How to Get Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature on Android, IOS, Lumia, Windows Phone

The most awaited Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature is now started rolling out on some Smartphone. But only few mobiles have got this feature, Android Mobiles with Lollipop have got this update of Whatsapp free voice calling. So if you din’t get the update of Whatsapp Voice  call feature, then here i will tell you How to get Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature. But before you start to activate Whatsapp Voice Call Feature. Let me tell you that you there are certain requirements.

If this feature of Whatsapp free call get roll out to all whatsapp users, then it will be very good news for all. As everyone have whatsapp in there phone and if everyone have this calling feature,. Then it will help us save lot of money that we spend in our regular calling. We don’t need to buy for talktime , we can talk freely with whatsapp.

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As such there are lots of free calling app, but major problem is only few peoples uses those apps. But whatsapp is used by everyone, so it will be very good if everyone have this Whatsapp free voice call feature.

whatsapp free voice call downloadYou can make free calls without internet or recharge for free in India to make free calls. And here top free voice calling app from PC.

How to Get Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature

To get this Whatsapp Free Voice Calling Feature, you need to download the latest Whatsapp Version.

Whatsapp Voice Call Download

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1. Download the latest Update of Whatsapp from its Official site :

Android Whatsapp Call (Download the Whatsapp Call for Android)  :

Lumia Whatsapp Call (Download the Whatsapp Call for Lumia Phones) :

Blackberry Whatsapp Call (Download the Whatsapp Call for Blackberry Phones) :

Iphone Whatsapp Call (Download the Whatsapp Call for Iphone) :

Nokia Whatsapp Call (Download the Whatsapp Call for Nokia Phones) :

Whatsapp call for Nokai S40 :

Whatsapp Call For Nokia Symbian :

Whatsapp Call For Windows Phone :


whatsapp voice call download

Now you can also make prank on your friend by calling them with different number for free.

How to Activate Whatsapp Calling Feature

After installing the Whatsapp latest version use the below steps.

Whatsapp Voice call feature is available on invite basis. Like if you have latest version of Whatsapp installed and if some one who have Whatsapp calling feature, call you. Then it will get activate on your phone also.

So you have to look for someone who have whatsapp voice call enabled. So if you have any friend with whatsapp call feature, then ask him to call you once.

Recently Whatsapp has opened the Whatsapp call for Android fully, now you don’t need to get invite. You just need to update your Android Whatsapp version and you will get the Whatsapp Call Feature on your Android mobile.

But other smartphone user like Lumia or Windows phone and IOS or iphone need invites for whatsapp call.

Otherwise, you can comment here with your mobile no, we will call call you to activate your whatsapp call.




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How to Enable Whatsapp Voice Call Video

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With this new feature of whatsapp calling, we can call anyone who have whatsapp free of cost. So now we need a active internet connection to call anybody free of cost. If you still have any problem in activating whatsapp call on your smartphone, just comment below with your query.


    • To activate whatsapp calling feature you need to ask your friend who has whatsapp call to call you on whatsapp or comment your number here i will call you to activate your whatsapp calling

    • Hello Jatin

      I tried to give you whatsapp call, but i think you are not connected to internet. So i was unable to activate whatsapp call on your phone.

    • Hello krishn

      I tried to call you , but i found you don’t have latest whatsapp call version. SO kindly update your whatsapp app.

  1. Dear Dharmesh, Thank you for the info. I got updated whatsapp Could you call me in 9880886089 (Windows Lumia).
    And my friend also updated (android 9900507475)

    Deepak Sudhakar

    • hello Deepak
      i did whatsapp call on your lumia phone, but don’t know why it’s showing that your whatsapp call is not activated.
      And i also whatsapp called you to your friend, he got the active whatsapp call but when i was calling him through whatsapp. Either his phone is not connected to internet or he was on call with some one else.

    • hello henry

      I caaled you to actvate your whatsapp call. But you did not picked the call. But i hope Whatsapp call is successfully activated on your phone.

  2. Hi Dharmesh, Thanks a lot for your efforts…But pls clear our “stupid doubts”.

    My friend received your call, but it is not showing in the call records (to call back)
    In android: How do you call using whatsApp (I mean…where is the option hidden?)
    Lumia/Android: How do you know that the WhatsApp call is activated?

    • hello deepak

      your doubt is right, actually whatsapp opened the calling feature for two days only, but they have closed it now. So next time when they roll out whatsapp call feature, it will automatically get activated on your friend phone.

  3. I am using lumia 720 and my whatsapp version is 2.11.680 but calling feature not showing here so please tell me how to activate. my no is 9661282424

    • You need to update your whatsapp, so first download latest whatsapp calling version for lumia or whatsapp for windows phone. then you need to get one invitation call to activate whatsapp voice call on your lumia phone.

  4. Hi Dharmesh bro!!! I am from Bangladesh. I have latest what’s app version. Pls call me brother. My number is +8801738345177

      • Thanks brother for call me. But sorry I was not pick up the call. Then I download version 2.12 or something. Now I look that my what’s app call is activated. If u don’t mind pls give me a call once more time now. I am waiting for ur call brother. Pls one more time

    • Hello George

      Now you don’t need to get invite for Whatsapp Calling, they have open the gateway for all user. You will get the Whatsapp call on your phone, if it support it. Otherwise just try to update your phone.

  5. Hi
    I have a lumia 635 with whatsapp version 2.11.690
    This should be latest version but no call option. Do you know why?


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