Heelight: Smart Sound Controlled Multicolor Bulb

Heelight: Sound Controlled Multicolor Bulb

Heelight Sound Controlled Multicolor Bulb Review

World's only bulb which works on sound waves created within your smartphone. No need of internet connection, Bluetooth or wifi connection

The Multicolor Bulb

Sounds and lights are the souls of any party or occasion. Heelight Sound Controlled Multicolor Bulb is one among them. It increases the grace of all occasion. Whether it be partying in the house or placing them anywhere around, the lights of bulb put graceful mark.

Technology has come so far that now we have Bulbs and electric equipment that can be handled by our smartphones or remotes. Like each smart thing, we have the concept of smart bulb too. But the unique thing is reacting to sound waves and changing light color

Heelight is in one of them and only bulb which reacts to the sound wave. You don't need any internet connection, Bluetooth or wifi connection to play it. All you need is different sounds to reach the bulb. Or just smartphone to get connected to bulb and use it.

Heelight: Sound Controlled Multicolor Bulb

​It has 16 million color options to choose from. The Bulb quickly responds to sound that came that emitted from its application installed in the smartphone. Excitingly it has 400 lumens brightness and the battery life of 50,000 hours. It comes with a wooden socket and E27 interface to get plugged in with threaded socket. So for you ood changing lights all you need now is electricty.

How Heelight Sound Controlled Multicolor Bulb Works? 

Heelight works from the app at its best. Scan and control demonstration

  • Step 1: Scan the QR code
    Open any application which can scan QR code. Or download QR scanning App. You'll automatically find application to download. Then Open the App.
  • Step 2: Turn On/Off Light
    Click the biggest button, You'll see in the center of the screen. This will switch on/off the light.
  • Step 3 Switch Light Effect
    Explore the app and check for options and icons like lights you want in daylight and in party etc. As it has 16 million color options so if you get confused.
  • Step 4 Color plate
    If you didn't find any of the given light sufficient than you can try on your own. Refer the video given below for better understanding

Bottom Line

Heelight is the only company to offer bulb which works according to sound waves. Moreover, it gives 16 million color options range and 400 lumens brightness. Which is a unique feature in itself to have a light according to all occasion. You need not roam across the market to find different types of light you can just find it one. Thanks to Heelight company.

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