20+ NEW Eztv Proxy and Unblocked Mirror Sites | List- 100% Working [Updated]

eztv Proxy and Mirror Site | List- 100% Working

The Internet has proven to the biggest human invention that has both the power and support to change the world. The world has never been more connected, from social media to space research internet is present everywhere. It would be nearly impossible for the present world to function without being connected. The expansion of the internet has provided a huge platform for media enthusiasts. Sharing content online is easy and fast. The advancement of technology has lead to a faster connection which is a further advantage for p2p sharing.

eztv proxy

100% Working EZTV Proxy | Unblocked Mirror Sites 2018

TV shows and movies are the best way to pass time. But most of the online services which allow you to stream or download TV shows and movies are not available for free. Looking for alternatives and we find several methods like the torrent, websites that allow online streaming and Kodi media player etc. While some of these services can be complex to use Torrent can be a reliable method that is easy to use and has a large database of movies, TV series, and other contents.

To download any media file on torrent, you need a torrent client software and a torrent file that will allow the user to connect to other peers. Once you get the torrent file on your device from a website like EZTV, open it with any P2P sharing software and the process of downloading will automatically begin. The software search for the clients that have the same file and connect to them. This is an efficient method to get any file from internet. This technology is not dependent on a server for downloading, instead, any user can share file present on his or her device.

What is EZTV Proxy Site?

EZTV is one of the most popular sites that allow the user to access online content. It is particularly known for the huge number of indexed torrents. All the old and new TV shows can be found on it. Visit the official eztv site or its proxy and search for the show that you want to watch. You will get the link to every episode of all the seasons. Also, as the latest episode is aired it can be found on Eztv proxy.

eztv proxy

The site has a huge collection of popular shows, anime series, documentaries and much more. But as the torrent is always blamed for circulating copyright content over the internet, this portal also face criticism. Premium contents can easily be accessed. The site is a huge platform for pirated TV content. So it is banned in many countries and ISPs which make it impossible to open without the use of a proxy site or VPN.

eztv proxy

Proxy sites are a reliable alternative to reach to a blocked website. In case the main domain of a website has been blocked, proxy sites act as a bypass portal. If you are looking for Eztv proxy list, here are the links that are up and working completely file. All of these links have been tested and are life.

EZTV Proxy Sites List

Proxy Site Status
Proxy 1 Live
Proxy 2 Live
Proxy 3 Live
Proxy 4 Live
Proxy 5 Live
Proxy 6 Live
Proxy 7 Live
Proxy 8 Live
Proxy 9 Live
Proxy 10 Live
Proxy 11 Live
Proxy 12 Live
Proxy 13 Live
Proxy 14 Live
Proxy 15 Live
Proxy 16 Live
Proxy 17 Live
Proxy 18 Live
Proxy 19 Live
Proxy 20 Live
Proxy 21 Live

You must also use a VPN service to hide your IP address. This will make the downloading anonymous and will ensure user safety. Using torrent is blocked in many countries and using a virtual private network will keep you safe from surveillance of your ISP. Some of the best virtual private network services that are available to use for free are listed here.

Other Working Method to access EZTV

If any of the above links go down you have a better alternative to access eztv proxy. All you need to do is connect to a virtual private network to open eztv. Here is some most popular free VPN service that you can opt for.

eztv proxy

1. HideMe

it is an online service that is easy to use. You can visit the official website of HideMe Here and download the software. In order to use it, you must create a hide.me account. You can opt for a premium account if you want to download more frequently and have a fast speed.

2. TunnelBear

This is a popular VPN service that is available for free. Download TunnelBear from here.

3. Hotspot Shield

It provides a secure and fast service that enables secure web browsing. Hotspot shield is also available for mobile device and tablets.

4. ZoogVPN

It ensures total privacy by making your connection encrypted. If you are using any public WiFi use it to make your connection private. To use ZoogVPN Click Here.

The list here is not exhaustive and there are many other options available. You can use any other VPN of your choice.


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