One of the most amazing technological designs, DOBOT will show up at CES 2018. This spectacular high-tech machine will be exhibited at the CES 2018 as the Innovation Awards Honoree. In addition to the widely anticipated and celebrated DOBOT, DOBOT 2, DOBOT MOOZ and DOBOT RiGIET are also going to be entertaining attendees (View product page here). At the venue, attendees can locate and interact with DOBOT at Section Number 25750 which is at the South Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center.

DOBOT, which is popularly known as the magician robot, is in fact a robot arm with amazing capacities. It is a multipurpose informative machine that has earned the prestigious nomination for the 2018 CES Innovation Awards Honoree. DOBOT has extensive application which makes it fantastic for specialized operations as well as hands-on learning. When integrated with other mechanisms, the utilities of DOBOT can extend tremendously to encompass many relevant operations like 3 dimension lithography, laser etching, inscriptions, and illustration. In addition to all of these utilities, DOBOT is very suitable for education and enlightenment especially when it comes to complicated vocations like software design, data creation for informative systems, applied mechanics, computer operations and industrial simulating and so on.

The DOBOT M1 will also be getting plenty of attention at CES. This machine holds the reputation for being very inexpensive. It offers a remarkable 0.02mm exactitude. Its speed is an astounding 200 degrees per second and it comes with a 1.5kg capacity that ranges to 400mm at heightened performance. DOBOT M1 is very flexible and suitable for a variety of operations like welding, plugin connector fitting, AI pattern recognition and a host of other spectacular operations.

DOBOT MOOZ will be made available for attendees to see and explore. This machine is an adaptable iron 3D printer offers a great deal of printing applicability. DOBOT MOOZ is dynamic with innumerable functions.

DOBOT RiGIET enjoys the reputation for being a pioneering invention. It offers sophisticated 3-axis gimbal which is impressive for mobile devices. DOBOT RiGIET offers an extensive range of features that encompasses heightened recording functionalities that upgrades your recording experience.

Unarguably, DOBOT propels the world of technology towards AI with limitless possibilities and prospects.

Facts on DOBOT

The DOBOT invention is the mastermind of five enthusiastic robotics engineers who are driven by an unwavering goal of offering topnotch robotic answers for cutting-edge inventions in China. With dogged determination, these engineers are committed to the uninterrupted advancement of applications in this field. Over 60% of DOBOT’s workforce is made up of seasoned engineers with the majority being from MIT, Tsinghua University, Shandong University and HIT. With the proprietorship of principal technologies in robotic arms and a staggering 100 global patents, they are poised for greater accomplishments.

The marketability of DOBOT in over 100 nations offers proof of its ingenuity and incredible utilities. DOBOT enjoys an incontestable reputation as the foremost enterprise in the field of informative and learning robotics. DOBOT is more impressive for being the pioneering enterprise to integrate industrial robotic arm to the desktop.

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