Google I/O 2018 | Day 1 Highlights | Duplex, Android P and AI Assistant

Google I/O is the biggest event for tech enthusiasts that takes place every year. This year the tech giant has something to offer that makes it an area of interest for many. As the technological world is making progress at a faster pace, new fields are emerging. AI is currently the most talked topic right now that might prove to be the milestone in the human progress.

Top Highlights of Google I/O Keynote 2018 – Main Updates

Google Certainly acknowledges this possibility as we see some major feature upgrades in Google Assistant. The second most important highlight of the event was Google Duplex. Let’s check the most interesting things announced at Google I/O 2018.

1. Continued Conversation in Google Assistant

google io 2018

We all use Google Assistant, maybe not extensively but it is useful in many ways. It is also used in Google Home. To make it more natural, it will now feature continues conversation feature. This means that every time you need to give a voice command to Google assistant, there will not be a need to say OK Google or Hey Google. Also, now the Google assistant has 6 different voices.

The new update will allow you to ask multiple questions in a single command. The feature is significant as more emphasis is being put on AI integrated assistant and automation of more and more features.

2. Android P

Google’s efforts to constantly upgrade the Android and make it more secure and future proof are highlighted with every new Android version. The Android P developer preview has already been released. In the event, a new and more polished version of Android P was showcased. Some of the main features include AI-based app predictions, New system gestures and navigation etc.

Overall, it will be smarter then all previous version of Android that we have seen so far. The use of AI is extensive to give a more personalised user experience.

3. Google Duplex

This is the most interesting one. Google has presented a robot that can make calls and it is nothing like ever before. It is still in testing phase and is expected to integrate into Google Assistant. If done successfully Google will take a huge lead over the other assistant like Amazon Alexa available on the market currently.

Check some of the samples here, and don’t get shocked by the fact that it is a call made by a robot.

These were the top 3 things that attract the most on the day one of Google I/O 2018. More things are up to showcase on the Day 2 and Day 3 of the event. You can check live updates and the full schedule Here. To know more stay connected to Technofizi.

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