Google Allo Tips & Tricks With Google Assitant Features Explained

Few months after making an announcement to release an app that will give great competition to Whatsapp and other app messengers google have finally released its own Google messenger app for android a well as iOS. The app is named as “Allo“. Since it will not be easy to outbound the other app messengers like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and iMessage it was compulsory to embed features so that users could get all the features from all the other messenger apps in one app.

Thus after the launch of Allo users were tempted since Allo does have some smooth and nifty features in which the most popular one is Google Assistant. This new pocket Google assistant is released in competition with Siri which is artificial intelligent software for Apple which i capable of replying any query given by user. Since siri is able to communicate through voice directly Google assistant does it work through displaying results on app screen.

Download and Get Started With Google Allo

Google Allo app messenger

Google’s new app messenger Allo is directly available on play store. If some of you are struggling and not able to get it on your android or iphone then we have given the links below where you can directly download the apk file and use Allo. Since Allo might not have yet available in many countries that is why we are providing these links so that it becomes easy method to get the Allo

Download Allo APK via Google Drive

Download Allo APK via Apkmirror

If you want to install Allo on your android phone then you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to playstore and search for “Google Allo”
  2. Once you find the app tap onto that and click on install.
  3. It will seek for some permission accept that in order to begin downloading.
  4. After getting downloading completed open the app.

installation steps for allo

5. After completing all the steps given above when you open the app it will seek number of permissions regarding access to Contacts, Media, Location, Storage and SMS accept them all.

6. Enter your number and once you get the verification code (some times you dont get verification code and can directly open the app) get your code verified and get started.

configuration steps for allo

7. Now you can enter the app after getting done with all these steps. Go to your profile and select any pic you want to set as your profile picture.

8. Add your name(you can even change your name) and hit next.

configuration steps for allo

Top Highlihgt Tips & Tricks OF Google ALLO

1. Google Assistant

google assistant from allo


There are many highlighted features of google Allo but one of the most fascinating feature of this new google app messenger is “Google Assistant”. This new assistant is also known as pocket assistant. It is smart voice assistant introduced by google in Allo. Google assistant made it first look few months ago in I/O. Many changes were made after that and now we have much improved google assistant. Google assistant is capable of replying to all your queries (mostly) you can either speak to it thorough the mic or also type your queries directly.

2. Easily Edit your Profile

edit profile on google allo

It takes easy number of steps to change or edit your profile. Google Allo is not at all complicated in doing any changes to your profile pictures or name all you need to do is click on profile image select any image from your gallery and also same way you can change the name too.


search messages in allo using keywords

Now instead of going through all the chats to find a message this google’s app messenger “Allo” introduces smart search. Where you need to enter the keyword in search bar and all the results related to the keyword will be shown in no time. Thus it makes these types of search much more easy and also saves time. But there is only one limitation to this that this search bar appears only in android phones.


smart reply in chat suggestions

If you are on the go or any meeting then these smart replies are the best option for you. These smart suggestions are provided by google assistant. It uses regular conversations to predict the replies which appears as option in smart replies.If during a chat session you have no idea what to say then you can use these chat suggestions as your back up too. Even though if you are not busy still these smart replies are helpful enough to reduce your effort to type the replies.


block people on allo

As it is quite visible that anyone who is added or not added to your contact list can easily message you there is no way to hide yourself here.There is no need to surf to many setting options to block a person. Though you have one option where you can unregister your number from google allo but that wont work since you get kicked out of allo in this case so the only option that remains feasible here is blocking the person. You can directly tap on chat and block as well as unblock anyone whom you don’t wish to connect to.


set timer for messages in incognito mode

Inspired from Whatsapp privacy setting which claimed to have an end to end encrytion using some barcode became no privacy when it was declared that Whatsapp will be sharing data with Facebook even now every time you open your Whatsapp it seeks for permission to let Facebook access your data.

Therefore google Allo have introduced INCOGNITO MODE where you can select whom you want to chat in incognito mode also set the timer for message visibility which is quite impressive because once you delete the messages they get deleted from server too.



stickers in allo


write on images in allo

Its is no more same boring app with same smilies and pictures. You can draw on you pictures and also this time Google messenger allo come with great range of smilies. It even have animated smilies which are not gifs so they consume less time to show up. You can play with your images by drawing on them with different colors as well as you can write text on it anywhere you want and move that text easily all over the image.



change text size in allo

After the latest update which came in iMessage along with iOS10 android users were feeling left behind with this update in messaging. So google allo took the charge for the new update and now you can express yourself easily by changing the text size to small or big. It works much more like iMessage and is quite impressive to use.



chat with google assistant

One of the most mesmerizing feature of google allo is google assistant. You can do a lot with google assistant. It is the most best feature of allo. There are two ways to chat with google assistant. Either you write “@google” in your chat box and the assistant will arrive in chat itself else you can also go to assistant directly by selecting google assistant contact which appears where all you contacts resides the option is available on top. Google assistant have been introduced with many features so lets have a look step by step:


Setting alarm is now easy you have got your personal assistant which is your own google assistant. All you have to do is either type or say ” set alarm” and it will follow you asking the time at which you want to set alarm.

set alarm using google assistant


If you have missed weather news and you want to find out any information regarding weather then you can relax because you have your google assistant.You can ask ” how is the weather today?” or ask “how is weather tomorrow?” it will give you all the weather information in an instant.

get weather report from google assistant


This feature of google is accurate and fast. It gives you reply in seconds. You can ask “find restaurants nearby” or “make a reservation”. Google have colaborated with open table which makes it easy to make reservations.

find restaurants with allo


With this smart assistant its now easy to know which planes are above you by asking ” find planes overhead” and you can also book you flights saying ” book a flight to USA for monday”.


flight status with google allo



If you are one of those who keeps forgetting things then this feature of google assistant will serve you best now you can ask google assistant to set a reminder by saying ” set a reminder for tomorrow evening” and now you can also create a shopping list by saying ” create shopping list” and if you want to add something onto your list you can do that too.

set alarm with google assistant

So we have covered all the tips and tricks for google Allo. This new messenger form google brings features which are capable of replacing many messaging apps. It comes with smart assistant which makes a tempting foundation to draw attention and its prefect security through incognito mode promises safety. Thus it is worth trying this app. There may be some limitations but we hope for better features in future.

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