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ExtraTorrent Proxy & 35 ExtraTorrents Unblocked Mirror Sites List

ExtraTorrent Proxy & 35 ExtraTorrents Unblocked Mirror Sites List

Extratorrent is counted as the most popular and for, of course, best torrent site. Extratorrent Proxy- List was a big support to all those who were crazy about downloading HD quality movies, games, and software. The charm of watching every new movie in High Definition isn’t new. The basic use of Extratorrents is to provide you with movies and series in whichever quality user likes to download for free. The interface of the site is pretty convenient for whosoever wants to use as it easily provides the desired content fast.

Nonetheless, each torrent website has a specified verification by Extratorrent staff. They even got a particular team to look after the speed, quality, authenticity, etc to offer the flawless content. However, each thing has a demerit too and so with the Extratorrent.

As these types of websites allow piracy so many countries and ISP ban it from the internet. Thanks to the bold reason which took you here. Our aim is to provide an easy use directory and proper search engines for all sort of torrent files. Watching out the increasing craze for high-quality downloads, ExtraTorrent is the only solution to it. We are providing some links which are Extratorrent Proxy to keep up the charm and some ways to access the website.

List of ExtraTorrent Proxy & Mirror Sites

Extratorrent Proxy – List



https://extratorrents.unblockall.org Fast Working
https://extratorrent.ag/ Very Fast Working
https://extratorrents.unblockall.org Very Fast Working
https://extra.unblocked.lol Very Fast Working
https://extratorrent.cd Very Fast Working
https://xtra.unblocked.lol/ Fast Working
https://extratorrent.fyi Fast Working
https://extratorrents4.top/ Very Fast Working
https://extratorrent.bypassed.ws/ Fast Working
https://extratorrent.bypassed.in/ Very Fast Working
https://extratorrent.bypassed.st Very Fast Working
http://extratorrent.pro Fast Working
https://extratorrent.ag Very Fast Working
https://extratorrent.cool Normal Working
https://extratorrents.unblockall.org Fast Working
http://extratorrent.torrentlist.org/ Not Working
https://extra.cd Not Working
https://etproxy.com Not Working
https://extratorrent.fyi Working
How does it work?

Extratorrent started encrypting their content to prevent proxy sites to provide access to their content. This has made 90% of the proxy sites unusable. However, the above-given proxies are working as usual. This is the only viable alternative currently for the main extratorrent site which has been taken down by authorities.

Excitingly, it is one of the considered best and largest BitTorrent system which is still online after bans in many countries.


There is a lot of fuss that keeps speaking about extratorrent that it has been shut down permanently. All the data has been erased or proxy won’t work. Stay away from fake ExtraTorrent websites and clones and so on. well, just to let the reader know, there is no exact news out regarding extratorrent and its proxy sites. There are a lot of people taking claim of domains for providing the same as extratorrent and nothing as exact has been specified.

Also, read:

There was a recently led hunt for illegal downloading of the material/matter/data/content by the government of different countries. But coincidently like rest torrent systems, it works on a peer to peer file protocol that supports its number of other peers and the authority to share its file.

Adding on to the praises of Extratorrent, it has the crazily simple design. Which makes the user feel just comfortable with the particular site due to the extraordinary yet easy interface. The content over it has been placed creatively in categories and further subcategories. Perhaps, the unique point is the columns and bars which shows overall what’s latest in the market with trends and news. Maybe, a not so worthy point but how about getting the latest news and videos before anyone.

Apart from all this, these links ain’t the one with lots of advertisement or the fake one. The results of these proxies are quite original to what user expects. Not at all like revolving around different sites to get what you want. In the end, I would love to convey this only to try out the above links to access the material you want to download or watch online. Or by any chance you if we missed out on any good mirror site, please let us know by commenting below the links. We’ll come up with the updated article.


  1. none of the above mentioned torrent site are working… please give correct addresses of the correct and proper working torrent sites… if any…


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