DroidID : Unlock MAC using Android Mobile Fingerprint Sensor

Internet and computers have become a substantial part of our daily life. It not only makes our life a lot easier but it is nearly impossible to imagine a life without the computers. Windows and Mac are the two most used operating system for the computers. Both have their own features and specialties. Windows offers more flexibility while Mac OS is more user-friendly and secure. Mac has a good user interface with many unique features like synchronization, better performance, easy navigation etc.

DroidID – Unlock Mac with your mobile fingerprint sensor

We see smartphones improving day by day and a unique feature is seen every now and then. The fingerprint unlock feature in the smartphone is a very convenient way to unlock the phone. But think about a way that will allow you to unlock your MacBook from your phone only. DroidID is an app for Android that makes it possible to use the fingerprint sensor of your smartphone to unlock your MacBook.

The fingerprint lock is the easiest way to secure any device. Most Apple MacBook desktop and Laptops do not have this features. Using DroidID the user can not only unlock the laptop from their phone but he or she can also do it so remotely. With the single touch on the fingerprint sensor of your phone, the MacBook can be unlocked remotely without any going through any complex process.

DroidID – How to Use

DroidId has two components, The Android App and the Mac Client. The user will need to install the Mac Client software on the computer. Run this software. It will ask you to enter the unique code and password of your Mac. To get the unique code, you need to download the Android app which will show you the code.

Developer: Suyash Srijan
Price: Free

Enter this code and computer passcode to complete the setup. Now the DroidID app will ask you to put the finger on the fingerprint sensor. After registering the fingerprint, the setup is complete.

To unlock your Mac, open the DroidId android app on your phone and place the fingerprint on the sensor. The computer will automatically unlock. This method provides more security for your system. With this, you also do not have to worry about forgetting your password. This app will unlock your Mac only when it is put on sleep or screen lock. Keep in mind that both your mac and phone need to have an active internet connection in order for the app to work.

Currently, this app is only available for the Android only. This app will not allow the user to unlock with its help after a reboot. The Mac client software needs to be running in the background in order to work. To use the app on every boot, the application needed to be added to the login items under user & groups under system settings.

Our Opinion on DroidID

During our test of DroidId with MacBook Air, it works almost perfectly. The setup is easy, but you need to add this app to login items on Mac. We also experienced a slight lag between in unlocking the system. The app also crashed a few times initially but worked smoothly after that. Overall this app can be useful in many conditions.

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