How to Add Impressum to your Facebook Page

Now a days every one start using Facebook Impressum feature on their Facebook page. I think it’s a great resource because you can directly advertise your company/blog/webpage to costumers. Every-time Facebook come up with very unique features, that’s why everything has reached corner of the world. It’s a good opportunity to advertise your organization. Do not miss this chance. If you do not know anything about What is Impressum on Facebook. Do not worry here i will share with you what is mean by Facebook Impressum and how to write Facebook Impressum and how to add Facebook Impressum to your Facebook page.  It’s a very simple and you can easily add your Facebook impressum to your facebook page.

how to add impressum to facebook page

How to Add Impressum to your Facebook Page

 What is Impressum

Basically impressum word related to Latin word and it’s belong to German country. It is one type of secure policy for companies/websites/blogs. The real meaning of impressum is “site notice”, “legal Disclosure” and “Legal Notice” . Where a webpage tittle is commonly used to link up with metadata.

How to Write Facebook Impressum

Whenever you try to write about impress-um make sure that you have to clearly about your company details and your personal information. I think it’s one type of advertisement. It may helpful to know more about your business details and your personal details.

  • Name of your website, company or organization
  • Address of your website (Present location)
  • Contact information like Phone number, email, Fax number etc.
  • Your company Owner name and few details about your owner
  • Just give your company registration number or license number.
  • Just simple add links to your official website page and its impress-um page

How to Add Facebook impressum to your Facebook Page

Now this feature is available on Facebook itself. It’s a very easy and simple. What you have to do is simple changing your Facebook settings that’s it. Here i will try to give you full information about impressum. Just follow the below instructions. You will get some idea about how to add Facebook Impressum to your page.

  • Simple open up your Facebook webpage by entering your username and password. Now you need to go to top of the webpage.
  •  Now you have to select “Edit page” option on your Facebook page and
  • Then you need to select “ Update page info” option. (This process is only for desktop users). Or open Facebook as your page , then go to About section, then click on Input Impressum for your page.

facebook impressum

  • When you scroll down you will find out “impressum” option. Just simple fill your webpage or blog or company details in a very short way.

impressum for facebook page

  • After finishing the process simple click on “Save changes” Option.
  • That’s it you have done the process

There are so many benefits you will get by adding Facebook impressum to you Facebook page. So what’s the late just open the Facebook page and add Facebook impressum on your Facebook page. It’s one way of advertising your website, blog or company.

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