DRM M4V Converter for Windows Review | Best Features

iTunes provides a great place for downloading media. Not only for Apple products, it can also be used on Windows. Whenever you are looking to listen to a new song or movie, you can simply buy it from iTunes and enjoy anytime anywhere. Although it is a great platform for accessing premium media content there are still some drawbacks.

Files downloaded from iTunes are encrypted with DRM also known as Data Rights Management. It restricts the media playback to certain devices. If you have bought something from iTunes store and want to play it on other devices then you will not be able to do so. This is good from security point of view but it can be frustrating sometimes.

There are many DRM removal software available online. DRmare is an efficient tool for people looking to break the DRM lock.

Remove DRM From iTunes with DRmare M4V converter | Review

DRmare M4V converter is the easiest way to remove DRM restrictions. It converts the video files of iTunes into the MP4 format which is supported by most of the media devices. Let’s look at the best features of DRM M4V Converter for Windows. The trial version allows you many amazing options and is easy to use.

Losslessly remove DRM from iTunes Files

Unlike most of the DRM removal softwares where the quality of the file is reduced upon conversion, it keeps the video quality intact. You can convert any type of video with its help. As we see the 4K and Full HD videos have become common, so you can enjoy high-quality videos.

30x Faster Performace

Other DRM removal tools take a long time to complete the process of removing the DRM encryption. This tool works at a speed of 30 times more than the other speed. This saves your time and allows to convert many files in a short time.

Video Conversion

If you are a person who works on video editing then this will ease your work. Video conversion is a basic task that is needed while working on multimedia files. This software can be used to convert M4V files to MP4 format. DRmare is the easiest M4V Converter for Windows.

Other Features

Other than the above major features, this tool also takes care of other things while removing DRM. As we know watching a movie without a great sound is not worth. DRM M4V converter not only allows the lossless conversion, it also keep the 5.1 Dolby surround sound intact form the original file. Also, if the movie or TV show has subtitles than it will remain in the final output file.

How to Convert iTunes DRM with DRmare

DRmare has a simple user interface that makes it ideal for new users. If you want to convert the iTunes video into MP4 files follow the steps below. You can download the DRmare trial version and use it for free without any restrictions.

1. Download the DRmare M4V converter for windows from the link given below.

2. Install it on your PC

3. Start the software

4. On the bottom bar you will see various options like add files, output format, converted files etc.

5. Click on add files > browse and select the file that you want to convert

drmare m4v converter

6. Now choose the output format, audio, subtitles and output folder where the converted video will be saved.

drmare m4v converter


7. Proceed to convert the file

That’s it! The video conversion will not take a lot of time. It also gives you the option to convert multiple files simultaneously. To see the output files, you can click on the converted buttons at the bottom bar. Overall it is easy to use software. Considering the features and neat interface it is a must-have for iTunes users.

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