GTA 6 Release Date | Latest News, Everything You Want to Know

For most of us, GTA is an experience that can not be forgotten. Grand Theft Auto has a lot of amazing aspects that make it one of the most popular game series. Unlike other games of the time where you play as a hero, this game had more villain aspect to it. It lets you live the life of a gangster.

The game developer Rockstar has made this game in such a way that you can play it continuously for hours. Till now there have been five different versions of GTA, most recent being GTA 5. They are also working on the new Red Dead Redemption 2 which is going to hit the market in October this year. But what the gamers really excited about is GTA 6. Fans are still waiting for some official news or GTA 6 release date.

Grand Theft Auto was first released in 1997, the GTA 5 was made available in 2013 and it still is one of the most popular games out there. Five years after its release date the game still feels new. The amazing graphics and top quality gameplay make it a favorite game of many.

GTA 6 Release Date | Latest Updates | News

There has been a lot of speculation and GTA 6 rumors floating on the internet forums and communities. Well, the bad news is that at this point we can not confirm what is true and what is not. The Internet is a big place and has a large active gaming community so there are many pieces which direct towards GTA 6. So, let’s find out what we have till now on the next kickass game.

GTA 6 Platform

Due to its huge popularity, the game has been made available for most of the gaming platforms. There is an equal number of fans both for console and PC. Playing GTA is more fun on PC due to better graphics and control. GTA V is available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. GTA 6 will also available for latest PlayStation and XBox. Also, the PC version will be released for the game.

GTA 6 Trailer

If you search for GTA Trailer on Youtube you will find some videos but unfortunately, they are fake. Most of them are just the modded version of GTA V. The trailer for the upcoming game can be launched in a gaming event like E3 2019. However, it is not certain at this point.

GTA 6 Rumors

As GTA 6 is a highly popular game there has been a lot of speculations about the game. Going by the leaks and rumors there are some things that we can say at this point.

1. Map

Maps are important in recent games like PUBG and GTA. The location is very important to GTA game. Till now the game has shown many different cities in the US. There was also a mod which lets you play in London. There have been some rumors that GTA 6 will be set up in London. But that is very unlikely as during an official interview the company has confirmed that it will be set up in the United States only.

Vice City is one of the most liked game locations till now, so we want the same in the upcoming game of GTA. According to the latest rumor, the GTA 6 will provide the whole US as a map to play. This might be the reason for the game to take so long.

2. Female Character

gta 6 release date

GTA 6 has some really interesting characters that made the gameplay more intriguing. The protagonist has always been male but this time we can see a female character. It will surely make the gameplay more interesting.

3. New Game Engine

GTA 5 used Rockstar Advanced game engine that allows amazing graphics and top notch performance. There have been instances when the game engine has felt glitchy and some bugs can be seen. But as we see in the modern action and shooting games that have great graphics and a destructible environment which is not available in RAGE game engine.

Rockstar may use some game engine from another developer to make the game more interesting. It may add some element of the destructible environment.

4. Customisable character

gta 6 release date

Grand Theft Auto already have some nice characters to play. But as most RPG games allow a customizable characters seeing a similar feature will be surely appreciated by the video game fans.

5. RPG Factor

GTA puts more emphasis on action and gameplay but the user choices have little effect on the real gameplay. Seeing a more dynamic gameplay will be a better addition to the game. RPG games like Skyrim are highly popular so a better RPG implementation is required in GTA 6.

6. Better Shooting

gta 6 release date

GTA has evolved greatly from the time it was first released. The latest game has a lot of great features but when it comes to shooting mechanics, GTA has a lot to complain. As guns and shooting are an important factor of the game, a better shooting mechanics is needed to make the gameplay better.

Final Words

Above are the latest updates and rumors about the GTA 6 Release date. However, saying anything for sure will be too soon now. Currently, GTA 5 has its place in action games and online multiplayer games. There are many mods available for the game which you can use to add more functionality and new maps to the game.

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