.
  • There are choices like ‘shuffle,’ ‘oldest to newest,’ ‘newest to oldest,’ etc. which usually arrange the selected photos in the chosen order. Making video is now so hassle free. This app has a better storage option, unlike others.

  • The storage option is also customizable. A user can store the photos in the Flipagram app itself. If this is not preferred, Flipagram has some more exciting offer for users.
  • A user can organize the photos by ‘album,’ ‘time,’ ‘people’ or places.’ This app is a very user-friendly app undoubtedly.
  • The procedure and features of this app flawlessly showcase its uniqueness.

How to make a video in Flipagram?

Flipagram renders an open allowance to users to re-create their moments into their very own style. Who knows him/her better than him/her? Flipagram understands this emotion, and thus it provides an easy procedure to make a short video.

Basic Process:

  • At first, a user should sign in into Flipagram by using Flipagram account or Instagram account or Facebook account.
  • Then they have to select pictures of their choice. They can choose the images according to the relevance of the topic. This is a manual process indeed.
  • As another option, users can fetch some photos which they have posted earlier in any social media. In that case, they need to select that specific social media to pull out the pictures.
  • After completing the task, the user has to confirm the photos once by clicking a window.
  • Then Flipagram will show each photograph in a single view mode.

In this step, the user can edit the photo as they wish to be. They can crop it or can straighten or brighten it or may even add any filter to it. This is applicable for all the rest of the pictures. It can be a manual process where the size, type, length of the photo is decided only by the user. It can be an automatic process too.

Additional Steps:

  • Somebody can pick up the photos and add them to a previously selected frame.
  • Next, the user has to click on the arrow button located at the top right side. Then another window will come up to the user. It will be then showing a period, whether it would be a slideshow of 15 seconds or it should be a video of 30 seconds.
  • The user can also control the size of the videos, which you can post to various social media. As an example, they can set up 15 sec for Instagram and 30 sec for Flipagram.
  • After completing it another window will show there, this is about music.

Add music to your work:

This step helps the user to put appropriate music. Many people often post a simple slideshow without any music in social media.

But to the world, the music-less video is dead, boring and worthless at the same time. Can anyone imagine a horror movie without any horror soundtrack? If this happens in reality, the horror movie can become an entertaining comedy film. In short, this will harm the vanity or ambiance of the film. Music is an essential portion of life. Human is even born with a rhythm which is produced by their heart. Flipagram is a video story by its core. Adding music here plays a role to improve the tonality of that video. It also helps in the catharsis of the emotions.

Steps to add music

  • So in the next step, the music is to be selected from my music. It is also a manual process.
  • The user should drag the music line from the starting point to an end point. After doing it, Flipagram will show the preview of the slideshow.
  • The user can speed up or speed down the slideshow according to their taste. For how long a photo will stay is to be decided by the user
  • Flipagram gives the users full freedom in it. Then the app will give options like for how long you want the video to be for flipagram or Instagram. It may be 15 sec or 30 sec.
  • Then finalize your making and click on yes. Give it a moment and the final product is finally ready.

A user can keep it to the Flipagram storage or can share it to any social media. It supports almost every social media like YouTube, Facebook, email, Instagram, etc. For sharing, the user has to click on the share button. Then they have to select, which media they want it to share. After choosing the popular ones, hit yes button and the final product is shared to the social media. This is an easy process which can be controlled by a kid too.

How to Install Flipagram in iPhone:

  • Open the app store on the iPhone.
  • Search by ‘Flipagram’ there.
  • The apk will open. Then buy it from the app store with its specified reasonable price.
  • Or directly download it and lets it give some time to be installed.
  • Then sign up with a new Flipagram account or Facebook account or by email
  • A pre-loaded video posted by other followers will show up later.
Developer: Medic Ventures Inc
Price: Free+

That’s all. This is how you can install Flipagram on the iPhone.

How to Install Flipagram in Android:

  • Google Play recently removed Flimagram app from the store. You can now download it from the link below. Or you can also check other apps like Flipagram.
  • Then click on the install button. You need to tun on unknown source to use this app.
  • After that, the app will install
  • After installing it completely, click on the open button.
  • Sign up using an email address or Facebook account.


With Flipagram a user can experience the best experience of making slideshows.  About 36 million active users already love Flipagram. Flipagram is continuously adding new features by bringing new updates often. In the case of music, Flipagram has access to over 40 million songs all over the world. This is associated with some big fat companies like – Sony music, Merlin and the Orchard, Universal Music Group, etc. This app supports a number of languages like -English, French, Chinese, German, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, Hindi, Russian, etc. Flipagram is like a virtual reunion with himself or herself. The photos which had forgotten entirely long back can be retrieved from social media without any hassle by Flipagram only. It gives full access to both Android and iPhone. So have this excellent app and enjoy the quality time!


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