Best GLO Data Plans for 2018 in Nigeria

Data plans are the need of every location. So here, I’ve framed all the plans which will satisfy all your data pack needs. GLO has recently been famous for delivering the exclusive and unmatched value plans with the unfair advantage. Isn’t a great thing?

Talking about Blackberry then GLO exclusively has different blackberry plans of 10 devices. Apart from it, GLO offers daily, weekly and monthly plans which are quite flexible and can vary from user to user for the ultimate network comfort.

GLO has lately been famous for offering good data volume at minimal price. Plus GLO believes in providing self-care data management portal, where you can manage the data, about how much you are buying the data, gifting to another one. Seek that at or dial *777#.

All GLO Data Plans for 2018 in Nigeria

GLO Plan Details

1. What are the major Highlights of the data plan review?

  • New and existing customers who renew their bought data plans before expiration will get extra data volume on subscription.
  • The plans are revised to deliver the best value for money for the data volume.
  • The existing users who will renew their data plan subscription before expiration can enjoy the extra volume.
  • You’ll get the SMS regarding renewal and other related things. Communication will be done through it only.
  • Unique price points and validity period as shown below

Plan Name

Data Volume with Bonus


SMS to 127


10MB @N25


1 Day



Buy Plan
22MB @N50


1 Day



Buy Plan
80MB @N100


1 Day



Buy Plan
210MB @N200


5 Days



Buy Plan
800MB @N500


14 Days



Buy Plan
1.6GB @N1,000


30 Days



Buy Plan
3.65GB @N2,000


30 Days



Buy Plan
5.75GB @N2,500


30 Days



Buy Plan
7GB @N3,000


30 Days



Buy Plan
10GB @N4,000


30 Days



Buy Plan
12.5GB @N5,000


30 Days



Buy Plan
20GB @N8,000


30 Days



Buy Plan
26GB @N10,000


30 Days



Buy Plan
42GB @N15,000


30 Days



Buy Plan
50GB @N18,000


30 Days



Buy Plan
63GB @N20,000


30 Days



Buy Plan

2. Are the new plans available to all customers?
Yes, absolutely, the data plans are for all the new and existing prepaid and postpaid users.
New users can enjoy an extra bonus for data on data bundles bought within the 90 days of starting.

3. Can I auto renew with a lower plan and still get the extra bonus data benefit? 
Yes. On auto-renewal of any plan, you are allowed to get the extra bonus data for the plan purchased.

4. Can the plans be gifted?
Yes. All the plans can be gifted.

5. Can the plans be shared? 
Yes, All the plans can be shared.

6. How can one get the new plans? 
These Plans can be bought by dialing *777# for the plan menu. The selection of the plan can be made at or by Glo café app.

7. Will the plans work on modems, routers, and mobile routers? 
Yes, the plans can work on any Glo SIM, irrespective of the device.

8. Will these plans be available to customers who purchase Blackberry 10 plans? 
Yes, the customers who are purchasing Blackberry 10 plans can enjoy the benefits of the new data plans.

GLO Flexi Plans

You can also look for weekly plans. Nevertheless, night plans are what most look for, then stay assured GLO offers night plans too.

Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeValiditySMS to 127USSD Code
TGIF – N500_WEEKEND_PLAN5003GB7 days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm)61*127*61#
N200_NIGHT_PLAN2001GB1 day (12am – 5am)60*127*60#
G 1006,0004GB100 Hrs or 30 days20*127*5#
G 30015,00012GB300 Hrs or 3 Months21*127*4#
G-Leisure5,00012GB8 PM to 9 AM – Weekdays + All day on Weekends30*127*7#
G-Work6,00012GB8 AM to 9 PM31*127*6#

Glo Campus Data Booster

Available on Nigerian campuses nationwide, including Police, Customs, and Immigration training institutes.

PriceDataOff-CampusOn-CampusGlo to Glo BonusFree Data for GiftingValidity
N100100MB100MB225MBN10025MB2 days
N200200MB200MB450MBN20050MB4 days
N10001GB1GB2.25GBN1000250MB15 days
N20002GB2GB4.5GBN2000500MB30 days
N50005GB5GB11.2GBN50001250MB30 days

To buy these plans just Dial *777# and choose a Campus Booster Plan.

Choose the Best GLO Data Plans

GLO Network in Nigeria offers all the above-given plans for its existing or new users. However, we saw major data slash in the data value available for the customers to use in the year of 2018. All the packs are thereby updated with the changes done by the company. You can choose any of the plans depending on your requirement and usage. All the made to give to you most possible data benefits.

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