Hawkeye Firefly Micro 1080P Mini Action Camera Review

There are many Mini Action Camera which were recently introduced in the market. Mini Action cameras are highly in demand due to its diverse utilization in shooting far and near objects with utmost clarity. The Hawkeye brand has recently revealed its Firefly Micro 1080P Mini Action Camera in the market which comes with numerous features and functionalities. It is a handy Action camera with a wide angle view for shooting an object with clear dimension and pixel clarity. This mini action camera has received excellent reviews from the users in term of its picture quality and high definition videos captured by this camera. So, in this article we will be discussing about the Hawkeye Firefly Micro Mini Action Camera.

Hawkeye Firefly Micro 1080P Mini Action Camera: Main Features

The Mini Action Camera is a tiny sized square shaped camera that comes with USB and Micro SD slots for memory card and power adapter. It is a portable and lightweight camera mainly used for shooting remote moving objects. For this reason, it is easy to carry and thus brings comfort while shooting. Due to the presence of a hole in the camera, it is easy to hang the camera in hand with the hole. It is featured with high-resolution video with 1080P HD. The video recording is done at 30fps in this action camera with excellent image stabilization for super-defined videos and photos.

The presence of advanced generalplus chipset within the camera can correctly record video with HD quality, and it does not miss any high-speed motion due to its innovative and advanced hardware design. Due to the presence of the most accurate sensor in its category, it can capture images even in low light and consumes little energy. The mini action camera provides 160-degree wide-angle view for the ultra wide-angle shooting for a more comprehensive view and more defined scenes that give a different perspective.


Type of CameraSports Camera 1080P
Chipset NameGeneralplus
Max External card supportedTF 32G
Display Screen No
Battery Capacity230mAhLi-ion Battery
Power Supply3.7V
Charge wayUSB Charge by PC
Working Time60 mins
Standby Time1.5 hours
Charging Time2.5 hours
Wide Angle160-degree wide angle lens
Lens Diameter10mm
Video Resolution1080 P (1920 x 1080 p), 720P (1280 x 720 p)
Video Frame Rate30FPS
Audio SystemBuilt-in Microphone /Speaker (AAC)
Night VisionNo
Camera TimerNo
Aerial photographyYes
Product Weight0.0140 kg
Package Weight0.1150 kg


Hawkeye Firefly Micro 1080P Mini Action Camera: Functions

Apart from the stipulated features, the Hawkeye Firefly Mini Action Camera has a wide variety of functions which are as mentioned below:

  • It can record video with HD quality, and you can cover more vision with its wide angle lens.
  • It can be easily installed on a drone by its included accessories.
  • The AV signal can be used to start the FPV flying mode of the camera.
  • It is convenient and easy to operate even without a display screen.
  • The built-in battery of the camera can last for up to one hour.
  • Being a sports camera, it can be mounted easily anywhere with it’s in, included accessories.


It can be inferred from the above article that Hawkeye Firefly Micro 1080P Mini Action Camera is highly functional with the presence of advanced features and supported formats. The battery backup of the camera is its main advantage that helps it to last for a long time. And as per customer reviews, it is considered as one of the best Mini Action Camera released in the market till date. So, if you’re looking for brand new mini action camera for recording and clicking pictures, you can go with the Hawkeye Firefly Micro 1080P Mini Action Camera.

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