How to Backup and Sync iPhone Data to Mac with the Best iTunes Alternative

People who own an iPhone feel themselves one of the luckiest persons on earth. And why not? An iPhone user generally uses iTunes to listen to music or sync photos, videos, eBooks, blogs, podcasts, etc. They always need to buy the substance they are looking for. In This whole procedure, some unwanted issues come up many times. Which leads the user to significant data loss, dropping down the quality and many other technical problems.

Apple has been accused of time and again for some technical fault in the built-in system of iTunes. Whenever a user is using a product of Apple, they usually expect that the company will honor their privacy. But iTunes sometimes do not support the end-to-end encryption. But there is nothing to worry about. The market has now a fantastic solution for all the problems. MacX Media Trans can be a perfect replacement for iTunes. With this app, the data provided by the user are kept in a vault-like safety. To protect this from cyber hackers and also this will help to make more room in the iPhone space. In every term, MacX Media Trans is the best solution to every problem regarding iTunes. Let’s find out more about MacX Media Trans.

Basic issues people face with iTunes:

Many iPhone users face a lot of difficulties in syncing the music, photos, videos, etc. for backup of the data and making more room for memory. They often think that upgrading iTunes or restarting the desktop may be the solution. But again back to square one. Nothing of that works when you face these kinds of errors. So, here are some common sync errors that the user face very often:

1.Music sync errors:

  • Sometimes even after syncing the song, the music playlist vanishes.
  • They could not find any playlist there though they had already tried in every alternative way.
  • It sometimes happens, that users sync it correctly but after that, he finds a duplicate song with lower quality there.
  • Often the iTunes sync songs turn out to be a deficient standard. It just grayed out.
  • The library of iTunes is missing very often.

For more information about iTunes sync error, follow the link.  2. Photo/Video Sync Error :

  • Instead of upgrading the iTunes it seems to be still incapable of sync all photos to the device. It cannot even sync HEIC photos. Users get a lot of trouble in this issue.
  • With iTunes sometimes the film is not ready to show to any apple device containing iTunes. It cannot even copy it sometimes.
  • Just like the previous problems, MP4 videos could not be shared to iTunes at any cost.

3. Other errors:

Except these, iTunes provides some special problematic situations to the users mentioned below.

  • Sometimes it does not function in an elementary stage literally due to which iPhone often cannot connect to iTunes.
  • An irritating message, i.e. iTunes Error 54 will always pop up.
  • If luckily the iTunes is connected, then it hangs or crashes when the apps are being synced.
  • The Wi-Fi of the iPhone user is often incapable of syncing.

Why MacX Media Trans is the Ultimate solutions for iPhone:

The mentioned issues of iTunes are really a mishap but no need to worry. The iPhone won’t be wastage if MacX Media Trans is right there as it is the one-time solution of everything regarding iTunes.

  1. Makes Music Sync and Management Easier:
  • You can use it to sync the bulk amount of songs one by one quickly. It can also be synchronized all in a whole at a time. MacX Media Trans assures 0% chances of data loss. It also promises not to deliver any duplicate songs like the iTunes. For more information about sync iPhone to Mac, the users can go through the link.
  • With MacX Media Trans the director of the music playlist is only the user always. It allows adding, remove, editing tracks or the playlist itself! It is so mighty!
  • The iPhone music which is not bought from the registered place can also be transferred into the desktop. For more information about synchronizing Music to iPhone the users can go through It link.
  • It can make ringtones for iTunes and is also capable of converting the music to AAC to MP3. Music is now very much available easily in iTunes in a single hassle freeway. For more information about iTunes alternative for Mac, the users can go through the link.

2. Managing Photos, videos, Films becomes easy:

  • Its software can transfer around hundred 4k quality photos in just 8 seconds.
  • Unlike the iTunes or any market-friendly software, it can delete any photo stored in the gallery or photo library.
  • It supports the iPhone by providing a backup of large 4k photos, live photos to Mac. It helps to free more room in the iPhone for the user.
  • You can use It app to convert HEIC to JPG and Videos to MP4. MacX Media Trans assures to compress the size up to 50% and also promises zero data loss.

3. Other Attractive Features:

  • The user’s iPhone will turn into a USB. And it lets you save word files, PDF, Excel, etc.
  • It automatically encrypts transferred items to Mac.
  • It is a simple two-way sync. It requires no iTunes, no iCloud or no Wi-Fi.
  • Unlike iTunes, Macx Media Trans connects with the iPhone at a glance every time.

Why MacX Media Trans is best in business:

  • MacX Media Trans can easily sync data and files both to the iPhone or Pc.
  • Music, eBooks, videos, photos, and other iTunes purchases can be transferred to Mac or Desktop from Apple devices. While iTunes cannot perform something like It.
  • It can sync non-apple music and videos to Apple devices like- FLAC, WAV, OGG, VMA, DTR, etc. In music and MKV, AVI, VOB, FLV, WMV, SWF in case of videos while the other cannot.
  • It can convert the unsupportive files in a supportive format automatically while the other cannot.
  • Macx Media Trans compresses bulk files into a shorter one while the other cannot. MacX Media Trans support all kinds of audio formats where iTunes only supports WAV, AIFF, AAC, MP3, and Apple lossless.
  • It allows the user to customize it by changing artist names, composer, genre, review, etc.
  • It allows creating or editing or deleting the playlist, removing transferred items. You can also use it to convert playlist song to ringtone.
  • You can use the app to remove DRM from iTunes purchases, and auto covert protected M4V and M4P to MP4 and MP3 respectively.


So, that was all about the Macx Media Trans application which is more than fit to be one of the best alternatives for iTunes. The app not only offers better features but it also provides an error-free environment to iPhone users which is something everyone wants.

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