Fatcow Hosting Reviews and Discount Coupon Code

Nowadays there are so many web hosting companies. If you have created a new website, or want to migrate to your existing website then you have several options available. The good thing is that now many companies provide affordable packages that are able to address the specific needs of individuals.

The name FatCow looks a bit funny, but it is an eco-friendly web hosting company. We all want us to get a package which features a lot of useful tools at an affordable price. While deciding a web host we should look for some important things such pricing, performance, admin control, uptime etc. If any web hosting plan is providing all these things, then you must take that.

Fatcow Hosting Reviews

Fat Cow is a distinctive web host company. Websites hosted by them look different and the way they deal with their clients is also noticeable. It makes one thing very clear that customer satisfaction is the most important factor for the FatCow team. After using their service I found it necessary to inform viewers about them.

Although it is not the most famous web host, but if you are looking for affordable and accessible web hosting plan then FatCow is a better option for you. If you seek better quality regardless of price then also FatCow can proved to be good because hosting plans offered by it have all qualities to believe that you can use them to run your website smoothly.

Why FatCow?

FatCow provides better services to its customers at a price that is can not ignored by anyone. For the first time in 1998, Albuquerque, New Mexico, FatCow was founded and since then have been popular among small-medium size business as a web host that provides great and inexpensive service. FatCow is aimed to meet the needs of customers through its team of web hosting experts and customer friendly approach. Fat Cow is included in the list of my favourite web hosting providers too. When the competition level is so high, it is definitely not so easy for a company to survive for 15 years. You need strong dedication and hard work to do so.

Web Hosting Plans of FatCow

While going through the website of FatCow you may feel that this company may not fulfil your requirement, especially due to the casual language used in the content and playful nature. But do not worry, these people take their work very seriously. They have attractive packages, which are indicated in a simple manner to avoid any confusion.

FatCow offers three hosting plans shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS), and dedicated hosting plans that provide your website a good amount of shares in the internal world and help you to earn as much revenue as possible. FatCow also provides managed hosting for WordPress based sites.

Shared Web Hosting Plan


If you not technically sound then building a website for the first time could be a difficult task, but not with the FatCow because they offer a shared Web hosting plans for the beginners. Their smart Moo Crew support team helps users in a friendly manner and walk them through every step.

The powerful shared hosting package is known as the Original FatCow Plan and is an ideal starting point for those who have limited budget to launch their website. Those who want to save more money should sign up as soon as possible because FatCow is offering shared hosting plans at a special introductory rate of just $ 49 per year to begin.

In simple words, these deals can help you save money by almost 60%. However, it is important to tell that the deal is only for a short time. FatCow gives you free domain name and offers free set-up of your website where other web hosts tend to charge the full amount for these things.

Fat Cow offers discount price in the early stages, but the time of renewal, you will have to pay the regular price. The reason is that this offer is available for new customers, and even then only for the first term. However, the situation is still beneficial for you because you will save a lot of money in a year.

When you register for the Original FatCow Plan, you get some additional features like Drag-and-drop page builder, Wizard for app installation, Online store to sell products, cloud storage facility and many more.

Shared Hosting with Monthly Payment Option

FatCow has a monthly payment plan for shared hosting as well, which applies an introductory price for first 12 months. If you sign up today, then you can get the Original FatCow Plan at $5 per month. After 12 months you can renew the plan with $10.99 so register today and save up to 60%.

Fatcow VPS Web Hosting Plan


If shared server is not enough to meet the needs of your website, you can go for higher packages. Fat Cow offers VPS and Dedicated hosting plans for those people who are in need to upgrade their host. The VPS hosting plan is suitable for those who want extra control, cloud based services etc. but don’t want to pay heavy money for a dedicated server. It gets posted immediately and help you to enhance the functionality of your website.

There are three VPS hosting plans available Basic, Business, and Optimum. The pricing starts from $19.99 per month and goes up to $79.99 per month as per the plan you choose. Similar to the Shared Hosting plan the discount price is available for initial users for the first term and renewal will happen with the regular price.

Every  VPS hosting plan of FatCow provides the features given below.

  • Domain name registration and domain transfer for free
  • Market credits and search engine for free
  • 24/7 customer support and Personalized email facility is available.
  • Your own cPanel which is cool control panel to manage and create websites.

In every VPS plan you can create multiple domains, sub-domains, FTP accounts and MySQL databases. There are multiple scripts such as PHP, Perl, CGI, Cron, Python, Ruby on Rails etc. are preinstalled too. FatCow offers extra bandwidth and storage at a cheaper price compare to some other popular web hosts.

Fatcow Dedicated Web Hosting Plan


If your website is likely to have high traffic, then shared hosting plan will not be enough for you. In such a situation you need more security, reliability and high-speed, thus, you will need to upgrade your hosting to dedicated web hosting plan in which you get your own server. FatCow now has a system and server suitable for large business and help you to spread your business without any limit.

You can choose from three types of dedicated hosting plans Start-up, Professional and Enterprise. The start-up plan is ideal for medium-sized businesses, which is growing faster and requires additional security. VPS Hosting is also appropriate for those Ecommerce Website who have already outgrowth shared and VPS Hosting and don’t want their website to get affected by the interruption caused by any other website on a shared server.

The professional plan is recommended for those who already have an established business and want to get all the benefits available with a dedicated server to enhance the working capabilities of their websites. The Enterprise plan is suitable for large businesses that handle high traffic volume and require top notch performance and response time.

FatCow is offering dedicated hosting plans with 20% discount price for a limited time and they are available at the starting price of $119.99 per month which goes up to $191.99 per month.

In all dedicated hosting plans you get a robust cPanel, which is easy to use and allows users to install multiple applications without any restriction and provides access to optional roots as well. You get fastest operating speed for your website and higher level of security to protect your data. Cloud based storage allows you to scale your website as per the demand without any hassle.

Let us also inform you that FatCow has Linux-based servers only and those who are seeking a Microsoft OS based server have to take services of other web hosting service providers.

Managed WordPress Hosting by FatCow


WordPress is a free, open-source platform and content management system which is being used by millions of users across the globe. Users can choose from unlimited themes and plugins that reduce the burden and allow to create and manage websites without having any coding knowledge. Though, people usually face issues on shared hosting plans that’s why FatCow has introduced two managed WordPress hosting plans, WP Starter and WP Essential.

Users get some additional features with each plan such as selected themes to give an incredible look and feel to your website, pre-installed powerful WordPress plugins and a highly customizable control panel that provides instant access to the most used WordPress tools.

The WP starter plan looks very similar to the Original FatCow Plan but has some extra features. However, if you don’t mind paying extra to get the best possible features, then the WP Essential plan is recommended for you.

WP Essential has an infrastructure based on Solid State Drive and provides better functionality. This web hosting offer maximum website uptime and provides an extra layer of protection via a deluxe security suite. For any issue you can take assistance from the personalized support too.

The Comparison of both FatCow Managed WordPress Plans Given Below:

It is very clear that FatCow is offering the best plans in the market, if you don’t think so, let’s have a look at a comparison of their and plans offers by their competitors.

Features of FatCow WordPress Plans

  • Easy Installation

Even when you don’t want to spend money for managed WordPress hosting, FatCow allows easy WordPress installation with a single click from the main menu on the control panel. It is not necessary to give personal information before setting up the WordPress website, but for advance options, you will require to specify title, username and password.

  • Intuitive Control Panel

FatCow has created an easy to use and custom control panel, which lets users craft and manage beautiful websites effortlessly. Those who have already tried the cPanel will not find it difficult at all and since any unwanted tool doesn’t appear here, Control panel is much easier to handle.

On the control panel you will find multiple necessary tools and features that reduce your burden. Infect, they have embedded Google search too which lets you search within the website and Webmaster tools that lets you manage the website more effectively.

For beginners and those have not used the cPanel earlier, FatCow has integrated a video tutorial as well, which walks you through each and every steps and help you to master the control panel quickly and guess what? There is no additional cost included to watch that video.

Ecommerce Services

If you want to turn your website into an advance online store and earn revenue from it, then you have no need to pay an extra amount to upgrade. Everything that is essential to build an ecommerce website, such as payment gateways, Shopping carts or Shared SSL are included in your hosting package and if you don’t have any previous experience of creating or managing any ecommerce site then you can take help of FatCow walkthroughs.

You get multiple additional features such as directory free listing on YellowPages.com, free drag and drop page builder, single click installer for scripts, applications and CMS services like WordPress and free advertisements credit worth $200.

Up-time Guarantee

Accept the fact that no web host company can give the assurance of 100% uptime and FatCow also doesn’t give an uptime guarantee, but they have a team of technical experts and powerful system management tools that provide you the best possible service all the time.

One more impressive factor is the aggregate structure of the data center, which helps any server to take over immediately when the adjoining server goes down.

Since they backup your data on a regular basis, the risk of data loss also gets reduced easily. You will always find that your website loads faster and serve the content to your viewers quickly across all the browsers.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Incase the hosting plan provided by FatCow doesn’t meet your expectations or fulfil your requirement, then you can cancel it and get the full refund back within 30 days without any hassle. However, the 30 day money back policy is applicable for credit card payments only and not for other payment methods, the reason behind this is the cost associated on payment processing on them. The 30 days money back guarantee is not applicable on add-ons services such as domains too. If you wish to cancel your account after 30 days, then a $35 cancellation fee would be applicable.

Customer Support

If you encounter a technical problem and get stuck while using the service or get confused about any feature, you can take help of the dedicated customer support team which is known as The Moo Crew. The support staff is friendly and you can interact with them via phone or live chat. Apart from that FatCow has also provided a diversified knowledge base which includes multiple tutorials and help you to master everything in a convenient manner. Not just this, you can always provide your feedback on the help page to improvise the service to their team.


  • FatCow provides budget friendly web hosting services.
  • They have a good variety of hosting plans to address users with different needs.
  • You get unlimited domains on the basic web hosting plan.
  • You get the discount price fro the first term.
  • FatCow provides simple and easy custom Control Panel.
  • Multiple useful ecommerce tools are included in the package.
  • Up-time records are satisfactory.


  • Do not offer full refund after 30 days.
  • Customer support is good, but there are chances of betterment.
  • Some Web host provides more cheaper plan.


I found FatCow a perfect web hosting provider for small-medium business owners and also got impressed by their feature packed economical plans. The changes that they have made in the past couple of months such as monthly payment options and additional package for WordPress website holders, are remarkable. FatCow may not be the first choice of many people today, but can proved to be very convenient for those who seek convenient service, easy functionality and affordable price.

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