Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery Review

For all the Android and iOS phone data recovery, data manager, transfer software, and data backup, Gihosoft data recovery software is the best app you will get. The app received had a lot of positive reviews and a good name for their job all over the world. The organisation has more than 30 employees who are well skilled and are some of the best software developers. Their team includes the best marketing professionals, technical support and guidance team for all the solutions to the customer’s problem. As the software is very complicated, they have a well skilled team of website, software UI, and development professionals. Gihosoft provides quick and the best solution for the users Android and IOS devices.

Features of Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery:

  • Recovers more than 12 types of file:

The software helps the user to recover all types of data from their iPhone, iPad, and even from your iPod Touch. It recovers photos and videos from your Camera Roll, Photo Stream, App Photos, and videos.


  • Recovers Messages and Call Log:

The application helps the user to recover their messages and call logs and there is a long list of the applications that it can recover the details from. They are the messages, message attachments, contacts, voice mail, call history, whatsapp messages, Viber messages and even their media files.

  • Recovering the Memos and other files:

As we have seen that the software helps us recover a lot of thing, it even helps us to recover all the memos and various other files from your IOS devices. Some of them are Notes, your Safari browser bookmarks, Reminders, voice memos, and all the non IOS detecting files.

  • Recover is done in fraction of seconds:

All the data is recovered quickly and as the interface of the software is very user friendly; the users can have no problem interacting with the software and can easily complete their task.

Why Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is the best:

  • Helps the user in every situation:

IOS is a very complicated operating system as there not many options for the third party software to handle is core functions. But using Gihosoft data recovery software, the tasks become easy. There is no chance of sudden deletion as the software has an accidental deletion recover vault too that will help the user to recover their files when they accidentally delete their files. There is an option for backing up the files. There can be an incident where the device can be lost or stolen and that moment the software will give the user an option to recover the files so that they don’t have to worry about their files.

  • User can preview data and recover them:

The application helps the user by scanning all the files and even the classified files that are difficult to get into as IOS files are secured by the developers. The software previews all the files without breaking any terms of the operating system. The interface is so user friendly that the files are marked differently with different colors and patterns to differentiate the type of file. The user can recover all their SMS, voice mail and even media files like pictures and videos whenever the users wants to with just a click of a button.

  • Safe and free:

The software will safely help the user to do the entire task like data recovery and scanning the entire operating system for your files. It will never do anything against the protocols of the device. It is the best freeware that you can get in the market as it provides us all the functions that make it the best.

  • Free Lifetime Support:

The Company has assured to give solution to all the problems of the user without any kind of extra payment. If there is any kind of problem if the interface or with the update, the problem will be sorted out with just a call or through email.

  • Other assurance:

The software company has given an assurance to all the users for 30 days money back of the clients if they are not satisfied. With all this if any kind of payment is made, it will be highly secured and nothing will be tampered between the transactions.   

Steps to install Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery:

  • Download Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery from its official website for your Computer.
  • Run the extension file or the .exe file to start the installation process.
  • After the installation, connect your iOS device and click to any two options which will be listed as View iCloud backup or View iTunes backup.   
  • As you click the options. The software will start scanning all your files
  • Then it will give you a preview.
  • After that the user can recover all the data by clicking on recover.


The software has all the qualities that iPhone Recovery software will do. In fact it has more functions which include backing up and many other small facilities. iPhone users should try it and they will surely love it. If you use android phones, please choose Gihosoft Android Data Recovery.

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