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Fonemonitor review

Why do we need Spy Apps like FoneMonitor?

Well, if you are not familiar Spying Applications are ubiquitous these days. We have seen a rise in its usage among Parents as well as in Companies. While Parents use such apps to monitor their kid’s activities, companies use them to track their employees.

These applications are growing popular these days, and its utilities keep on increasing from tracking your kids to tracking your phone. Likely, you can use these apps in an emergency if it’s stolen or lost.

However, before using spy apps, you need to aware of few things and how it should be used. Firstly, these spy softwares should be used ethically. Spying others using this app should not be followed for tracking every activity and personal messages. Moreover, if you wish to use it on your employee’s phone, they should be informed about it for tracking their activities while they are in office.

Similarly, if you are using it for tracking your kid’s activities, informing them depends upon the reason you wish to track their activities. For instance, if you want your child to not to use a particular app or even a keyword while accessing their phones, you can try this app. These apps are undetectable and can only be disabled from the system settings.

What is FoneMonitor?

FoneMonitor is very popular and reliable spy software using which you can track any Android or iOS device. It is fully compatible with both the platforms and can track upto 29 types of data including SMS, Call Log, Location, Browsing History, list of social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp with Keylogger (Keystroke Logging) and Screenshots.

To use this spy phone app, all you need to do is create an Account at FoneMonitor Website. Later, install the application on the targetted Device and monitor the activities on any device (PC, Mobile Phone, Tab) using the same account details remotely.

Note: You need not jailbreak or root a device to use this Application. It is also compatible with iOS devices running OS v10.0 or higher and Android running above OS v4.0.

>> Features of FoneMonitor

  1. Very easy to use and undetectable once to choose to hide the app icon.
  2. Monitor Employees and their activities while they are in office.
  3. Easily watch over and protect your kids.
  4. Compatible with most of the browsers on any device.
  5. Remotely track activities on Android or iOS devices.
  6. Track multiple devices at a time.
  7. Track GPS location of a target device in minutes.
  8. Keep a record of up to 29 types of data on the phones when needed.
  9. Lock application and Keywords you do not want them to access.

>> Pricing Plans on FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor offers a couple of subscription plans for Android to choose from which varies upon their features. The Premium Edition of the Application holds fewer functions than the Ultimate Edition which has all the features FoneMonitor has to offer, and so does their pricing. Each of these editions is sub-divided in 3 different duration plans of 1 month, 3 months and a year starting from $29.99 for a month.

For iOS, FoneMonitor has a standalone 1-month subscription plan for $39.99. This plans also has all the essential features you need to track devices.

In this article, we have also explained the Steps to install and use the application on an Android Device below in brief.

How to Install FoneMonitor Spy Application on an Android Device?

Step 1: Sign Up/log in

Visit the official FoneMonitor website to create an account to start monitoring.

Fonemonitor review

Important Note: There is no need to create a different account for multiple or different devices. You can track all devices using a single account.

Step 2: Select the Platform

Once you create an Account, select the platform of the target device to be monitored between iOS or Android.

Fonemonitor review


Note: Do not worry, you can later change the platform depending on the device you want to target.

Step 3: Modify System Settings

To install the device on the target device, you need to make some changes.

Fonemonitor review

Head to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources. Check/toggle the option and Click OK to Confirm when screen prompts.

Fonemonitor review

Later go back to Settings >> Google >> Security >> Google Play Protect >> Scan for security threats. Toggle the option to disable it.

Step 4: Download and install the FoneMonitor Application

Now open a Browser on the target device and enter the URL to download the application.

Fonemonitor review

Once downloaded, install the application to set it up.

Step 5: Open the application and grant all the permissions

Fonemonitor review

Open the Application for final steps and log in using your FoneMonitor Account Details.

Fonemonitor review

Later once you are successfully logged in, grant all the permissions to permit the application to track all the activities completely.

Step 6: Monitor the Activities

After successfully setting up the device, you can now easily track the device by logging to your Account on the website from your PC or Smartphone remotely.

Fonemonitor review

You will find all the features and functions on the left sidebar and recent information/activities right on the Dashboard.

How to Use FoneMonitor Spy Application on an Android Device?

So now you have installed, and the application is ready to monitor, you can track activities depending on the plan you chose. Using is very easy like any other software out there, on the main screen, you will see a Dashboard consisting all the recent call, messages and location activities.

Fonemonitor review

You can choose different features from the left sidebar and track the device for each activity. Just tap/click on the features, and it will display all the information.

Final Verdict

The FoneMonitor Spy Application looks very promising to me as it works very efficiently and performs everything it has. There is no gimmick in the name of striking features, and one can easily track the activities of the target device and keep all the information.

However, we don’t suggest you use this to track someone’s data, and we support its ethical use. All the bosses in a company can use this software to keep a record of their employees and to understand them better. Also, using it to track your kid’s activity to protect them.

In the description, it shows you lots of information about the target device including the device name, battery level, geolocation, recent call, and messages. On the left sidebar, you have all the individual section of features it has like screenshots, social apps, calls, keylogger, video preview, calendars and more. You can also schedule the restrictions on the device’s usage which will completely block the device for the time usage. You can also choose to block individual applications on the device to not let your kid/employee use it.

The interface of the software is very user-friendly and feature-rich which can be accessed by anyone. You can also try the software for free for a limited time, but there is a lack of support for the free version which I thought should be offered by the company. As a user will never purchase the software until he/she is satisfied with its usage.

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