Hoverwatch Review | Free Spy App To Monitor Activities

With the improvements in technology and ease of access, there are times when our loved ones fall into trouble or get misled by someone unknown on the Internet. Our kids or little ones are more likely to fall into these kinds of activities, and keep records of their activities is not easy. However, you can now monitor their activities using popular spy/tracking apps.

Hoverwatch Review

In this article, we are going to review a spy application, which you can use to monitor your loved one’s activity and avoid any misleadings. Using it very simple and you can keep all the record on your account and access them remotely. Hoverwatch is one of such applications used to track down the activities of the target devices.

Hoverwatch is a free spy application available on Windows, Mac, and Android. Its multi-platform support makes it more popular among other similar spy apps. So we decided to get our hands on it and tell our readers more about the software and how it works.

Hoverwatch Review: Latest Device Tracking App

As you know, Hoverwatch is a spy app for recording different activities performed on the target device and then transmits all the details to your Hoverwatch account. All the records can be accessed remotely using the account credentials. Now let us head to know more about the software and its features.


Hoverwatch is a feature-packed spy application and best for controlling target devices remotely. The application can be used for monitoring your kids by installing the app on their used devices. You can also use it if in any case, you feel like you are cheated on but on your responsibility as spying on someone’s privacy is an illegal activity.

Hoverwatch Review

Now let us look at the features Hoverwatch has to offer.

  • Remain Completely Invisible: Remain unrecognized by hiding the app in the target devices and keep tracking the activities.
  • Text Messages and Calls: You can read the sent and received text messages on the target remotely and can also record incoming/outgoing calls.
  • Social Application Tracking: Track Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp and other social applications and check the chat messages.
  • Geolocation Feature: Track the devices GPS location remotely.
  • Front Camera Photo: This feature lets you choose to capture a photo every time the target android device unlocks. Extremely helpful when you lose your device.
  • Browsing History: Track the Internet browsing history from the target mobile device which is saved on your account’s control panel.
  • Todo list and Contacts: Track all the contacts and calendar on the target devices which are saved automatically on your Hoverwatch Account in regular intervals.
  • Screenshots: You can manually take screenshots of the target Android device whenever you want and it will be shown on your Hoverwatch account and will be available for 30 days.
  • Keylogger for Windows and Mac: With Hoverwatch, you can keep the record of every key pressed or typed messages on the keyboard of the target device.

>> How to Install and Use Hoverwatch App?

Step 1: Sign up for your free online account: enter email and a new password.

Step 2: Hoverwatch cell phone tracker app download and install using your online account.

Step 3: After the successful installation and setup you can monitor all recorded data and recorded activities on your online account.

You can also check company site Howerwatch here for in details installation guide or check out the attached videos.

>> How to Setup Hoverwatch on Android?

>> How to Setup Hoverwatch on Windows?

>> How to Setup Hoverwatch on Mac?

Note: Using the App for spying on someone is illegal and you should be aware of a person’s privacy is protected by law and do not intend to break it. We at TechnoFiZi, do not promote any illegal activities. We also suggest everyone use it only for tracking your kid’s activity and monitor them


You can contact the Hoverwatch support team at any time via generating a request or Visit its support page for instructions and query related solutions. They have analyzed and explained a set of FAQs about the usage of the app and related topics.


The tracking app can be used on Mac/Windows and Android platform devices to monitor and keep you updated with every detail. We suggest you not to install it on any other platform devices as it is incompatible with any other platforms.

Hoverwatch Review

However, if you are using it to track an Android Device, it should be rooted and make it completely functional. Instead, you only get a basic set of functions when your device is not rooted.

Note: As the app is still in the process of the development and improvement, so new features are going to be added through the time.

Price and Refund Policy:

Hoverwatch Spy App provides users with a set of packages and pricing for the services. For the first week, Hoverwatch is Free and test it and can be bought later. The pricing is adequate for the features and services you get in this tracking app for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Hoverwatch Review

For Personal Usage [1 device]: $19.95/month, $49.95/quarter, $99.95/year

Family [5 devices]: $39.95/month, $99.95/quarter, $199.95/year

Business [25 devices]: $149.95/month, $299.95/quarter, $499.95/year

After the first week of free usage, you automatically get unsubscribed, and all the logs get deleted. A monthly subscription works for exactly 30 days from the day of subscription.

The company also provides the refund policy and you get 7 days to try and get back your money if you don’t tend to like the application or don’t find it useful. You can head to its support page for more details.

  • Free trial version
  • Attractive pricing policy for personal usage
  • Available for Android, Mac and Windows
  • Demo mode
  • No unique features available
  • Not available for iOS Devices
  • No lifetime license

Final Conclusion

The Hoverwatch app works fine and does its work. However, on trying on my Android devices, the app stops responding and we coudn’t find any related reason for the same. Due to this, it stops recording the activities and thus fails to deliver the complete results.

For assurance of my conclusion, I also tried the application on multiple devices but got the same results which resulted in disappointment. Thus we recommend you first to try the app and then buy.

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